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Comments: These do not have the same thickness of gel or quality that they were back in the mid-2000s. Gamma should resort back to that model. Can't suggest buying these.
From: Joe, 12/16

Comments: Here's a tip for maximum effectiveness (since it's true these aren't quite as good as the prior ones). Thread it around groupings of two strings, not in and out every one string. I'm not sure if this works because it is looser (being looser definitely helps, to prove this try threading through 12 strings instead of 10, the one on 10 will be much more damped), or for some other reason, but it does. I prefer two of these single shockbusters, looped as I described, instead of the shockbuster II (which was every mentions, breaks and comes off far too easily).
From: Anonymous, 6/16

Comments: Great! It is so soft and cushioned. It was tough getting it on though.
From: Joe, 10/15

Comments: This is an overall nice product, it reaches most of the main strings, which is nice. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the plastic hook on the end, it takes away from some of the dampening. If they would make that out of a material that was more forgiving, that'd be nice. Overall nice product, I'd recommend it.
From: Alex, 3/15

Comments: I play tennis a lot and used the original Shockbuster. This newest version is an inferior product. The design is slightly different. I think the plastic mechanism at the end of the product is diffent causing the shock absorbing gel to loose contact with the strings. If you like the plush dampening of the original product, this is not the same nor is it improved.
From: JBC, 8/14

Comments: Breaks really easily.
From: Bob, 6/14

Comments: The old version is way better. They last longer and most importantly, the dampening is better. These new ones don't dampen very much. I wish they would fix it. If anyone finds something that gives the feeling of the old versions, please post it!
From: Jack, 6/14

Comments: Have to echo most of the other reviews posted about this shock dampener.  Works well, however is very prone to breakage. If they could make it more durable I would recommend it, however at the same price point you can get another dampener that will last much longer.
From:  Marko, Long Island, NY, USA, 05/14
Skill-level: B 

Comments: I like it. The single tube does not leak when it breaks like the previous double tube version. It stays on the racquet and provides good dampening. I thought the older version provided too much dampening. I have only broken this dampener when I tried to stretch it too far across the strings.
From: James, 2/13

Comments: I agree with an earlier comment from Don that the previous version is better than the current one. Not sure what Gamma did but the new version does not provide as much dampening and the stretch is not as flexible. I wish they go back and bring the old type back. I use the single.
From: Adonis, 1/13

Comments: This vibration dampener is very nice, but buy more than one. They do not last very long. If you hit it with the ball, it flies off. If you stretch it out too far, the hooks come off. It's my favorite dampener, but not the most durable.
From: Taylor, 12/12

Comments: The newest version from Gamma is made of a different plastic tubbing. The slightest hit on the dampener and it cuts. The older versions were 1000 times better and would last a long time. Additionally, the dampening effect between the new and older versions is different. The older version worked best. Until Gamma fixes this quality issue I will be looking to other vendors for my dampening needs.
From: Rick, 11/12

Comments: I was waiting for someone else to make the comment before I did, and Don 10/12 is right. The newest batch of these Shockbusters ("Shockbuster" is printed in white on the dampener) is definitely not the same quality as the previous ones (nothing printed on the dampener). I have been using these for years and ever since they made the newer version, they definitely don't last as long. They cut easily at the very end and the hooks fall off much easier than before. Also, if you think the Wilson ones and these are the same, they aren't. I tried the Wilson version that looks very similar to these and they are definitely different. There is much less dampening effect than these Gamma ones.
From: Howard, 10/12

Comments: The old ones are better than the new ones.
From: Don, 10/12

Comments: I purchased one of these for the first time over the weekend. It broke inadvertently after just one hour of playing. Very disappointing.
From: Tara, 9/12

Comments: When you purchase this, make sure to superglue the caps at the ends of the dampener together! Just apply a generous layer of superglue to the caps at the end. I broke mine in about 10 hours of play. It didn't leak and, as a matter of fact, the stuff inside isn't even a gel! I saw some fine sand-like substance inside of it and the stuff is stuck firmly to the walls of the tube. Be sure to superglue the ends together and you won't have any problems! Performance wise I love this dampener! It stays on nice and tight and it reduces vibrations extremely well.
From: Dale, 9/12

Comments: The Gamma Shockbuster Vibration Dampener broke in less than three days. Not sure if this is the norm.
From: Kris, 9/12

