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Comments: I've been wearing the Prince Scream QT Low tennis shoes for longer than I can remember. I am very sorry to hear that this shoe is going to be discontinued. I'm sure I'm not the only one. From the reviews and feedback I have read a lot of your customers will be disappointed and moving on to Adidas and Nike products. As will I. Good bye Prince!
From: Kenny, 4/13

Comments: Prince, please do not discontinue this shoe, ever! I have worn them for at least 8 years. Sturdy support, comfortable cushioning, light weight and good traction. Sole life has not been any more of a problem than with other shoes I've tried, mainly because other shoes' cushioning and support give out even if the soles haven't worn out. One improvement I would make is to drill through all the ventilation holes to open them up before wearing to increase air circulation. Perfect shoe for me.
From: Earl, St. Louis, MO, USA. 5/11

Comments: Love this shoe. On my 5th pair probably. They are comfortable out of the box, supportive, and I don't ever suffer the knee and ankle injuries I did with other shoes. I even walked 20 miles in these shoes to propose to my wife! Really, I have no idea where I would turn to were they to discontinue this model.
From: JP, Tampa, FL, USA, 01/11

Comments: Bought several pairs of the Scream 3 and was not able to use them (I have given 2 pairs away and still have another 2, new, to throw away!) I love the QT Low, it is the most comfortable tennis shoe I ever worn--I am very happy to see TW is carrying them again--thanks. PS I do not mind their short useful, tennis-wise, life if that is the price to pay for outstanding comfort.
From: Luciano, Greensboro, NC, USA 10/09

Comments: I have tried a number of tennis shoes in the past. The QT Scream help me to move quickly on the court. I enjoy the comfort of the shoe. They do tend to wear out within a year. This is my fifth or sixth pair. I am glad Tennis Warehouse continues to supply this shoe.
From: Harold, East Lyme, CT, USA. 1/08

Comments: I just got my umpteenth pair of these shoes and thought I should say how much I love them. Because of the below average durability I have tried other shoes, but every other shoe I've tried quickly hurts my knees and/or the bottoms of my feet. I might have to give up singles if it weren't for these shoes! Thank you Prince and Tennis Warehouse for continuing to sell these old favorites. I'd rather the shoes wear out than my joints.
From: Dan, Colorado Springs, CO, USA, 06/07

Comments: I play up to 5 times a week; sometimes 2.5 hours non stop and I recommend these shoes to any type of player. Major weakness: sole durability, which is forgiven for hours of comfortable playing.
From: Harry, Richmond, BC, Canada, 01/07

Comments: I am a 4.5 player that plays 3 times per week. I switched from this shoe 2 years ago because it had no durability. The sole wears out in 6-7 months. Which is just long enough so that you can not return them. I switched to the New Balance 650, and I started to notice severe hip pain. I did not immediately attribute it to the New Balance, until after 7 months, when I switched back to the Prince and the pain went away. The sole on the New Balance, looks the same way it did when I bought them, but it was not worth the pain. These Prince shoes WILL wear out, but they also absorb the impact of a lot of play.
From: Jason, Indianapolis, IN 06/06

Comments: Nice comfort and feel, but poor durability - bottom toe wore a hole without much play.
From: Brent, Houston, TX, USA. 9/05

Comments: This shoe offers excellent stability for a low cut, light weight tennis shoe. They are comfortable from day one. The downside is the durability, or rather lack of. This has not been a show stopper for me, as I am prepared to purchase my sixth pair. For what good is a shoe that lasts forever that is uncomfortable to where you wish that it would wear out. Been there too!
From: Sam City, State, Country: Rock Springs, WY, USA

Comments: I recently bought a pair after reading so many good reviews in this section. After I played with them, I noticed a pinch on my toes from the leather of the shoe's every time when I try to stand on my toes. It has some something to do with the way the shoe is constructed at the front and really uncomfortable.
From: Jamie, Montreal, Canada. 10/04

Comments: This shoe is amazing. They are super-light and very, very comfortable. I play tennis only 2 hours a week. They help my game a lot. Switching direction is very easy and no strain on your feet. Right now my shoes show no signs of wear. I would recommend these shoes highly.
From: Anonymous, CA, USA. 8/04

Comments: This is the most comfortable tennis shoe I've ever worn. I have knee problems and the impact absorption of the Scream has made a big difference. I was a little concerned about the durability given some of the comments, but I have found that mine wear as well as any shoe I've ever owned, and better than most. Plus, the cushioning continues to be great, even after months of wear.
From: Earl, Kirkwood, MO, USA. 4/04

