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Comments: I'm a 3.0 who likes to use a bit of spin. This string was comfortable and had quite a bit of energy return. After 1 month of use, the strings started to move around and eventually snapped. I don't recommend to people who like to hit with lots of spin.
From: Ian, 8/16

Comments: After trying several different strings, I continue to go back to these strings in any of my racquets, especially my new Wilson XP Ultra. I'm a 4.0 player and it is a crisp, all around great hitting string. Easy on my arm and elbow, comes in two different colors (gold or black) so you can mix it up. The ball pocketing feel I get is awesome and I can't go wrong on a great serve and volleys, etc. This string lasts a long time for me as well.
From: Patty, 7/16

Comments: No comment on playability, as I used this to string a friend's racquet. From a stringers perspective: this was the worst. I mean the absolute worst string I have ever used. I have used gut, syn gut, poly, multi, textured, and everything else. This constantly tangles and kinks. This will undoubtedly shorten the string's life. I will not use it again, ever. If you use a stringer service, fine, but tip your stringer.
From: Ned, 3/16

Comments: I don't like this string. At first I thought it was great, but after a couple of minutes I really started to feel it was muted and balls were sailing long. I don't find it durable at all. It is comfortable, but I like the pros of a poly better even as they hurt my arm sometimes.
From: Anonymous, 2/16

Comments: Coming from poly, this string will feel very soft and muted. Also, it has quite a bit of energy return compared to a poly -- it's easy to sail the ball long. I don't feel as connected to the ball with this string, and it doesn't grab the ball like poly for spin generation. All those "negatives" being said, it feels wonderfully comfortable. The strings don't move around nearly as much as a cheap synthetic gut. And spin generation, while not spectacular, is adequate to get the job done. This string is such a welcome relief to my arm that I'm thinking about working around the negatives. Strung 52- 55 lbs on a Graphene XT MP and S.
From: N8, 8/15

Comments: I am a 4.5 player and have used this string at 58 lbs for years and have enjoyed using it. I don't feel much tension loss over time and appreciate the control with it. I suggest reducing the tension a little if it bothers your arm at all.
From: Jay, 4/14

Comments: I am playing with a set of this string after using Babolat Revenge, Head Sonic Pro and Gamma Zo Magic. All polys, I know, so the comparisson is unfair, but I changed to prevent arm problems. The string moves a lot, and is showing signs of friction after some 5 hour of play. I enjoy the playability and the feel, I finish my game with my arms less sore than when playing with other polys (my spare racquet is still with Zo Magic).
From: Philipe, 8/13

Comments: I've been using this string for a few years for a lot of my friends. It's a nice cross for hybrids since it has a smooth coating on the outside of the multi-filaments so it lasts longer than normal multis.
From: Ken, 5/13

Comments: Head Rip Control is one of the most disappointing strings I've played with. I strung it at 60 lbs on a Dunlop aerogel 4d 300 16/19. Rip Control is acceptable for a few hours although it has no stand out features. However once it falls off the cliff after 3 or 4 hours its done - poor spin, poor control, fraying fibers. I put up with this string for about 20 hours by until I had had enough. But, this string did not give me any tennis elbow problems or discomfort.
From: Raj, 3/13

Comments: I must have got the same batch as the previous poster. After a couple of weeks playing with RIP Control, I have tennis elbow. I haven't had problems like that in over ten years playing with other strings like X1, NXT and Polyfibre.
From: Joel, 10/12

Comments: This is one of the worst strings I've used. I used this for an emergency stringing in my Juice Pro at 57 pounds in the mains with Luxilon in the crosses. If you are considering this string, think again. There's not much control, no feel at all, and no power. It just feels boring, mushy and dead. That's not even the worst part...I have never had any arm/elbow problems in my life, and like a few people I know who used this string I developed tennis elbow as soon as I started to use it. As far as durability goes, I have no idea because I cut it out of my racquet after 3 days. So if you are looking for a multifilament with gut like feel, try somthing softer with more control, power, spin, and feel like Wilson NXT or Technifibre X-one Biphase. They may be more expensive, but they are easier on the arm and no amount of money is worth your health.
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments:Good string for nagging tennis elbow. Durability is better than Wilson Sensation. I am a fairly hard hitter, getting 70-80 hours until strings break. It is good for topspin. I string it at 55 lbs on a Yonex RDIS 300.
From: Dale, 5/12

Comments: I have this strung on my Prince Hybrid 100 at 59 pounds and it is amazing. I can really pound the ball. The strings are good for top spin and slicing.
From: Andrew, 4/12

