Gamma Shockbuster II Vibration Dampener Customer feedback

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Comments: If Gamma went back to the way these were made 10-12 years ago they would sell better. This model feels cheap and doesn't reduce shock like the old ones.
From: Joe, 2/19/17

Comments: I would not recommend this model. I had tennis elbow so I always use dampeners just to be caution.I purchased 5 of them and 3 already broke in less than about 4 months. At the beginning it feels good but it does not last long for any player who play 5 days a week. I will not buy this model any more.
From: SC, 1/17

Comments: I think Gamma needs to rethink their design on this dampener. I have purchased four of them in the last year and every one of them broke. I did not have this problem with the older models.
From: Scott, 12/15

Comments: I am a 4.0 level player and I play a lot. I used both the old Gamma Shockbuster II and the new one and I like both! I think that they are by far the best! The old one was dampening a bit better but it was breaking after a while. The new one still dampens well, though not as well as the old one, and it is sturdier, lasting much, much longer. Overall, the best on the market! If you like a quiet racquet, try Shockbuster II and you'll thanks me!
From: Vlad, 10/15

Comments: I would not recommend buying these. Yes, they feel really good, but they snap so fast! For someone who is on the court 5 days a week, these are not durable enough. Sometimes they snap after 3-4 days, or sometimes even an hour. I have gone through far too many of these, but at the end of the day it is simply not worth it, because they just dont last. I was disappointed with the quality and now I have stopped ordering them, Ill stick with my basic dampeners.
From: PS, 6/15

Comments: The best I have ever used. Makes hitting feel so plush and nice. I highly recommend.
From: Evan, 11/14

Comments: What is available for purchase is the "new" Gamma Shockbuster II dampener. And it is no good. I used the old version religiously and it was awesome. Great feel on the racquet. And I'm a 4.0 player, and I play alot. This new version lacks all of the "feel" of its predecessor. The idea was that, the ends of the dampener would eventually break and the colorful fluid would leak out. This did happen to me, and it would get on my fingers and be sticky, or on my shirt and not come out. But, it was all worth it because the thing worked so well. The new version has hard plastic on either end, and in no way does it resemble the previous version in terms of dampening. Quite frankly, I am saddened, and now do not know what to do. I have found nothing so far that works as well as the previous version of this product. Gamma, please go back to the old model.
From: JC, 8/14

Comments: The new model with the round plastic cylinders on either end are garbage. I've had the plastic snap right at the hook. But, they give a feel like no other. I'm probably going to just put 2 of the single worm shockbusters in each racquet -- those sometimes pop and leak, but they usually last for a while. Lucky to get a day or 2 from these double worm ones.
From: JD, 6/14

Comments: The great Shockbuster II dampener is back! I used the old one for a few years and I love the new one at least as much! The racquet feel is the same! I read Rob's negative feed-back and cautiously I bought only one, but now I played with it and I can tell that the new dampener is great, so I came back to buy more! Thanks Gamma!
From: Vlad, 7/13

Comments: This is a new design. If you liked the original S2, you probably won't like these at all. To correct the original breakage problem, the dampener was redesigned so that hard plastic makes contact with the strings instead of the soft, filled tubes. The result? A hard plastic feel, noticeable contact buzz, and mediocre dampening. Gamma fixed a flaw and killed the product. Disappointing.
From: Rob, 5/13

Comments: Good Vibration Dampener if you are looking for no vibration at all. I would just get the Shockbuster 1. These don't pop if you don't pull tight.
From: Brad, 4/13

Comments: I bought two of these because I loved the Shockbuster, but after trying to use these they made my play awful. The dampening of the Shockbuster II is just too much, there is little feel left once this is on. I just went back to my original Shockbuster and I play much better now.
For those of you having problems with the Shockbusters popping just don't stretch them! I have yet to pop one and I have been using them for over 2 years.
From: Bryan, WA, USA, 02/11