Comments: I have been using these shockbusters for a very long time now and I am very happy with them. They do tend to break every month or so. When mine break, they don't leak the gel inside of them very much like other people said they do. Buy these are great.
From: Jared, 8/12

Comments: This dampener rarely comes off, and when it does it is because of a miss-hit. Mine finally broke after a year and a half. Had to come back for more.
From: Ryan, 7/12

Comments: I always super glue the ends of the dampeners so that they dont break and leak gel. Since I started doing that a couple years ago I have not had one break on me.
From: Ryan, 6/12

Comments: I have about a dozen of these in various colors and I've never had one break on me, which is good based on the other reviews. It provides a lot of shock dampening, leaving behind almost no string vibration, which I like. The ends will come unhooked from time to time, but you'll know it right away because the plastic hook on the end will start to vibrate. Re-attach and keep playing. If you like maximum dampening, try the Shockbuster!
From: Retlod, 8/11

Comments: The dampner itself works good, but constantly unhooks from the strings. They do not last very long and when they do break they leak a slime-like fluid - they might be a great product for tennis, not so much for racquetball.

From: John, Conway, AR, USA, 05/11
Skill-level: A

Comments: I recently decided to use this type of dampener. It's was nice until it broke and leaked gel all over my strings. It hadn't been in use very long when it broke unbeknown to me while in my bag. Fortunately, the gel did not get all over the other belongings in my bag. The stuff is like ink where a small amount can go a long way to getting smeared everywhere. I'm definitely not going to use these and risk another one breaking. It would be nice if Gamma would add an additional seal to confine the gel then just counting on the plastic ends to seal the tube of gel.
From: Mike, Philadelphia, PA, USA. 4/11

Comments: I noticed my racquet started to have a buzzing sound and it felt like I had no dampener on the strings even though I had a traditional 2 main strings dampener on the racquet. Just by chance I decided to try the Shockbuster and what a huge difference! The racquet feels so much more solid without the annoying buzzing sound and unstable vibrating feel.
I will order a couple more of these in case I lose my Shockbuster and some other lucky person finds it and experiences the joy I found. Thanks Gamma.
From: Mark, St. Augustine, FL, USA, 03/11

Comments: This dampener works really well however it does seem to occasionally come apart at the hooks and release a messy liquid, my advise, take the hooks off and apply some super glue to the inside of each hook and re- insert them to keep it from happening again, or to keep it from ever happening.
From: Ethan, 01/11

Comments: I did not care for this dampener. After installing it exactly as it should be put on the racquet, it came loose on one end after playing a few matches. I am also not a hard hitter at all so in my opinion it should have never popped loose from the racquet on one side. I also felt that while playing with it, the racquet did not have that "ping,” sound anymore and I lost much of the feel of the ball. Consequently, I did not seem to play as well with this dampener. I will not be using it anymore and have gone back to my Prince NXG dampener, which I think is superior to this one in all ways. If you want to stay with Gamma, the Gamma "No Shock" small square dampener would be a better choice.
From: Deb, Tampa, FL, USA, 10/10

Comments: This dampener is amazing! After an hour or so of working with my coach, we found that I hit much better when my racket is dampened. To achieve this, I added a Prince NGX Tour dampener and a couple rubber bands to my Prince O3 Hybrid Spectrum. Good, but I thought it could be better. So I replaced the bands with this, and it felt amazing! Also, to those that say it reduces feel, this dampener, in my opinion, actually increases feel, but I think that may be due to the impact being "softer", if you will... Oh yeah, I don't really notice any sort of drop in power, but I'm a strong guy, so take that with a grain of salt.
From: Anon, 08/10

Comments: I have to say this is the only vibration dampener I will consider using (other than the Shockbuster II because I use to of the single ones). I have tried other kinds and they just don't cut it. I have had the same blue one for three years and it has been a trooper. Trust me I'm a heavy hitter so when I hit it, I hit it hard. My only complaint is that they have gotten about two strings shorter than the original blue one I purchased. However, if you are looking for a vibration dampener that actually does something and will not pop out, look no further.
From: Taylor, Farmington, NM, USA, 07/10

Comments: My tennis partner asked me to try this just yesterday, and I was so amazed by the difference between the one I use for many years! It gives me good control, almost no vibration and give stability to my hand. I would definitely change my old dampener at once! Great product!
From: Rick, Hong Kong. 3/10