Comments: I like these strings on my Head YOUTEK Speed MP (18x20), but they are lasting me only 3 weeks. I am a hard hitter/big server, but will have to find something more durable.
From: Bill, 4/12

Comments: I have experienced great durability with the gold colored version of this string, but terrible durability with the black colored version. Not sure if there was just a bad run with the several sets of black strings that I purchased or what.
From: Mike, 4/12

Comments: I'm a 12 y/o kid who plays with this string in the crosses and rpm in the mains. I hit it with just enough topspin to keep it in the court. I broke this after about 9 hours of play on this string. BTW I play with a pure storm gt and rpm strung at 60 and this at 55lbs.
From: John, 3/12

Comments: I have been using this string in my Head Liquid Metal Radical MP, for about a year now and I absolutely love this string. I made the mistake of trying the 17 gauge first and that only lasted about 4 matches. The 16 gauge is a lot more durable and I hit with a lot of power and a TON of spin. If you are a player looking for some string that will absolutely peel the fuzz off the ball THIS IS IT. Semi western forehand and a one handed backhand and I can really create a lot of spin slice and top. On the serve these strings are devastating, kick serve is great, slice serve is completely NASTY, and flat serves literally POP off the racquet. Here's an example - my partner this weekend had turned around to watch the ball when it came back to my forehand, I crushed it down the line for a clean winner. He turned to me and said "I think that the ball exploded when you hit it".... Of course, it did not but his point was that at impact there was such a huge cloud of fuzz and dust from the ball that it looked like it exploded. The strings on that racquet are 4 MONTHS OLD, haven't used that frame until my other racquet (the same thing) the string popped.
From: Hugo, 2/12

Comments: So, after testing, I definitely like the combination of this string (RIP Control 16g) for the mains, and Dunlop Comfort Synthetic 16g for the crosses. It's a great hybrid, even better than a full bed of the RIP Control. Even less shock to the wrist, better pocketing, more power, and it feels like there's a larger sweet spot that is more forgiving on mishits. Durability is still good, and string movement for both is minimal.
From: Mike, 10/11

Comments: This is a really great string! It plays like a really comfortable, soft multifilament, but it has much better durability than others I have tried. It is very comfortable on the wrist and elbow, good pop, great ball pocketing, and good control. The smooth outer coating seems to increase durability and keeps the mains from moving. I have been experimenting with different strings all summer, looking for something that plays like Dunlop Comfort Synthetic 16g but that lasts longer, and this is the best that I have found so far in the under $12 choices. Although it may not feel quite as soft as Dunlop Comfort Synthetic, it is pretty close, and the durability and control are better. For my racquet and game, I have settled for now at stringing it at 56 lbs (mains and crosses) and the feel is exceptional. In my opinion, topspin is decent, but not exceptional, so I added some texture to the string bed using a small piece of 100 grit sandpaper. Wow, what a difference that made! Topspin is incredible now, great bite into the ball, and durability hasn't really been affected at all. The key is to sand the string bed very lightly, and only in one direction (from the head to the throat), just enough to create some scuff marks on the high points where the strings cross over. Don't over do it! After just a few light strokes you can see (and feel) the rougher texture on the high spots. Don't sand in the low spots because you want the area where the strings contact and rub to remain smooth and slick for durability and reduced string movement. As for stringing it, for me, stringing it was no more difficult than most strings. It does coil up and kink like a poly, so two-piece is definitely easier than one-piece stringing. Because it also feels stiff like a poly, and doesn't stretch much under tension, when I first started stringing it I thought that there was no way that this string would feel like a soft multi, but somehow it does. Now I have decided to hybrid it with crosses of Dunlop Comfort Synthetic 16g, and I will post results on feel and durability after I have tested and compared both for a while.
From: Mike, 10/11

Comments: This string went off so quickly. I am amazed how so many people rate it so good. This is the worst so far. I am a USTA level 4.0 player and rely more on Topspin. I do break often, but this one gave the least life.
From: Vijay, Greenville, SC, USA. 06/11

Comments: I tried these in a 100 sq inch Yonex at 60 or 61 lbs (I think). The strings felt super tight and almost unplayable for the first while. I actually set some books on top of the strings to help them loosen up faster. Once the tension had dropped, they played better. Comfortable on the arm and the strings did not move at all. But I felt a little disconnected when hitting the ball. Was not always sure what was going to come of my shot. Have moved back to Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex and am getting better feel from the stringbed.
From: Michael. 6/11