Comments: This is an excellent product until it pops, which comes quite soon after you put it in your string bed. It works wonderfully, but it is not made in the same way as the Shockbuster I's, making it very prone to popping. I would recommend simply buying two of the singles and doing it that way. It does cost more, but in the long run it will benefit you because you won't have to keep buying them over and over again.
From: Taylor, Farmington, NM, USA, 02/11

Comments: The best dampener ever! I use it with Wilson K Blade Team with Prince Lightning XX 16 at 57.5 lbs. The effect can be felt when you hit your first shot and my arm is no longer in pain. Like Joseph mentioned before, if you're not a player who needs the vibration to have some feel then this is the one! With this, you can hit with your full strength and have no worry of the rebound of the force to your arm. Recommended for comfort and against hard hitters & servers.
From: Ka, Canada, 07/10

Comments: This is the dampener of my choice. Great product, it has only popped once, out of 30+ that I own. And the reason wasn't over stretched, but rather hit the ball on the dampener by my mistake.
From: Jack, MD, USA, 06/10

Comments: Shock absorption is amazing! It makes the racquet COMPLETELY arm friendly. The only con to this shock, according to everyone, is that it pops and spills the liquid outside. This mostly applies only for flat hitters. Topspin hitters are going to last just a bit longer. I do admit that the liquid is messy and difficult to clean up, but I think its worth it.
From: Kevin, Carrollton, TX, USA. 06/10

Comments: This dampener is amazing! But 3 have popped open on me and they are extremely messy to clean up.
From: Britt, Atlanta, GA, USA, 04/10

Comments: This is a great dampener yes it does pop but it lasts for a good time, the money is well worth invested on this dampener. It DAMPENS almost all sound and NEVER falls off. Try it out it is a great worm dampener.
From: Jose, NJ, USA, 03/10

Comments: I have had my shock absorber ever since I started playing. I absolutely love it!! I have not found anything I like better. I highly recommend it!! Mine has never popped and hardly ever comes off my strings.
From: Rachele, USA 01/10

Comments: I have been using the shock buster for along time. its been about 3 yrs since I have brought it and still loving it all my friends have had theirs broken and all the goo come out they said it was the not a good shock to use and never to buy it but till today I am still using it it was the perfect shock for me but awhile ago the my first gamma shock on my second match it broke open and all the goo broke out and went all over my brand new Nikes and top. I was never going to buy another gamma again until I saw the shock buster 2 I brought it and still going with it.
From: Jaynell, Vic, 10/09

Comments: Great dampener. But it does pop after awhile and it is very messy to clean up.
From: John, VA, USA 10/09

Comments: I was pleased with this dampener, but that's because I like a plush feel to my racquets. I didn't think that it took away from the playability/feel of any racquets I have put it in. It hasn't broken on me yet and I've had for a few months now playing a few times per week. I will say that on some racquets, the bottom row of your strings near the throat may not have enough space to fit the dampener across 8 mains. This was the case in the Head YOUTEK Radicals. I didn't have any problems putting it in any other racquets, however.
From: Nikhil B., Indianapolis, IN 09/09

Comments: Amazing dampener. I put 1 each on my 2 identical racquets and both have lasted me for over a year now without any leak or breakage. It covers 8 strings on the mains. I play 3 to 4 times a week and no irritating vibrations or annoying twang sounds. It still gives you the feel of the ball coming off the strings. Don't over stretch it and it will last you for long while.
From: Villo, Long Beach, CA, USA. 08/09

Comments: This Dampener is just amazing. I have popped 2 of them but I keep using them. It feels great on my racquet and I love the solid sound that I get from my racquet while using it. Sure people complain about them breaking and having a huge mess but I guess it depends on how you use it. I've popped two and they just barely started gushing out and got onto the strings. I never had a big mess. I love this dampener and I will continue to use it.
From: Decker, Loves Park, IL. USA 7/09

Comments: After two weeks the dampener popped at one end and gushed out. Got all over my strings and even on my shoes. I super glued one of the ends and everything seems to be holding fairly well.
From: Vu, San Jose, CA. USA 07/09

