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Comments: Really good string -- plays close to a polyester but is more powerful. Good durability. I am a 5.0 player and have tried hundreds of strings before, I strongly recommend it in a hybrid.
From: Fernando, 4/14

Comments: This string has great feel. It has nice pop with flashy colors. It is a good price. A bit hard to string with but worth the extra effort.
From: Steve, 5/12

Comments: Just tried even lower tension then my usual 58 lb and this time I went much lower all the way to 50 lb. I heard that poly still plays good at lower tensions so I had to try! Results: 100% success!! I have not take out frame with my old tension out of the bag since I started to play with 50 lb one. Control and spin stayed pretty much the same. The only difference would be in even more comfort and a bit more power. The thing about the power is that if you miss the ball a bit due to the fast swing that I use, then the ball goes straight to the back wall, but that has nothing to do with the additional power, but my poor execution in that moment! Overall, very happy with new tension and I will even try to go 5 lb lower just to see how far I can go with this and still get amazing spin and pretty heavy ball!
From: Fedja, Reading, MA, USA, 11/10
Frame: Redondo Mid
NTRP: 4.0

Comments: I do not like this string. It is one of the worst I've ever hit with! NO control, way too powerful, mediocre spin at best, tension loss is disastrous, and it is a pain in the butt to string with. Not to mention both colors are eye sores. One positive is that they didn't move, but overall pretty bad string.
From: Corton, Ocala, FL, US 02/10

Comments: Several sets later, I still like the string a lot! I had to do a small adjustment by dropping the tension down to the 58 lb, which I can't explain in any way other than the last batch of strings I got was a bit stiffer. Now playing at 58 is back to my old nice feel! Great control and humongous amount of spin! The amazing thing is that my Redondo Mid with 18x20 creates a bit more spin then K90 (poly/multi hybrid) and balls jump just that much more to be noticeable! Since dropping 3 lb didn't cause any negative effects, I might try it even couple of pounds lower and then compare it with the original setup. The great thing is that (since I like dead feeling which allows me to go crazy at the balls) even after a month, the string still feels good and has no signs of need for replacement! So far I have always used green version and even though I believe they are both the same, I don't know how the other one would play.
From: Fedja, Reading, MA, USA. 10/09
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: After talking to Anton (post below) I tried the same thing on my Redondo Mid at 61 and it is pretty darn nice!! My original string before was TNT2 at 63 or 64 (holds tension a bit longer) and this one trumps it hand down!! You get similar control, but more power and way more spin, which is great for 18x20 pattern. For the first set or so it is a bit stiff, but then it is just a joy to play with. My arm is not the greatest health wise and this one is holding up pretty well (Redondo helps too :)). I am pretty happy with it that I might even try it on my K90 that I am trying to figure out.
From: Fedja, Reading, MA, US
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: My favorite string out of so very many I've tried - it really combines the best traits of synthetic gut and polyester strings - with almost no drawbacks of either. Very durable, doesn't move around, inexpensive, retains tension very well, very comfortable yet still has that crispy edge to it that's needed for good feedback (something that's missing in most of polys). String just 1-2 lb lower then synthetic gut - it looks stiff on a reel but is actually much softer on a racket. I use it on my PK Redondo 93 at 61 lbs.
From: Anton, NYC, NY, USA, 04/08

Comments: The RAB Monoflex 16 is a great string for the heavy hitters. Sensor Flex is better for the finesse player, but still is great for power play and durability.
From: Russell, Tavistock, Devon. UK 4/02

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