Comments:I've used this string for about 9 years. I use it in Head racquets: Ti Heat and Radical LM OS. On occasion I have also used Head Perfect Power 16 and Head FXP Power 17 strings. The other two strings are very good too but last only about 6 hours max. I have found the Rip Control 16 to have all the feel and power I need. The durability has been unmatched by any other string I have ever used in 32 years of playing. I have also been stringing my own racquets for these past 32 years. My skill level is a 6.0 and my style of play is very aggressive.
From: Sergei, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, 02/11

Comments: Very good durability for a cheap nylon string, got almost 12 matches out of it before a main snapped. First thing I noticed was the outstanding control this string delivers. I really got a good feel for the depth and angle of the ball. No surprises here. String also has great tension maintenance and okay spin. The downside is that the string felt a bit stiff, so I find it strange to see all the posts talking about how soft and arm friendly this string is. I admit the string gives, but it's still got a stiff feel. Solved that by stringing with a softer main (Wilson NXT) and now I feel I got it all. For the money this blows away all the cheap synthetic guts like prince synthetic gut and Wilson extreme. And I have played a lot of string including natural gut and the overall quality of this string is very comparable to the best of them.
From: Nate, Dallas, TX, USA, 12/10

Comments: I switched from hybrid setup on Head LM Radical MP and it has really made a difference with comfort and touch on the ball! It lasts about 4 weeks (playing 3 times per week). But that is about the same time as hybrid setup. Not the easiest to string (bit wiry), but the results are worth it.
From: Bill, FL, USA, 02/10

Comments: In my opinion one of the top 10 best strings on the market. Gets good marks everywhere. Lowered powered so try string it low. I was shocked that I could drop it a lot less than my regular Gosen 16 setup or Yonex 850.
From: LK. 12/09

Comments: This string enabled me to play tennis again. After four plus years of using several different poly strings I developed a nasty case of tennis elbow. I've used this string for the past eight sessions and it still hasn't broke, which was the reason I went to poly string. It's not a very powerful string, but this enabled me to string at a lower tension. This sting holds tension well and it doesn't move as much as many synthetic strings. The elbow is still not perfect, but I can play twice a week. After four months of tennis elbow life is good again. Please keep making this string.
From: Dennis P., Houston, TX. 11/09

Comments: Great string, arm and elbow friendly..Strung on Head LM4 / 57lbs
From: Yoon, Atlanta, GA. 10/09

Comments: This string is awesome! Comfortable to the arm and great for control while very precise with hit fast topspin shots. Excellent string with great durability. Definitely a must try.
From: Anthony, Birmingham, MI, USA. 9/09

Comments: This string is good for top spin and control. I have much better feel on drop shots while generating good power on serves. I use it on my Head Flexpoint Prestige Mid at 61 lbs. Very good product.
From: Jody Hastings, PA, USA. 08/09

Comments: Excellent string, put these in my Dunlop Aero 500 tour, saw the difference immediately, great power and buckets of topspin as well as being kind to my elbow. Strung at 59lbs these babies play like an arm friendly soft poly; highly recommended for this racket at any rate.
From: Ian, London, England, 07/09

Comments: I've played with this string maybe twice in my life. I say the life expectancy is around 2 days for big servers and big forehands. I'm quite disappointed because I strung it at 64 on my Dunlop m-fil 400 and it broke within 3 month. Good side though, it does have good topspin and power is enough to bounce the ball back with no depth xD. It isn't a good friend to the elbow though.
From: John, Revere, MA, USA. 05/09

Comments: I thought I'd experiment and try these strings out after reading the reviews. Wow! I loved them. Nice control, great power but w/o the "BOOM." And after playing a few hours on the weekend, my arm wasn't feeling it at all. These are nice. Plus I tried the black ones which are really black/white, and they look good. They're a total winner.
From: RonaldR, Chicago, IL. 3/09

Comments: Great string for any racket except stiffer rackets such as the Wilson K Six One Tour 90 because that is a stiff racket and the control from these strings feel good, but do not get a lot of power, when I had my Wilson K Zen, these were perfect!
From: Mack, Chicago, Illinois, USA. 1/09

Comments:It's alright. After two days they turned very flaky and soon broke through. It's full of cotton fibers, which makes it kind of stringy and soft, but whatever. I recommend these strings to a big server and someone who likes soft playing.
From: Evan, East Meadow, New York, USA. 12/08

Comments: I switched from a poly hybrid user for last 2 years to this string a few months ago. I thought it was time to switch back to a multifilament for comfort purposes. The extra power I am getting with an easier swing was a nice surprise. It took a little getting used to, but have been able to hit deeper and with more penetration into the court. Winners are way up with this string. Highly recommended, especially for the price.
From: Blair, San Diego, CA, USA, 08/08