Comments: These dampeners are great! They cover a lot of strings and really make shots feel smooth and comfortable. Not to mention they get rid of the stupid sound. I've had the same two for about two years and mine have never broken. They have popped off on one side before if I shank one off the dampener, but I have never had a problem with them bursting and having the liquid come out. However, if that is a concern make sure to get white ones...great product though.
From: Brandon, Hobart, IN, USA 07/09

Comments: I was optimistic about buying this dampener because I've read the comments that it breaks easily, but one of my friends said it has an amazing feel to it and boy was he right. I've only had it for about a week now, but I've improved so much from when I got it. I love the feel of it. Even if it isn't too durable it's still the best dampener out there.
From: Marko, Amery, WI, U.S. 7/09

Comments: This dampener is great! It takes so much vibration out you can't feel it anymore. When it pops it's a mess, but it's great.
From: Franklin, Charlotte, NC USA 7/09

Comments: Best dampener for those suffering from arm injuries. Dampens majority of vibration. Makes the string bed very soft. Haven't had one that broke on me yet. The Shockbuster 2 reduces shock just a tad bit more than the Shockbuster one... not much of a difference is felt. Those who are looking for feel should stay away from this dampener, try a small round dampener instead. Personally, I love both versions of the Shockbuster and couldn't play without it, as my arms are prone to injury.
From: anon. 07/09, Long Beach, CA

Comments: The Gamma Shockbuster dampener does work well, but when it breaks you will have quite a mess on your hands. I quit using them because of that reason. Gamma...are you listening?
From: Randy, Gulf Breeze, Fl, USA, 05/09

Comments: After a little while using it, the dampener "snapped" and liquid inside leaked out all over my white Nike tennis dress. The liquid doesn't seem to wash off easy and stains. Be careful when using this shock absorber.
From: Andrea, LA, CA, USA. 05/09

Comments: I have used the Shockbuster Vibration Dampener for over 15 years now and you won't find anything better. I've tried just about all other dampeners out there and hands down this is the BEST. You can hear the difference. They must not make them like they used too. I've had the same dampener for over 12 years now and it works just as good as the day I bought it. Just don't try to pull the clips to see what it look likes inside. That's how I broke my first one. I just bought my 8yr old son his first tennis racquet and her deserves the best also. This is a must buy if you've never tried it!
From: Clark, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Comments: Took away all unwanted vibrations and that annoying sound; worked amazing until the end broke off only 3 days after I started using it.
From: Tony, Streator, IL, USA. 04/09

Comments: This dampener works great, but is easy to be broken. It is messy when it is broken.
From: Bing, Chapel Hill, NC, USA. 2/09

Comments: This is a great shock absorber but, IT DOESN'T LAST LONG! Inside the absorber there's some kind of liquid. After I had hit a hard shot the plastic end made a gap which made the liquid leak out. If you're willing to take the risk, then you should buy this shock absorber.
From: O, Tennis Heaven. 1/09

Comments: Used to use it. Takes away wayyy too much feel of the ball, but for the players that love a extremely plush feel then this or the single is great. I personally use the Babolat custom damp with the clear piece in the middle. Complements AeroPro Drive Cortex perfectly.
From: Adam, Rogers, AR USA. 12/08

Comments: This was a great dampener for a while, the vibrations were dampened to a level that I had not seen before, but a little while using it, the dampener "snapped" and goo fell out all over my white shirt and strings. The goo doesn't seem to wash off either, so be careful when using this shock absorber.
From: Saavan, Winchester, MA, USA, 12/08

Comments: I bought this on a whim. I find it great for my groundstrokes when hitting with a fellow firm ground stroker, but horribly unusable for my power serve. Feels like hitting with a ping-pong paddle with 40 layers of cushion on it. I must try something else...just bought the Sampras 'O'. What I read of sounds perfect for me.
From: Brooks, Little Elm, TX, USA, 11/08

Comments: So comfortable to hit with, you don't even feel like you're hitting the ball with this shock absorber.
From: Angelo, San Lorenzo, CA, USA, 10/08

