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Comments: I'm loving Solinco Barb Wire 17g. I have it strung at 56 lbs in the mains with synthetic gut at 58 lbs in the crosses. At first, I hit baseline practice and It was a little hard on my arm but it didn't last anymore than 2 or 3 hitting sessions. There is a noticeable difference on my second serve. I've been told that my kick is really jumping high. This string is every bit as good as Luxilon Alu Power Rough 16L and with a better price.
From: David, 4/16

Comments: This string worked well for me. I used this as a main at 48 lbs, my cross strings are a softer multi feel at 51 lbs. Great spin and seems to be easy on the arm for me! Also get a little more pop on my serve. Used on Babalot Aero Drive.
From: Fernando, 10/14

Comments: It generates more spin than any other string I've ever played with. Unfortunately, I think the cons outweigh the pros. Excellent ball bite. Even so, I feel it lacked the control other polys can give. It also lacks quite a bit in terms of feel. I tried a hybrid setup with this string and even so it felt like wire. I was able to break this string relatively fast, usually within 8 hours of play. I say, only worth a try if you demand the ultimate in spin and bite.
From: Matthew, 6/14

Comments: Like everyone says, lots of spin! I am using this string in a full bed at 56 lbs. Shots that usually would be 2-3 feet too long are now falling 1-2 feet inside the line. This string on my Volkyl PB 10 is a pretty good combination for good control.
From: Steve, 8/13

Comments: I have this string as crosses paired with 16g Gamma LiveWire on the mains - each at 51lbs on a Donnay X-Yellow 99. This lower tension setup provied an excellent soft feel without the trampoliny effect of a syngut-multi combo. It's as if these strings want to slice the ball - and on a lighter racquet they do that especially well, better than Tour Bite, IMO. Off the rise forehand wrist flicks deliver a juicy topspin-ing ball that finds the short court nicely. They may end up cutting through the LiveWire multi rather quickly but I suppose any softer syngut would provide good results as well. At lower end tensions, for me, these strings really provide a nice hit.
From: Scott, 2/13

Comments: I strung it at 62 lbs, full bed, and had excellent spin and control, but zero feel. I felt like I was using piano wire. Maybe it would make a decent hybrid.
From: Chris, 7/12

Comments: Nice string for all-courters but provided excellent depth control on baseline ground strokes too. Not as comfortable as Cyclone or Silverstring but it does have some of the crispness of Silverstring with the extra spin of Cyclone... maybe even more spin than cyclone. It is surprisingly good on flat serves. I used these in a Prestige MP just for giggles. More spin than silverstring and more power but not the same level of feel.
From: John, 5.12

Comments: I didn't like this string. There was great spin but that's it.
From: Anon, 4/12

Comments: I was warned that it is a very stiff string so I used it at 50 lbs on my 118 inch head Prince Silver. It does bite as expected and provide good spin because of its shape, however, it cause me severe tennis elbow so I was forced to restring my racquet. Too late though, my elbow problem stayed longer than I wanted. I will not use it again!
From: PJD, 12/11

Comments: I love this string. I get a lot of spin, but sometimes the ball seams to be to hard to control so I tried hybriding it and loved it. This string on the crosses with Gosen or perfect spin on the mains are just perfect. Everything bad about this string like control and feel are added when hybriding it making it the perfect string. It is a must try.
From: Will, 11/11

Comments: These strings are definitely worth the price and much more. I have tried Babolat RPM Blast 17, lost tension after only seven hours of playing, Pro Hurricane and Pro Hurricane Tour both of which are just as bad as RPM. Signum Pro Tornado had great tension durability but had a dead ball feel. Tecnifibre Black code is the only string I would say could stack up to this string. I choose Barb Wire over Black code because I felt I could flatten out shots when I wanted to with the Barb Wire and also had almost the same spin as black code. Barbwire is definitely the perfect string for the all court player because it has a crisp solid feel on groundstrokes, but yet has the soft touch like a multi when hitting touch shots. The string had ridiculous ball bite on the slice and on my kick serve. I have used it in both a hybrid and full bed setup. I am sticking with the full setup because there is no need to waste money on a multi string because Barb Wire is really arm friendly. This string is a MUST buy!
From: Eddie, Atlanta, GA, USA, 02/11
Babolat Pure Storm Tour GT Barb Wire 54lbs
NTRP Rating: USTA 5.0

Comments: Strung on my APD (non-cortex, non-GT) @ 62lbs. to sum it up, I didn't like it. It got about the same spin as RPM Blast, but seemed like it was a lot more powerful, which I didn't like because everything I hit landed out. Good for serves though. Might try the 16L next time to see if there's a significant difference but for now, I'm sticking with RPM Blast.
From: Chris, Redlands, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: Wow, wow, wow. 60lbs with a Prince OG graphite 93. Huge spin, felt like Nadal. Balls had serious voodoo. A bit stiff but maybe I'll lower tension down two lbs.
From: Mark Asder, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 01/11
NTRP Rating: 5.5

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