Comments: Way too springy after a few days in an open pattern. I've used it in an 18x20 pattern before and it was better. Now that I'm using the open pattern regularly, I'm switching to a Luxilon poly or Pro Hurricane Tour.
From: Anon. 8/08

Comments: I hated these strings because after 3 hours of play they turned dead and mushy. It took me 8 days to pop these strings. They were not the least bit durable. I do hit the ball pretty hard and I do put a good bit of topspin on the ball too. I am around 14 years of age too.
From: Alex, Mississippi, USA. 7/08

Comments: This is the best string ever! I can't afford a full natural gut so I decided to try this string out. I was happy that my money was well spent. I put it on my PDR+ at 59lbs and the control was great. The one thing that impressed me most is the resistant to string movement and its tension maintenance. Try it!
From: Eric, Jakarta, Indonesia. 7/08

Comments: This is the 2nd time I bought this strings mainly because of the topspin it creates and its durability. I have it at 57/58 lbs. I haven't tried other topspin strings yet other than the Wilson ones, but I prefer these over sensation... still have to try prince topspin.
From: Miguel, Toronto, ON, Canada, 06/08

Comments: String holds tension well. It's on my Flex Radical at 54, and I get great ball placement and pop when necessary. I highly recommend it. However, it seems to lose quite a bit of its spin potential after awhile. I've had the same stringbed for about 4 weeks, and I think that's what the problem is.
From: Anon. 12/07 I have a small stringing business and I use a lot of Head Rip control, it is one of the best strings for the average player. It holds it tension well and the durability is very good. I have strung a number of different types racquets at different tensions, and it seems to work well for most players. It has good spin potential because of the design. The power will come from ability, and tension.

From: Paul, Surprise, AZ, USA, 12/07

Comments: I strung this on my Metallix 2 and saw the difference immediately. I had much better spin, placement, and my elbow pain went away instantly! Love the string, I'm not using anything else! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
From: Alex, Spring, TX, USA, 10/07

Comments: This string has great feel and great touch. It's soft and very arm friendly and would be a great match for anyone with arm problems or just anyone looking for comfort in a racket. I would say its durability is good for a multifilament and it has a soft, quiet and dampened feel (in my racket at least) and I don't even use a dampener/shock absorber. My racket was the Wilson Pro Staff Tour 90, strung with Head Rip Control at 57 lbs during the time I used this string.
From: Robert Ho, Sydney, NSW, Australia 08/06

Comments: I have been using Head RIP Control in my racquets for about 6 months and it is a great string. It is very durable, provides good spin and feel while at a very affordable price. I use a Babolat Pure Control and I string my racquet at 53. I hit with a lot of spin but usually flatten out my backhand, and these strings fit both sides of my game. I recommend it to anyone looking for a durable, affordable, quality string.
From: Marc, New Jersey, USA. 11/05

Comments: This is usually the default string for the older Twintube/Ti. racquets, and I believe that this is a phenomenal string. I haven't tried the newer strings, but this string lasts much longer than your typical multifilament, and the average synthetic gut. But, it has very good feel, and good spin potential. I find this, coupled with at least the Ti. Radical series of racquets, very potent. I use a Head Premier Tour (predecessor to the Radical Tour and Radicals, back in the day) and this racquet/ string combo is perfection. I'm not sure how it fares on other racquets, but from my experience, this string is awesome with any other Head racquet. I'm a high School Doubles/Singles player and string this @ 59lbs in my Premier Tour 90.
From: Alex, Seattle, WA, USA. 10/05

Comments: Strung on a Prince Precision Michael Chang LB OS. Excellent topspin ability and great control - grips the ball so well that felt is ripped off and becomes a mist of felt during hard hitting. Power is adequate. Durability - so far I've played 6 hrs and it hasn't broke. Tension loss - haven't noticed any big loss so far. This is now one of my favorite strings. I used to always get 17 gauge but this 16 gauge outplays them all. The only thing that worries me right now is that the string is fraying now.
From:Charles, Seattle, Washington, USA.

Comments: I just strung my Head Liquid Metal Radical MP Tour with this string. It's great! Gives me excellent control and placement. Jeez, it sent my opponent flying across from side to side on the courts! It offers good control and coupled with an absolutely splendid racquet like the LM Radical, it really helps! The Tour is VERY good, offers more control AND more power. This string really enhances the racquet!
From: Matthew, Hong Kong. 10/04

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