Comments: OK, I am currently a junior in High School and I have been using this shock dampener and the single one for about four years now. I never liked anything but this kind of dampener. It gets rid of the twang sound when you hit, it takes out the vibration, and hardly ever falls off. It is just great. You should try it especially if you hate it when your shock absorber falls off all the time.
From: Kyle, Olney, IL, USA, 10/08

Comments: I bought this shockbuster and used it on my triple threat bandit. I hated the feeling cause the felt mucky, which threw me of in my matches.
From: David, Cresskill, NJ, USA, 09/08

Comments: This is the best one. Not being biased at all. I've used the oval ones for a long time and I hated them. It may depend on your strings but personally I hate the "twanng" sound a racquet makes sometimes. Definitely get this if you get that sound or feel too much vibe in the strings. It's the best one on the market I promise.
From: Ellyn, Penn Laird, VA, USA, 08/08

Comments: I bought the Shock Dampener I and used it on my Head MicroGel Extreme Pro Racquet with Luxilon Big Banger Rough strings. It overdampened my racquet to such an extreme that I wouldn't ever recommend it to anyone who already has their strings tensioned close to the max factory setting. The fact that they took 2 of these and combined them into 1 gives me the jitters. It overdamps and takes a great deal of feel off your shots, and it takes all of the pop out of your once powerful serve. You'd need to serve almost as hard as Roddick in order to even bother with this dampener; or seriously turn the volume down on your string tension in theory.
From: Kevin, Maple Heights, OH, USA. 8/08

Comments: Doesn't fit a k6.1 95, but if it fits a racquet, it's the best shock absorber out there.
From: Aditya, Chicago, IL, U.S.A. 8/08

Comments: Tried this for something new when I lost the dampener, which came with my racquet. For me, there was too much dampening, leading to a dead and spongy feel on my freshly restrung (with Hurricane/VS) racquets. I'll be going back to the small dot style dampeners.
From: Phil, San Jose, CA, USA, 05/08

Comments: I have to agree with the comments on how good it is, but also the quality control is terrible. I ordered 3, 2 the butt cap came off in a few days, the other one broke open after 2 weeks. My Shockbuster I is still going strong so back to it.
From: Michael, Jacksonville, FL. 4/08

Comments: Shockbuster II works great if you have hard stiff poly strings for your mains. I had my new racquet strung with Babolat Pro Hurricane for the mains and it was extremely harsh on the arm. I put the Shockbuster II in and the harsh hard vibration went away. If you have any tennis elbow or wrist problem try this dampener.
From: John, Riverside, CA, USA, 01/08

Comments: It's a love-hate relationship. This is the best dampener there is. Period. It�s practically a miracle. I've not had my normal recurring tennis elbow since I started playing with it this year. Last weekend it broke and got the black goo over everything - It doesn't wash out. Playing without it all day rang my tendon, and the pain is back. I guess I'll just buy a new one and wear cheaper clothes.
From: Darrin, Chapel Hill, NC, USA, 12/07

Comments: This is the best vibration dampener that I have used. I thought this thing was made of solid rubber material like other vibration dampeners. Nope! It broke while I was playing a game and it got really messy. The green gel got on my shirt, string & racket. The dye does not come off your clothes. I switched to the ShockBuster 1 and I think it's a lot better.
From: Ali, San Jose, CA, USA, 07/07

Comments: I love this dampener but had my first one break during a match & now my shirt is ruined. Has anyone had any luck getting the stains out. I've tried bleaching, peroxide & felsnaptha soap (similar to oxy-clean). Nothing works. Would love to continue using these but don't want to chance ruining all my clothes. Let me know if there's a cleaning product that gets it out.
From: John, Lindenhurst, IL, USA, 07/07

Comments: This is without a doubt the best dampener on the market today. Unfortunately, it will break on you eventually and spill gooey stuff all over your shirt and it's really not a matter of if, but when it will break. I've gone through 2 of them in the last 2 years although this third one has lasted me more than the first 2 combined. It doesn't matter though, whenever this one will break, I will buy some more. I can play with a couple of stained shirts and pants, but I can't play without this thing in my racquet. I'm addicted.
From: Christian, Dallas, TX, USA. 5/07

