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Comments: I own two of the large Sampras ball hoppers and one of these small them. First of all, I honestly think both the large model and the smaller Sampras/Unique plastic ball hoppers do NOT hold what is stated. Probably get 33 balls in the smaller one and 70-75 in the larger one (that's fine with me - who honestly is counting and perfectly getting every little ball in there). The balls will jam up a little bit if you try to cram every little ball in there. The company does need to re-design the interior of the basket. It's not smooth, so the edges can grab a few balls as you fill up the basket, and can scrape your hand a little bit as you reach in and out. I love using the smaller 36 ball hopper because I can bring this one with me at all times. If I'm playing a friend, we have plenty of balls to hit with and do a few drills. Going through more (say 60 or more balls) gets very tiring and probably a little boring for the one who is doing all of the "feeding" during the drills. 30-36 balls seems like a good number to get thru a drill quickly, pick up the balls, switch and get going again. The main reason I really like the smaller size is to always have in the trunk and use for serving practice. Again, getting through 30-36 balls seems like a good number to practice serving into one box, before taking a break, picking up, grabbing some water, relax for a few minutes and then switch to serve over into the other box. I haven't had any problems with the plastic breaking or splitting. All of mine are not abused, but they have been in and out of trunks a lot and fallen over plenty of times on the courts. I only used my larger ball hoppers for dumping 75-150 balls into my ball machine. Otherwise, the smaller model is my bread-butter and go to basket for everyday use. The only other model out there that I would personally recommend is the MasterPro 72 or 50 (or larger).....if you still need a basket that picks up and flips over to stand up. Those are very well put together too, but more on the traditional powder-coated steel construction model.
From: Michael, 7/12

Comments: I love it. I had a Wilson basket before and it was very hard to make it stand, this one is super easy and the transition to picker upper is effortless. It's light and I even can pick up 3 balls if they are together. It does everything it is suppose to do and the price is low. I'm very satisfied.
From: Miguel, 10/11

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