Comments: Wow. Three letters that define my opinion of this vibration dampener. This may be the 10th different dampener I have tried, and nothing gives you better feel, with less vibration, than the Gamma Shockbuster. I use a Head Microgel Extreme Pro. Annoying pinging sound, audible to my opponent on the other side of the net. With the Gamma Shockbuster Vibration Dampener, the sounds goes from a ping to a solid 'thwack'. Arm feels better. Tried it on a couple other racquets just to compare, and the same....wonderful feel, great sound. I hope Gamma never discontinues this dampener.
From: Steve, Lincoln, NE 12/09

Comments: Cool!The Gamma Shockbuster Vibration Dampener is so useful! I used to play without one but now I play with one. I know that some people claimed that it cuts off the 'feel' (well, fair enough). It depends on your personal liking as well...I like it because it cuts out the vibration without losing too much feel and this makes it a lot more comfortable to play with.
From: Tunt, Australia. 11/09
Racquet Wilson K Factor team

Comments: Fantastic! I switched to a heavier racquet and this has profoundly reduced my arm/elbow soreness! Also, the first time I tried to fit it to my racquet, the end popped off and the gel came out. I contacted Gamma and they sent a replacement for free! I have since figured out how to put it on correctly. Solid company and excellent product!
From: Sameer, Chicago, IL USA 09/09

Comments: Best dampener ever! The end hooks do tend to pop out of the end strings when it gets hit, but since it's weaved around multiple strings, it won't fly away like the logo damps. Yes the gel will ooze if you over-stretch it and break it, or just curious to see and pull the ends off. Have no fear, it can be re-attached. Don't over stretch it, as it will reduce the dampening effect as well as pull the ends off, but can be easily re-attached. This may also cause the ooze to come out a bit. Don't get the double version, as the dampening quality doesn't increase, it's bigger, uglier and tend to break very easily at the end (cannot be re-attached).
From: Roman, Dallas, Texas. 7/09

Comments: Best dampener for those suffering from arm injuries. Dampens majority of vibration. Makes the string bed very soft. Haven't had one that broke on me yet. The Shockbuster 2 reduces shock just a tad bit more than the Shockbuster one... not much of a difference is felt. Those who are looking for feel should stay away from this dampener, try a small round dampener instead. Personally, I love both versions of the Shockbuster and couldn't play without it, as my arms are prone to injury.
From: anon. 07/09, Long Beach, CA

Comments: Best Vibe Damp I've used. Period. Replaces annoying "ping"s with satisfying "pop"s. Feels cosmic when you hit the sweet spot on with a long swing. And don't worry about it breaking on you. I play in 100+ weather, and it hasn't ever leaked on me. Just don't try to take it apart or pull on the ends, and you'll be fine.
From: Ai Fark-Haad, 05/09

Comments: I have used the Shockbuster Vibration Dampener for more than 15 years now and you won't find anything better. I've tried just about all other dampeners out there and hands down this is the BEST. You can hear the difference. They must not make them like they use too. I've had the same dampener for more than 12 years now and it works just as good as the day I bought it. Just don't try to pull the clips to see what the inside look likes . That's how I broke my first one. I just bought my 8yr old son his first tennis racquet and he deserves the best also. This is a must buy if you've never tried it! 4.5 Player.
From: Clark, Salt Lake City, UT, USA. 4/09

Comments: I'm a 3.5 player and I use a 'tweener racquet. When I first started using this, I loved the sound it produced and the dampening that it provided. It works great and is dampens a lot. After using it for about a year, it broke (and stained everything with the gunk). After using my racquet without the shock absorber, I realized that the dampener takes away way too much control and I lose my feel. I'd definitely recommend this only if you have problems with vibration because I think you'll be sacrificing a lot of racquet feel while using this.
From: Michael, Peoria, IL, USA. 3/09

Comments: Greatest dampener ever. At first, I prefer not using a dampener because I can't feel the ball against my racket, but after trying this one, it was like all my shots where more crisp and well located. Greatest dampener ever!!!!
From: Anon. 3/09

Comments: Great shock absorber, I've been using this for 3 or 4 years now. Great buy.
From: Kyle, Olney, IL, USA, 10/08

Comments: This shock absorber is awesome. I got it after trying it out on my friend's stick. I had a Head dampener, it worked well, but once I put this one I felt that even on offside shots throughout all the strings it felt dampened. Sometimes it unhinges from the one side, but that's probably cuz it's a bit stretched out. It's music to my ears every time I get a good cut at the ball.
From: David, Ca. USA. 9/08