Comments: This product is awesome! To me I feel like I can generate more power into the ball because it doesn't vibrate as much as when I used a regular dampener.
From: Ben, Augusta, GA, USA, 05/07

Comments: The Gamme Shockbuster II is the best vibration dampener out there. I've been through two different types of vibration dampeners before this one: the Pete Sampras "O" dampener and the Head Smartsorb. I made the transition because a friend of mine had it and I tried it out. Instantly, I noticed it dampened more string vibration than my previous dampeners. I highly recommend this product.
From: Mike, Vallejo, CA, USA. 5/07

Comments: This thing is GREAT! I'm a third singles first doubles varsity player at my high school with pretty bad tennis elbow. I read a couple other reviews and they said that is helps with your tennis elbow and it really does. I was in the middle of a match and my elbow was already hurting when I put this on and i could tell the difference instantly. My elbow didn't hurt a game later and my doubles team ended up winning. THIS ITEM IS WONDERFUL. I recommend this to anyone with tennis elbow and to anyone who likes a nice solid feel when they hit the ball.
From: Taylor, CA, USA. 3/07

Comments: Broke after two weeks -- red goo everywhere. However, works tremendously well. I'll look for something else like it that won't break. I'll still buy it if nothing else is better. I'd be bummed to get my new Nike shorts stained though. From all these comments, it sounds like this is a defective product.
From: Marc, Orange County, CA, USA, 02/07

Comments: I had one of these for about four months and I absolutely loved it, but then one day it burst and got gooey red junk all over my strings and my shirt.
From: Anon, Tomah, WI 07/06

Comments: I have had this for about a year and it�s a great dampener. So what if it busts and stains a shirt - it's still pretty good.
From: Kevin, Waco, Texas, USA 07/06

Comments: It was great while it was still useable. Helped get rid of the noise my HM 200g made, while providing very good dampening. But it broke, which I think it was from over-stretching it. It stained my strings and a tennis ball only though thankfully. Now I'm going to buy more of these, but not going to over-stretch them.
From: Mike, Seattle, WA USA 07/06

Comments: This dampener was great. I had it for about half a year when it broke a couple a weeks ago. Not recommended to use while wearing a white shirt.
From: Jordan, Robinson, TX, USA 07/06

Comments: This dampener worked well, although after two days hitting the plastic cap on one end came slightly loose and black fluid leaked out. I would not recommend this product.
From: Greg Roth, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 05/06

Comments:I did not like this dampener for two reasons. First, I purchased three of them and all three broke in a matter of two weeks. Second, the liquid inside stained not only my bag but my clothes as well.
From: Mike, Hollywood, FL, USA. 5/06

Comments: This shock absorber is great. It really dampens the vibration. I can't play without this dampener. It�s definitely better than the first shockbuster. Get it today and it will make a difference in your game.
From: Mike, Atlanta, GA 04/06

Comments: I have had this dampener for about 2 years and it just broke on me today. I use an o3 red and it worked great. Tomorrow I will be getting a new one, great dampener.
From: Cody, Perkasie, PA, USA 04/06

Comments: I was having problems with my TT Scream because it was constantly vibrating and I put this on and no problems! It also doesn't fall off at all!
From: Katie, Cedarburg, WI, USA. 12/05

Comments: I am only 12 and I am a very good tennis player and I allready a little tennis elbow and then I put this on and my Babolat and the tennis elbow wentaway
From: John Mittvick 9/24
South Elgin Il Usa

Comments: I LOVE THIS DAMPENER! It has never busted on me and I began using it on my prince TT SCREAM racquet, and it made my brother and dad suspicious of it and they bought some of them and as a family we all use them together and having wrist problems. t has helped A LOT! I really do recommend the Gamma Shockbuster II Vibration Dampener to beginning players and players who have been playing for years!
From: Patrick, Madison, Ohio, USA 07/05

Comments: This shock dampener is great. It works so well and there is enough vibration just to give you the feel you need, but it dampens enough to give you the comfort you want.
From: Brad, Boise, ID, USA. 02/05

