Babolat RPM Dual 17 660 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: I am a high level junior player. I have been using this string in the mains at 53 lbs and Gamma Podigy in the crosses at 53 lbs. It is stiff but with a good tension and the cross string was not a problem. It was easy to generate power and spin, but this string stands out in control. I highly recommend this string to any player used to using polys and I also suggest stringing it on the lower side, or you might feel a little pain in your arm. Overall a great string and my string of choice in the mains.
From: Alexander, 11/16

Comments: I recommend these string if you hit with low power and are a control hitter. These are low powered strings, but these have good control and spin. Since I strung with these, my slice has improved.
From: Joe, 6/15

Comments: This is a great option for a hybrid if you like doing a co-poly/multifilament. I play with the Wilson Juice 100 and have this in the mains with Technifibre TGV in the crosses, and love it. I've played with Luxilon 4G for about the last year, and RPM Blast in the past. RPM Dual is much softer than both of those and offers more spin and touch. Topspin shots are deep and heavy, and slices and dropshots are lethal. My serve has more kick and bite on it now too. This is my new preferred choice when it comes to a co-poly.
From: Justin, 10/14

Comments: I strung my 2013 Babolat Aeropro Drive with RPM Dual 17 at 54 pounds. This string offers incredible amounts of spin paired with my western style grip, and it also has great control. In comparison to blast I would say that this string is a little bit firmer, however I prefer to generate my own power. This string is also very durable and it holds tension fairly well. I would recommend this string to somebody looking for control, spin, and durability, and a polyester that will last them longer than and hold tension better compared to a string like Blast.
From: Josh, 9/14

Comments: I usually string my Babolat Pure Drive racquets with RPM Team at tensions between 50 and 56 lbs. I tried the RPM dual 17 at 56 lbs in an old Wilson Pro Staff 5.1 to experiment with the string. I really enjoyed the way this string felt and played. I thought it had good power, but not overpowered. Control felt crisp and precise. The string didn't feel harsh or dead- had just the right amount of liveliness for me. If you've strung with Babolat Addiction or RPM team, give this a try. I will be stringing one of my Pure Drives with this next weekend!
From: Ben, 4/14

Comments: This string holds tension really well. I had a PDR+ strung with it at 61 lbs back when I received a pack as a demo last year. It still has great tension and is very playable. I hit with it three or four times each month when I am in the mood to hit the PDR+. I was just thinking I need to put this in my other racquets.
From: Don, 9/13

Comments: To a certain extent, this string actually felt like the Babolat PHT, really firm. I had no trouble implying topspin to my game, but it mostly was from the low to high motion. If I ever try to flatten my shots out for winners, they sometimes sail, unlike my experience with the RPM Blast. This is a really nice string for consistency.
From: Johnny, 7/13

Comments: Really amazing string. Loved the feeling. I can control my shots even with my big forehand. I am also able to hit big backhands which I couldn't in other strings I've used. Great stability and firmness. I am not inconsistent anymore.
From: Anon, 5/13

Comments: This is an amazing string! I love how I can control the ball. I also can hit tons of spin on the ball.
From: Peter, 3/13

Comments: Great string, really amazing. Much softer than RPM, holds tension better than 4g, best tension keeper poly ever. As much spin as it generates it is more powerful than RPM and equal to ALU Power. Greatest poly on the market. A full bed of this is the best poly full bed in the world. I also used a hybrid with this in the crosses and Wilson Natural gut in the mains, greatest thing ever!
From: Essy, 3/13

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