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Comments: This is a great string if you're looking for a crisp feel that is capable of huge amounts of spin. It's a 1.17mm synthetic gut, so no, it isn't going to last very long. If you have your own stringer, or access to one, and don't mind having a fresh set each time you go out, then give this a try. It has been one of my favorites for over 15 years. A very enjoyable string to hit with. Strung in a Wilson Pro Staff 85 at 52 pounds.
From: Todd, 2/13

Comments: I played this string because I like to test out strings. I started playing with it and loved it. It worked really well but there are two problems: the first- durability I have never broken a string until after ten hours on a mis-hit ripped forehand. Also you have to straighten this string a lot even with a string thing it got annoying.
From: Anon, 03/11

Comments: How do you make a Synthetic Gut stiffer and harsher than Luxilon ALU Power? I don't know but Prince succeeded in doing so with this string. Maybe I had it strung slightly too tight but this has to be the harshest feeling Synth gut I played with and felt it in my elbow. Prince Syn Gut used to be good but I think they recently increased the Kevlar in there.
From: Nori, Queens, NY USA 02/10

Comments: Agree with almost all comments. Found a little too much power stringing 2+ over what I usually do for synthetics. Might try 64. Overall it was good, but the power was the issue. Also, it frays really quickly, I hit with it and another set up for about an hour total and the prince looked on its way out after 20 minutes, probably would have popped in an hour of straight usage. But worth a shot.
From: J, MA 07/09

Comments: What's up with the price going up? Is it the economy or something? It's still an amazing price, but the 16 and 17 gauge strings are cheaper.
From: Will, NJ. 1/09

Comments: Hey guys! I have tried every string on the market. I have compared price vs. performance and vice versa. As we all know, thinner strings play better, but it breaks too often. I strongly recommend playing with a hybrid: Ashaway 18 gauge for main & Prince Synthetic Gut 18 gauge cross. Do not substitute 18 gauge Prince strings for 17 or 16 Prince. It will not play the same. I have found this combination to play superbly with longevity. Furthermore, it is very soft. I recommend tension at 64 and above. I recommend it is performance vs. cost you are looking for. You will not go wrong.
From: John, Columbia, MD. 11/07

Comments:The best bang for your buck, this pack of string packs a lot of action. I highly recommend it, it feels best right before the bust.
From: Jake, Portland, Oregon, USA, 10/06

Comments:I was on a mission to find the best 18 gauge strings on the market. This is a great string for power and comfort but it broke in about a week of playing. Bad durability. Instead look at alpha gut 2000 instead or NRG2. Find a different string.
From: Grant, Littleton, CO, USA, 07/06

Comments: I love this string I use it on my mains. . . though I really wish it would come in more colors . . . 18 gauge just feels better in a racquet with a small and tight string pattern and small head size ... I�m an open player and I restring about every two weeks but it's the nature of the game and I don't mind it. This is really good string . . . I love it but would love it way more if it where prettier my game is tough enough.
From: Sammy, CA 5/06

Comments: This string plays VERY differently compared to the 17g. It's very stiff and harsh. It frays, and gets pretty ragged. I found (surprisingly) the 17g to be much softer and give much better feel.
From: Leo, Seattle, WA, USA. 9/05

Comments:I love the way this string plays. It bites the ball really well. I hit with heavy topspin and this string just doesn't last. I get about four hours on these strings.
From: Jason, Denver, CO, USA. 01/05

Comments: I have a Wilson 6.3 and this string plays great. It is the best string I have ever played with. But there is a good side and bad side. The bad side is it breaks easy. But it is cheep.
From: David, Battle Creek, Michigan, USA. 6/04

Comments: This string plays well, but has the two trade-offs 1) durability and 2) stiffness due to the Duraflex.
From: Tuan, Houston, TX, USA. 2/04

Comments: Finally I get the time to sit down and write about the products I use. I work in my hometown at a retail sports store in the tennis department. I am an avid tournament player (5.5NTRP) and have tried approximately 75 different types of string including the VS Touch from Babolat, Gamma LiveWire, Babolat Tonic, Wilson NXT, Tecnifibre Control, Ashaway, Luxilon (almost all of them), Gamma TNT 2, Head FiberGel, and I even tried Gosen and Babolat Syntec Brio. With the experience and time I spend on the courts everyday, which is about 4 hours, this string is by far my favorite of the all. The bite I get from the string is amazing, and the touch is unparalleled to any other string on the market. The durability isn't great, but if you think about it, 4 hours a day, 7 days a week, that's almost 30 hours I get use out of it. I restring every week because the tension does go out pretty fast. The tension goes out far faster than the string breaking.
From: Chris, Camarillo, CA, USA. 7/03

Comments: Excellent string! Great feel! I have used this string for the past few years with a ProKennex 5G. I play 2-3 times a week, restring every 4-5 months, and have yet to break a string. Based on other comments, I must be doing something wrong. I admit to not putting a tremendous amount a spin, though with the 5G, I have a long swing and use a fair amount of topspin.
From: Joel, Columbia, SC. USA 1/03

Comments: In my opinion, the 18 gauge of Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex plays much better then the 16 or 17. It gives a soft, yet crisp feel. It's not going to be as good as a more expensive performance string, but for price it's got great "bang for the buck" factor. I've never broken any type of string before (although I haven't used many different types of string). I broke Prince Duraflex 18 after about 6 hours of play. Also, I think it loses tension a little faster, and moves around a little more then the thicker Duraflex strings. I'll probably continue to play with it for a while. I doubt I'll find something that plays much better while being in the same price range, I just might prefer the overall feel of a different string more.
From: Dave, USA 7/02

Comments: This string plays awesome but it breaks a little too often for my liking. This is still the best string I have ever used. I just wished it lasted longer.
From: Chris, Los Angeles, CA. USA 1/02

Comments: I've been using Prince Synthetic Gut 18 Duraflex for three years now. I use Sampras' racquet (Wilson 6.0 ProStaff), at 55 lbs. I'm a 4.5 level serve and volley player, and the feel is as close to natural gut as you can get. It does break pretty fast: using string savers, I can get about 2-3 hours play per racquet. One excellent feature, is that it wears like natural gut. So string savers are easy to use, and at least you know when it's gonna break. And you can't beat the price.
From: Roy, Atlanta, GA. USA 9/00

Comments: I am a 5.0-5.5 junior player who decided to try a thin string for fun. The syn gut 18 is an excellent string with great feel, but the string breaks easily. The string won't even last me a set. In order to use this string in a tournament, be prepared to bring 6 to 8 racquets strung with this string
From: Eric, NY USA 04/99

Comments: This string plays great, but it breaks like crazy. I averaged a week and a half playing everyday.
From: Thanh, Salem, OR, USA 03/99
4.0 all court player. Wilson Sledgehammer 6.3 MP at 63lbs.

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