Comments: I got this shock absorber after I tried out my friend's Gamma Shockbuster. He liked it so much that he bought 4, so I thought I would give it a chance, and it was awesome! My head Ti. S5 used to make a loud annoying sound every time I hit the ball, and now it sounds perfect. Also my racquet vibrates a lot less when hit off center.
From: Jay, 08/08

Comments: It makes a solid sound and stays on and you only really need one cause if you break a string, it won't fall out like other dampeners, just replace it. It rocks goes well with my Yonex rds 001 mid.
From: Anon, 07/08

Comments: The Gamma Shockbuster is the best dampener there is. I've been using it since last August and it is still dampening like the day I bought it. It gives the perfect amount of feel and gives me that perfect popping sound when the ball hits the string. It does come undone a lot when it gets hit, though, but that is no real problem.
From: Kris, Linton, Indiana, U.S.A. 7/08

Comments: This shock absorber is amazing. Before this Gamma one, I would use a Wilson nCode dampener, and it would always fall off, and not give the sound that this one gives. The Gamma Shockbuster Vibration Dampener stays on my racquet great, gives great dampening, and you can't beat that price. #1 in my book for sure. Go ahead, buy one in every color.
From: Justin, Hortonville, WI, USA, 08/07

Comments: I have an Wilson nBlade 98 strung with Luxilon Ace 18 and even if I hit the sweet spot with a good fast stroke it would still make a "thunk" sound. I used gamma no-shock, Wilson W, Prince P, Head Smartsorb...everything but nothing works except this one. Now when I hit it makes a great, loud, pop sound that is music to my ears
From: Anon, CA, USA. 4/07

Comments: The Shockbuster is a very useful product! I did have problems with one once, but I ignored the warnings and overextended that one too many times. A good amount of strings to put it over is 12. Also, try and pull it so it is loose at the clips on each end. That decreases the chance of ruining a perfectly good product. I would also recommend this product to players who make more shots on the sweet spot, because hitting this shock absorber could unhinge or break it! I would not play with anything else!
From: Wesley, 03/07

Comments: I tried this shockbuster out a few weeks ago. And it like it. BUT, I also ordered a shockbuster two. If you think that this shockbuster is good, you will be blown away by the second one. The second one is great. You have to try it out.
From: Mike, Atlanta, GA, USA 04/06

Comments: I've been using the Shockbuster since the late eighties, because of a problem with my elbow, and the only drawback is having to order them from far away. Besides being great for the elbow, the feeling on the racket is great. I could not play without it.
From: Xavier, BCN, Spain 04/06

Comments: This dampener is pretty good. It is really good at absorbing shock which is good for my elbow but the hooks on it keep breaking. I've had a couple so far and am pretty satisfied.
From: Evan, NY, NY, USA. 3/06

Comments: I've used the Single ShockBuster for a few games and I found it really good in absorbing vibrations and gave me confidence in going for winners. My wife bought me a Double ShockBuster today and I don't know if I should switch from Single to Double because I'm afraid it breaks easily, as mentioned by other users previously. Does anyone know whether those gel-like fillings are washable? I'm using Wilson NXT Tour 17 String on a Wilson nCode n-Six One 95 racquet.
From: Edwin, Hong Kong, China. 12/04

Comments: This Shockbuster is the best dampener ever. It has a nice solid feel, and adds a lot of confidence. Spend your money right buy this product
From: Kevin, Atlanta, Georgia, US. 11/04

Comments: I originally had the shockbuster 2 but I think I overstretched it so then it began to leak. My coach got me the shockbuster 1 and it's really good. Now I can hit harder with less vibration, better feel, and more confidence.
From: Michael Prather, Highland, IN, USA. 08/04

Comments: This dampener is great! Like the feel of the ball and I like the sound it makes. Instead of a THUNNGGG I get a nice popping noise, and it's great on my arm.
From: Tommy, Columbus, Ohio, USA. 7/04

Comments: By far the most effective dampener I've used though I think it extracts a bit more of cost in power than some of the others. The trade-off is worth it, in my opinion
From: Mike, Montclair, NJ, USA. 3/04

Comments:I don't like this dampener because it breaks too easily and when it does, the gel- like filling flows onto your racquet. It is disgusting and the stuff gets on your strings and frames. If you think your racquet is really precious and you really love it, don't get this dampener cause the filling will annoy you, especially if you just got a new racquet that you really love.
From: Simon, Yorba Linda, CA, USA. 2/04

