Head RIP Control 17 String Black Customer feedback

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Comments: Played with it in the Wilson BLX Blade Light strung at 63 lbs. Incredible performance on my serve, getting serious topspin and depth and feel is much better especially at the net. Not sure yet how long the strings will last, but I am very satisfied with this product.
From: John, 12/13

Comments: I am playing with a 16x20 Babolat Pure Storm GT with 17g RIP Control strung at 54lbs instead of my usual 58lbs. Wow -- what a difference. More comfort, more power, more depth. Better serving especially the second serve. Longevity is sufficient due to the 16 x 20 pattern, but I would stick to 16g with anything less dense. I'm happy and committed to this string. Just bought 7 sets. 4.5 top-spin baseliner.
From: Blair, 9/13

Comments: I found this string to be the perfect way to dampen down the power of a frame with an open string pattern. RIP strings up like a poly and deadens the power enough to create good control without arm pain. I find that I can swing out more on my shots without the worry of launching the ball. Very unique string.
From: Mike, 2/13

Comments: This is the best multifilament string for me. I started using this string over four years ago after developing a nasty case of tennis elbow. I started with the 16g version, but for me the 17g has a crisper feel and I was able to get more action on the ball. The 16g version is difficult to break, but the 17g lasts long enough. It is not the softest multifilament, but according to some tennis sites it is softer than many other multifilament strings, and it is certainly softer then any poly string. I occasionally try other strings, even gut, but this string fulfills my personal needs on the tennis court. It has a unique feel (nice control and spin) and it is fairly cheap. Give it a try.
From: Dennis, 2/13

Comments: Great string but broke after 10 hours of play and I'm twelve!
From: Anon, 4/12

Comments: A great string that breaks if you look at it too hard. Seriously, I'm going through a set in under ten hours. That's two racquets a week. The guy who strings for me absolutely loves it. At this rate, I'll probably be putting his kids through college. I hit with some power and spin, not Rafa-like, more like Murray, and string at 53 lbs mains/48 lbs crosses. Nothing too extreme. I'd love to stay with this string though. It's a good one.
From: David, 12/11

Comments: I have switched around strings from time to time, but keep coming back to this one. Easy on the arm, good control, this is why I keep coming back, I also like the feel and it has the right amount of power for my game. I play 2 to 3 times per week.
From: Ken, 12/11

Comments: It's a fantastic string. You really feel the ball and generates lots of spin. However, it is not durable at all! It breaks every week. I have been using Rip Control for about a year but now I have to switch because I break a string almost every time I play.
From: Jesse. 11/11

Comments: I'm a 4.5 player who hits 3-4 times a week. I've tried about 15 different strings the last two years and Head Rip Control is the most playable string I've tried. It is easy on my elbow, has lots of control, and reasonable power. The main limitation is that it breaks within 10 hours of hitting and I'm not a big hitter. That means the initial low price isn't all that low in the long-run.
From: Doug, 9/11

Comments: Great string. Can't speak to durability as I am not a string-breaker, except to say that this is really an 18-gauge string and should probably be compared to other 18-gauge strings for that purpose. This string actually has a fair amount of pop for a control string. Power is about the same as 18-gauge Babolat Hurricane Pro but with much better feel. Spin potential is about the same or slightly better as well. String movement is an issue compared to poly for those who care about that. I don't, but it's not bad in any event and the strings are slippery enough to be put back in place easily. There is an initial tension drop after about the first hour, but the tension has settled in nicely since then. I have about 8 hours of match play on the strings, and notching and wear is minimal. Overall, a great value. Highly recommended in lieu of a poly setup since the comfort and feel are vastly superior with this string and spin and control are very close to that provided by a poly.
From: Patrick. 7/11

Comments: This string has a soft multicore inside a hard poly coating outside. This string is great, the best so far, it has lasted through many tough matches and many tough practice sessions and still going strong (over 2 months). This string is in Heads lineup of "Control Strings," no arm problems, the price of these strings is great, I use it in all 3 of my Head Prestige racquets and I rotate these racquets. Spin, durability, and control are all features of these strings. Lol
From: Randy, Sacramento, CA, USA, 12/10

Comments: I have used several different strings in the past, Babolat Hurricane, Wilson NXT, hybirds, and my favorite was Head Protector, which is discontinued now, until I tried the Rip Control 17. This by far is the best string I have ever hit with, and for the price I cannot go wrong. I have it in all my racquets now and have played some of the best tennis yet. Good control, power and most important is kind to my arm.
From: Patty 4.0 level Pro Kennex KI-20 Pse at 63 lbs, Denver, CO, USA, 8/10

Comments: I've switched to this from Tecnifibre X-1; a little easier on the wallet and so far, I'm pleased with the quality of play. After 3-4 hours of getting a sense for these (Team Pure Drive @ 60lbs) I get their popularity. Good access to spin on serves and drives, decent touch at net, and just enough edge off the power to keep play inside the lines. No thoughts on durability, but playing an all court game 3 times a week at a 5.0 level, I'm happy if strings last 3-4 weeks.
From: Roderick, Toronto, ON, Canada, 06/10

Comments: Great strings for the first week only. They don't last long. If you are a 4.0-5.0 player and you play a couple of times a week, you have to string every 2-3 weeks.
From: Justin, Miami, FL, USA. 06/10

Comments: I used HEAD Rip as a cross with a poly, and it played very nice for about a week. Then it broke. It was not a long lasting string at all. If you're big hitter, I wouldn't try, unless you want to restring it every week.
From: david. 5/10

