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Comments: I would rather have my strings break than use this product again. Use the Tourna brand, It's much easier and won't wear out your thumb.
From: Marcus, 4/12

Comments: They are not very easy to put on (compare to Tourna Cross or KlipperUSA). They are too thick so they pop up easily (again, compared to Tourna Cross or KlipperUSA).
From: Brian, Fremont, CA, USA, 12/10

Comments: I don't think these are difficult to put in at all, but they are way too thick and they pop out while playing. The Tourna or the Babolat are better.
From: Max, Costa Rica, 11/10

Comments: I don't understand why people think it's hard to put these on. You can put each of the plastic on within 10 seconds, and it is not something that you have to keep on replacing during a match or something. One side of the plastic will fit on your main string, the other side is for your cross. (It'll definitely pop off if you installed it incorrectly)
From: Jack, Denver, CO, USA, 08/10

Comments: I like these. Strings last longer and, even better, they don't move much. They almost never pop out or break as I play. TIPS: - Installing new ones, cut the strips first. I cut into groups of 4 but 2 would probably be even easier. I even re-use them: -use a bent paper clip with the installation tool to remove them from the broken strings. -to install a loose block, grasp it with thumb and forefinger and place it on top of the string you have lifted with the tool. Then, just rotate it around the string (with one finger) and it's in place.
From: Matt, CA, USA 10/09

Comments: At first when I put these on it was a nightmare every fifth or sixth one would pop off but eventually I had noticed why they were popping off. You have to put them on a certain way because the grooves are different on both sides of the string saver. Once you know that its a breeze getting them in, although when you have it in and try to take the plastic piece out its a pain because you twist and jerk so sometimes the savers come out or you'll break some of the savers off when your twisting. I'll have to try Babolat sometime in the future.
From: Anon. Lancaster, Pa. 04/09

Comments: I tried the Gamma first, and they were a nightmare. It took a surgeon with two great hands to get them on. They wouldn't release from the plastic once they were set. To release them from their band you are supposed to twist. Usually impossible because there is not enough clearance the plastic is so close to the strings. About 1 of every 4 went flying off to who knows where. Terrible design. I tried the Babolat and had a completely opposite experience. They went on quickly and easily and I never lost one. And I only had to use one hand. Great design. If you like hitting your big toe with a hammer, you will enjoy the Gamma brand. If you don't, go with the Babolat, hands down.
From: Tom, Allen, Texas, USA. 5/08

Comments: I just bought these and they work great with the synthetic gut strings that I have on my racquet. I can hit as hard as I want and with as much spin as I want and the strings won't even move. These work really well for synthetic gut string, but I am not sure how it will do with other types of string. Lovin them rite now.
From: Michael, Sacramento, CA, USA, 03/08

Comments: I recently purchased a similar brand to these, the string saver deluxe, which is thing is similar to this brand. I bought it to prolong the life of the natural gut and Luxilon hybrid I installed and it is working very well so far. If you are new to putting string savers on, it can be a hassle. However, once used to, it is very simple and does not take too much time. The only bad thing is when you have one piece left and that piece, if you're not careful, can pop away while tucking the string into the slot to lift it. It's worth the money!
From: Andrew, Saint Louis, MO, USA

Comments: I don't understand the anger I'm getting from here. I recently purchased these in a local sporting goods store, and actually had fun putting these on (maybe I just like tedious activities). It's true that if you mess up while installing them, they'll fly around your room never to be found. I put them on a 9x10 area, and was surprised by the effect. Not only do they help with string life, but they preserve the string positioning. I play with A LOT of spin, so I'm CONSTANTLY repositioning my strings. These things reduced the amount of times I have to do this by about 90%. Maybe some people just have some loose strings (I string my racquets at 61 pounds) but these things don't pop off while I play. I heard that some other type of these things are not reusable, but I actually HAVE reused these. They're great! I'll try other companies, then write reviews for their products compared to the Gamma ones.
From: Wesley, Suffern, NY, USA. 6/07

Comments: I have never found any trouble using these Gamma string savers. Maybe it's because I'm ambidextrous, lol. Come on is it that difficult?
From: Eric, Atlanta, GA, USA, 02/07

Comments: I've ordered the Tourna Cross one from Tennis Warehouse and they were easy to put on and did not pop off the racquet while I was playing. My strings lasted quite awhile. I was entering a tournament out of state and I went to a local Sports Authority and all they had was the GAMMA brand so I tried them. This product is terrible. They were hard to on because they would constantly pop off. I kept losing ones all the time. One popped off at a great speed and almost got my eye (no kidding). They also popped off a lot during matches. I lost most of them. They seem to be the only ones I can find in the store, but they are NOT worth buying. They are nothing but aggravation.
From: Eric, Boston, MA, USA, 01/07

Comments: Buying this set of string savers versus the Babolat ones is really like a choice between durable and playable strings. The Gamma ones do the job better, mostly because of their thickness. But the Babolat ones last much longer, and still preserve tension relatively well. So if you don't mind dropping a few bucks maybe every two weeks for string savers because of the fact that your Gammas are all falling off so quickly, go ahead and buy these. If you just want a slight effect and longer usage paired with a much easier installation, go with the Babolat ones.
From: Charlie, Boston, MA, USA. 9/06

Comments: These things are great but are kind of hard to put on and they can also shoot off very fast if you mess up. But it helps with my spin, and my strings have lasted almost twice as long as they would have normally.
From: Jes, Renton Washington, USA 05/06