Comments: These are the BEST dampeners ever, however you need to be very careful when playing in hot weather. I loved this dampener until one day it burst in the middle of a match and gooey stuff went all over my strings, hands and my clothes. I would suggest getting a new one every few months to ensure that doesn�t happen to you, I had it for about 3-4 months when it burst.
From: Raman, Seattle, WA, USA. 01/05

Comments: I use these exclusively on all my racquets. I love them. They provide almost no vibration. I am not one to need vibration to have the "feel" of a racquet. I prefer no vibration, which these provide. True, they do bust after a year or so, and then they leak, but you see it bust while playing and just switch it out. I prefer them to any other damper. As for people saying they over stretch them, I don't see how it is possible when you are putting it below the bottom string and clipping it to the 2nd to outside strings on either side. Oh, and the best part is you can color coordinate them with your outfits. (Kidding)
From: Joseph, Austin, TX, USA. 7/04

Comments: This worked very well before it broke. It leaked on my new Head backpack leaving a purplish stain on it. Even though it works well, it�s probably not worth the risk of ruining your other gear.
From: Matt, Yardley, PA, USA, 5/04

Comments: I did not like this dampener, for two reasons. Lack of feel and durability. This did not even last me a week. But even then, when I was using it, I felt that I could not feel the ball on the racquet. Went back to the head smartsorb.
From: Alexander, Philippines. 11/03

Comments: I am a junior tennis player, and when I switched to a Babolat racquet and there was so much vibration that I for once in my life needed a dampener. I bought three different kinds, and this one took the most vibration away from my racquet. I got used to it, but after two months use it broke, and I�m going back to an old dampener until I get some more of these. Overall its durability is good, and I've never had trouble with it moving. I would recommend this dampener for anyone who doesn't like much vibration.
From: Tina, Texas, USA. 7/03

Comments: These dampeners are the best on the market. Don�t over stretch them or they'll bust, leaking gooy oil all over the place.
From: Jeff, Brighton, MI USA. 6/03

Comments: The Shockbuster II absorbs too much shock and my racquet, a ProStaff 6.0, lost too much feel. I never had it break like the other people here, but I tossed it after a day trying it anyway.
From: Brian, Edison, NJ, USA. 5/03

Comments: I am a junior player from Mississippi. I have been using the Gamma Shockbuster II Vibration Dampener for a while now. I love the way it feels. It is a lot more effective than other shock dampeners I have used. I read some of the other feedback from other players and they said that it isn't durable. However, I have never had any trouble with my dampener breaking. I know several other players that play with this dampener, too, and they haven't had this problem either. The dampener does seem to slip around the strings easily and have to be moved back in place. Overall, this is a great shock dampener.
From: Justin, Mississippi, USA. 3/03.

Comments: I have two racquets and they both have vibration dampeners on them. On one of them I have the Gamma Shockbuster 2 and on the other I have the Head Smartsorb. Shockbuster 2 dampens a WHOOOOOOOOOOLE lot more than the Smartsorb. I read the other feedbacks and they are talking about the durability being horrible but I have had it for 2 years and it hasn�t broken yet. My dad uses it and his mains are far apart so he has to over stretch it, my racquet's mains aren't far apart so I don't. So whatever you do, don't over stretch it when you put it on.
From: Jose, Hillsborough, NJ. USA 10/02

Comments: Durability is a major issue with the Gamma Shockbuster II Vibration Dampener. They used to be built better but they seem to me to be cheaper now. I have bought quite a few for my girls on my team but they all seem to be breaking and spilling a gel liquid all over them and their racquet. I have switched to the Forten Spectra Worm that is much more durable.
From: Shawn, USA 7/02

Comments: I love the way the Gamma Shockbuster II Vibration Dampener feels. I had the dampener on two of my racquets and when the dampener broke open it got this nasty oil/tar like gel on my strings. I still am going to use them, because I like the feel so much, but durability is an issue.
From: Paul, Charlottesville, VA. USA 7/02

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