Comments: Previously I used Poly/Multi (both 55lbs) at my PDGT, I started to have shoulder problem. And felt that this setup is too powerful (although I can have my big serve), and I can't have a full swing if i want to keep the ball in play. After strung RIP Control 17@59 lbs at my PDGT, I can hit as hard as I can now (with my full swing). If you are looking for low- power and control-oriented string, definitely you should give RIP a try.
From: Ric 02/10

Comments: Good control and less power. However, the downside is that this string is NOT DURABLE AT ALL. I broke this string in 2 weeks. I play M-F for 1-2 hours.
From: Andy, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 04/09

Comments: I tried almost every sting out there I can say this is very close to a Wilson NXT but 3x cheaper. Simply the best string and best price out there! Great feel, you can hit the ball as hard as you can and the ball will still sink in the baseline plenty of control and topspin overall 100 pts. This is my new string.
From: Head itour intelligence 98> @ 58 lbs
Ritchman, 3.5, monroe, North Carolina. 3/09

Comments: I bought this recently. I was so excited to use them and these strings look really cool, but durability is not great. I played with them for under 3 hours in total and they snapped when I did a flat serve. It was not a string job problem because it wasn't broken on the outside. Pretty disappointing on that part. Used it with a prince synth gut 18 gauge worked pretty good, but yeah overall I was pretty upset considering the strings were good for feel and spin, but durability is a no-no on this one. Usually it takes me a month to break a 17 gauge prince synth gut. I might just stick to a full 17 synth gut for my liquid Metal Radical or a Pro Hurricane/ synth gut hybrid
From: Eric, Los Angeles, California. 2/09

Comments: This string will definitely give you spin and control if that is what you are looking for. However, it was a little tough on my arm. Durability was not an issue, as I swung as hard as I could (and keep it in) for multiple hours. It never frayed at all. People always seem to be real concerned about string movement, but that was never an issue for me strung at 60 in a Head Microgel Radical Pro. Was great for a kick serve too. If you have a durable arm and want a nice control oriented and durable string, try this.
From: anon. 8/08

Comments: I recently had my MG Radical Pro strung with this string and it is great. It really provides control and spin as advertised. I have played about 4 hours with it and it seems to be holding out well. It is really good, better than prince synthetic gut and looks pretty cool as well.
From: Chip, GA, USA, 08/08

Comments: I have used just about every type of string out there. Prince synthetic gut, Luxilon Big Banger, Wilson NXT, and I have settled on Head Rip Control. I play with a lot of topspin and slice on the serve, and nothing gives me such a responsive feel on both shots. The durability is fine, but it is on the less durable side.
From: John, Princeton, New Jersey, USA. 4/08

Comments: I love this string, it is perfect; bites the ball, generating good spin, is comfortable on the arm, I use 16 for practice and 17 when playing sets, I recommend...I play 5.0 and strung at 57 lbs, and use Babolat pure control.
From: Walter, Brazil, 12/07

Comments: I strung my racquet at 55 lbs on my Tecnifibre TFight 315. I have my own machine so it isn't too expensive for a few matches. Man this string provides amazing feel. My net play in doubles is sharper and I feel like I have that much more control on my shots. The spin potential and power is a great combination. This is my new string of choice. I have used Wilson Sensation but this string is that much better feel for me.
From: Clayton, Markham, Ontario, Canada, 01/07

Comments: I have been playing tennis for about 3 1/2 years. I put this string in my Head Flexpoint Prestige Mid at 60 lbs. This string feels really soft and it offers a lot of spin even though a prestige midsize doesn't give out spin as much as other rackets. I put this string on the crosses and had Unique Big Hitters as the mains and it worked out wonderfully. The down part to the hybrid is that the RIP Control wears out and frays by the 3rd hour of playing for me. It's probably because I hit topspin like crazy.
From: Garry, Rosemead, CA, USA. 10/06

Comments: I've used several string.. I finally settled on the Head RIP Control 17. I use a Wilson HyperCarbon (maybe time for a new one). However I have no problem with this string when freshly strung. I string at 70lbs, I start to have problems about the 3rd or 4th time out. To maintain control I string weekly. I've found no string that will last longer than a week (for me).
From: Aaron, New Jersey 08/06

Comments: This is an awesome string, other than the fact it looks so good in my Liquidmetal rave b/c it's also black and silver. It feels great on my arm and I can put on much greater spin. I like the low power and more control stats of the string. I recommend the string to anyone at any level.
From: Malik U., Houston, Tx. U.S.A. 06/06

Comments: I am a 4.0 player who uses a lot of top spin in strokes. Normally this kind of string can only last a few hours for me. Now I use Big Banger Original 16 as main (53 lbs) and this string as cross (59 lbs). The combination works great for me - power, spin, comfort, you've got them all. And it will last "forever"!
From: Jason, San Jose, CA, USA 02/06

Comments: This string is awesome for players looking for less power on their racket. It allows a greater range in power from touch to rip.
From: Anonymous, 12/05

Comments: This string is low power, easy on the arm and great at spin production, which makes it a nice arm friendly alternative to poly. The only drawback is that it's not durable. I am only getting 3-15 hours from this string, and I am not a string breaker. In all other qualities it's the best string I ever come across.
From: Nik, NSW, Australia. 10/05

Comments: I've changed racquets quite a few times in my 6 years of playing, but always use RIP Control 17. Great spin, feel and durability. Plays soft and is not too powerful. A great control string. I strung this in a ProKennex Type C Mid @ 57lbs.
From: Bill, Alberta, Canada. 10/05

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