Babolat RPM Dual 16 String Customer feedback

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Comments: As Danny commented, this is a very good string in the low 50 lbs. I actually use it at 51 lbs on my AeroPro Drive, even if I play at 1800 feet altitude. It is durable and has good topspin. Power is not so bad if you use it in the low 50s.
From: Rafael, 9/15

Comments: I accidentally bought these strings on my racquet instead of the RPM strings and I loved them. They are great for slicing and great for topspin shots. I have used these string for about year and I like them. The power level is low, and they are great for topspin players and slicers.
From: Mark, 6/15

Comments: After I broke my Luxilon 4g 16 on both my racquets in a week at the same match, I decided it was time to get an even durable string. This was the first string that came to my mind. It plays very similar to RPM Blast and retains tension much longer. Although everything has its cons. After the first week of grinding balls on these strings, my shoulder was starting to hurt. I don't know if it was my racquet (new Head Radical Midplus) or the string. I sat out of tennis season for a week. When i was all better the next week my shoulder was still aching. I continue to use this string for the past 2 months but know I have to thoroughly strech out my arm before I hit serves. Other than the extreme stiffness of the string, I rate this top notch (get it?).
From: Timothy, 6/14

Comments: I had put it in my mains with an unknown softer string in the crosses. Felt okay for the first week or two; been out with bad tennis elbow since.
From: Slick, 7/13

Comments: Tried the RPM Dual as an alternative to the Pro Hurricane Tour that I had been enjoying for years. With the same tension (55lbs), the Dual just doesn't move or give in, too much power and low spin. Probably not the string for me since I would need to raise the tension to remove some of the power but then I would loose more spin and it would probably flare up my tennis elbow.
From: Guillame

Comments: This is a firm string. Anyone who has arm or elbow issues shouldn't use it. It feels exactly like Kirschbaum Pro Line X. I strung mine up at 52lbs and would advise not going over 52. At the low tension it has enough give to feel the movement of the stringbed. The strings move well at low tensions, but anything higher than the low 50s and it will feel harsh with no give. It is not a soft poly like Blast. With Blast you can dial up the tension, but it turns mushy within a few weeks. This string seems as though it will retain its crispness much longer. It is low powered like the original Cyclone, or Tour Bite. If you like softer polys with more power, I suggest you look elsewhere. Overall, I would say that this is a very good low powered stiff-feeling poly.
From: Danny, 3/13

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