Comments: Currently, I'm a 5.0 Player and former USPTA Professional. I purchased these string savers at a local sporting goods store. I usually use Unique Tourna Cross savers but since the Gamma's were the only brand offered, I gave them a try. To say this product is frustrating to work with is an understatement. It quickly became evident that this product was ill-designed by someone inexperienced in working with tennis racquets. It was absolutely maddening trying to install the way the "Tree" is configured. Comparing the installation time between Gamma and Unique, I would have finished 5 - 6 racquets with Unique given the time it took to complete one with Gamma. The next day I played for about 2 hrs. In that time, I estimate 30% of these strings savers broke. This is a terrible product. If a 5 star rating could be applied, five being the best, I would rate these string savers at 1/2 star. If you are considering these, don't bother.
From: George, USA 08/05

Comments: It takes a little patience to put in but it is not that difficult. They tend to fall out during play. Maybe because I hit too hard or with too much spin. While applying them, be careful as they can shoot out at high speeds. As far as it extending the life of the strings, I'm not sure. My synthetic gut strings popped after only about 8 hours of play and with 48 string savers on it (pretty quick for my standards).
From: Brian, USA. 03/05

Comments: I am a 4.0 - 5.0 player and just started using string savers about 3 months ago. I tried both the Babolat and the gamma deluxe. The gamma didn't feel as good or play as nicely as the Babolat did in my opinion. The Babolat were a little easier to install as well. For the extra cost I am staying with the Babolat. I also find that my string jobs last longer. I usually cut strings out rather than restringing because they broke. I hit the ball very hard and have never lost either the Babolat or the gamma from my strings. For what it's worth the Babolat is worth a try if you are sick of moving strings back in place or find that the friction causes wear resulting in early breakage.
From: Jimbo, Ontario, Canada. 02/05

Comments: I am about 4.5-5.0 level player. I have been using the Gamma string savers for a long time. I normally buy a few packs at a time and reuse them. They were fine. However, the new ones I bought in the fall of 2004 were different (they look thicker) and terrible. They do not stay on. I lose several pieces after a set of tennis. What happened?
From: Charles, Princeton, NJ, USA. 1/05

Comments: I have been using the Gamma brand string savers for about 4 years now. They give my 17-gauge string at least twice the life, and I think they add to the topspin in my groundstrokes and the slice in my 2nd serve. I install a 4" x 3" pattern over the sweet spot after restringing. I never loose any between string jobs.
From: Chris, Oregon City, OR, USA. 2/04

Comments: I've installed Gamma, Babolat, and String Eyes string savers on several racquets. The Babolat are by far the easiest to put in and Gamma are by far the most maddening. The Gamma are the only ones that require the use of both Hands; one with the tool and the other with the savers. I can't understand why they put the savers on a plastic tree like those things that model airplane parts come on. After you've installed the first one, which is easy enough, the end of the tree makes it awkward to get the other ones in position. You have to break the tree into pieces, as one of the other reviewers recommends. I use nothing but Gamma string, but the design of these Gamma string savers is really inconvenient. As for the actual performance of the savers, all of the brands work fine. If anything, the String Eyes stay in the best, though they are more time-consuming than the Babolat to install (but not as bad as the Gamma). Overall the Babolat are definitely my choice.
From: Bruce, New Orleans, LA, USA. 11/03

Comments: I've used both the Gamma and the Babolat string savers and both work fine. The Babolat are MUCH easier and faster to put it.
From: Bruce, USA.

Comments: When I get my string savers I cut them into blocks of 4 with a pair of scissors. I cut part way through the middle and then bend it until it breaks. I then put the string savers in a pill bottle. It is much easier to put then in with a block of 4 than having all 20 together. I string my racquet very loose (about 10 - 15lbs below the recommended tension) and the string savers keep my Mains from breaking quickly.
From: Kevin, Springfield, IL USA. 4/03

Comments: I'm not sure why someone would have trouble putting string savers in their racquet. Once you figure out how to get the first one in, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to repeat the process. They really are a piece of cake to install. I put them in a section roughly the size of the sweetspot and it takes me less than 2 or three minutes... tops! I install them every time I string a racquet, not while I'm playing. It is rare for them to pop out during play. If one does just put a new one in once you're done playing. If they are popping out a lot during play then you are not putting them in correctly. As far as their performance, if you are looking to improve string life then I can't recommend these enough. I feel like I get at least double the amount of life I got without them. And I don't notice any difference in play.
From: Scott, AL. USA 2/03

Comments: I installed Gamma string savers and they made it very difficult to hit my topspin serve. Groundstrokes were not affected. I removed the string savers and my topspin serve was back. They were not difficult to put on and only a few came off in three hours of play.
From: John Jung, Phoenix, AZ. USA 01/03

Comments: Clearly the reviewers below are novices when it comes to using string savers. It takes me about 1 1/2 minutes to put in a 6 x 6 section in my racquet. You don't put them in during a game...geez; you put em' in before you play. I rarely have them come out during play and if one comes what. Replace it at the change over. For string breakers these things add at least an additional 33% to the life of your strings and contrary to the previous posts, they are easy to put in.
From: David, USA 12/02

Comments: I just ordered some blue string savers. It is my first times ever using these things. These are quite difficult to put on quickly and the savers start popping all over the court. On one attempt to put some on during a game I put on one saver and four of them on the plastic stick fell off. I lost at least 25% of them for just having them fall on the ground in an attempt to put some on.
From: John Nguyen, Fountain Valley, CA. USA 10/02

Comments: Gamma is ok but it is very difficult to put in the time it takes to get from the add court to the deuce. You have to wait for your five minutes on changeover to insert them and you'll be lucky if you get 5 in before your ready to start again other then that they work good and they last long. But the best string saver device to get is the Babolat. I know I will.
From: Olu Akinwande, 10/02

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