Comments: I hit really hard and my elbow started to hurt so I thought I would try this dampener. I like it so far but the lack of feel on my volley's is noticeable. I hope it doesn't break because it sounds like that gel inside is really messy. Other than that it's a really good dampener.
From: Adam, San Jose, CA, USA. 12/03

Comments: I've used the Shockbuster for awhile now. It works so much better than the head and Wilson ones that I have tried. It sucks out all the sound that I want it to, and it lasts longer than the others! Gamma rocks!
From: Anon. 12/03

Comments: I've tried the Shockbuster Vibration dampener and it's performance is minuscule compared to the old-fashioned rubber band. Why pay so much for a vibration dampener? Especially for ones that break in about a month or so. I broke this one in a month and all the filling flowed out: it was disgusting. I went to my local supermarket and got some 1cm wide rubber bands - a few hundred for a few bucks, and they're cheap, they reduce more shock, and they produce a deader, more "pop" like sound that any of these vibration dampeners. If you don't believe me, look for a thick rubber band, tie it onto two of your strings like you would to your shoes, and hit with it. I guarantee you'll feel the difference!
From: Andy, CA, USA. 12/03

Comments: I just started playing about 6 months ago and was using various Wilson dampeners and a week ago I switched to Gamma. The difference is amazing. I highly recommend this dampener.
From: Travis, Bechtelsvillea, PA, USA. 11/03

Comments: I thought all vibration dampeners were the same until I tried the Shockbuster. Wow! My racquet felt so much softer overall and actually gave me a little more confidence with my stroke. I play with Luxilon Big Banger ALU 16L string on a Prince Triple Threat Hornet OS. The string is stiff but with the Shockbuster, one would think I'm playing with an 18 gauge synthetic! It's a great dampener, at a good price, and is worth every cent!
From: Mark, Terre haute, IN, USA. 11/03

Comments: This is the best shock absorber. I have used it for 2 years now. Almost every one on my tennis team uses it. It has not failed me yet. It lets the ball hit the racket with no vibration and with a nice "POP". I fully recommend this product to everyone! I'm a baseline hitter and my serve rocks!
From: Austin, Raleigh, NC, USA. 9/03

Comments: I've been using the Shockbuster for about 1 year now and this is the best out the ones I have used. This is the best!
From: Christian, LA, CA, USA. 7/03

Comments: I have been using the Shock Buster for years, and there is no better dampener for softening the shock from off-center shots. You will lose some feel, but after an evening of practice or long rallies, it really makes a difference. I use a flexible frame that provides me with plenty of feel anyway (Prince Warrior TT oversize), so this is not a major factor. If you want less dampening, go with the Red Eye. It maintains more feel, although less shock absorbing. I haven't noticed a drop in power with either product, although I am more likely to hit out when I know that I am punishing my wrist and elbow that much less.
From: Daniel, New Orleans, LA. USA 10/02

Comments: Good product but be careful when it breaks. I had a red one bust on me during practice and I mistook it for a bleeding left hand. Strange though...I felt no impact...left hand was pain free. Didn't figure it out until I saw the Zorbicon filling all over my strings. Good thing I was playing at a club with towel service. I wonder if that stuff washed out?
From: Gage, Toronto, ON. Canada 9/02

Comments: Without doubt, the Shockbuster is the best vibration dampener I have found in 15 years of power hitting.
From: Ossian Shine, London, U.K. 8/02

Comments: I have used the Shockbuster Vibration Dampener for a while now, and I am glad I had the chance to use it. It makes your racquet fell like a completely different racquet. I am a baseline player and it works for me. I play tennis with a man who loves to play at the net. He has the Shockbuster and he also loves it, he wouldn't trade it for the world. I would recommend it to anyone. If you want to get rid of vibration this is the way to go.
From: Steven, Graham, NC. USA 7/02

Comments: The Gamma Shockbuster Vibration Dampener works so well. You won't have that "ping" sound anymore. It feels like your racquet has a soft spot on it. Nope, it's only the Shockbuster! The single Shockbuster is better than the double one because it doesn't take as much power away as the double one does.
From: Dillon, NY. USA 5/02

Comments: The Gamma Shockbuster Vibration Dampener is excellent in decreasing vibration, I have used several others and this is the best so far.
From: Davis, GA. USA 5/02

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