Comments: The shoe feels good for as long as they last, which sadly is only a couple of months - especially sad because Prince is known for durability.
From: Andre, Houston, TX, USA. 4/04

Comments: These shoes look cool, but the soles of the shoe wear through very fast. I have had these shoes for 4 weeks, and I have already ran through the bottoms of them. Other than that they are comfortable and light.
From: Mitch, Rochester, NY, USA. 1/04

Comments: I am a 4.0 player who plays 2-3 times a week. I am ordering my 4th pair of these shoes. I can't imagine playing in anything else. There is virtually no break-in period. In fact my favorite time with them is the first month or so. I could run anything down. I agree that it is not the most durable tennis shoe, but then again I'm a foot dragger. Even when it does lose its durability, it's support around the uppers never leaves. I'm into comfort, and I'll gladly buy 2 or 3 pair a year for what this shoe delivers. It's also a good shoe for those of us who play on both clay and hard courts, and don't want to have shoes for each.
From: Paul, Austin, TX, USA. 1/04

Comments: I am a 4.5 player, and I play 2-3 times a week. I love the Prince Scream low, but the durability really stinks. I found separation between the sole and the leather upper on both toes. I really wish they lasted longer or cost less, because they are a great shoe.
From: Jason, Salt Lake City, UT, USA. 11/03

Comments: I wear mine for playing squash and have found the comfort outstanding. I have a large and wide foot (size 12) and I weigh about 240lbs. I have found that the toe area wears and sole starts to separate from the upper all the while the sole of the shoe looks nearly brand new. Also, the cushioning will not last as long as the sole in my case, but again that may be a function of being the size and weight of a refrigerator. All in all, it was a very comfortable shoe for me. Despite marginal durability, I plan on sticking with Prince shoes.
From: Joe, San Francisco, CA, USA. 9/03

Comments: This shoe is comfortable but not durable. I have had them for two months and both toe areas are nearly worn out. I play approximately 5 hours a week.
From: Ken Chatosky, Vancouver, BC. Canada 1/03

Comments: I am a junior player and I play for about two hours three times a week. These are great shoes. They are very comfortable. They exemplify traits of good traction and support. But, I have some dislikes. These shoes have very bad durability. I have had them for three months now and have worn holes in both the toes. When I lace them up tight it feels like there is a small rock inside of the tongue and it digs into my foot this is very uncomfortable. Also, after playing my left heel hurts very badly.
From: Ed, Seattle, WA. USA 10/02

Comments: The Prince Men's QT Scream Low is the best shoe that I have ever worn for tennis. My foot feels like it is wearing a glove because of the lacing system. I have 4 pairs, soon to be 10.
From: Micah, Pittsburgh, PA. USA 8/02

Comments: Prince Men's QT Scream Low White/Navy is great for comfort and for tennis! I have always had feet problems and these are some of the most comfortable shoes I have had on! These shoes give maximum support. The first day I purchased them I had problems but then it started to be more comfortable. I highly recommend these shoes! They deserve five stars! A+
From: Dave, Columbus, IN. USA 6/02

Comments: The Prince Men's QT Scream Low are heavier but stronger than the old QT shoes. There seems to be more cushioning. They are also higher off the ground. Following the QT tradition, the shoes are comfortable right out of the box.
From: Kevin, Laguna Niguel, California. USA 4/02

Comments: This shoe is nothing like the previous QuicTrak TI. Whereas the discontinued QT TI was comfortable out of the box, flexible, and really light on the feet, this newer version is stiff and somewhat clunky. It actually feels more like the Wilson ProStaff shoes. I have been wearing mine for about 2 months now, playing 2-3 times a week, and it still feels stiff even though I've already started wearing down the toe section. I was very disappointed. Hopefully, the next generation QT shoes will go back to the Prince tradition of offering shoes that are comfortable out of the box and light.
From: Ray, Los Altos, CA. USA 2/02

Comments: This is actually a very sedate and nice-looking shoe for something with a name like "Scream". I have wide feet and there was no break-in period required at all for this shoe. The padding and comfort level on this shoe are great. I have high arches, and as usual for Prince shoes, could use more arch support. I used to wear the Precision 2000. The biggest switch in the Scream compared to the old Quicktrack Ti is the change in the rubber sole - going from the not-too-durable Bridgestone rubber to the very durable Infinity rubber used on the Precision 2000. I'm hoping that this shoe will last as long as my Precision 2000's.
From: GP, CA. USA 5/01

Comments: I purchased a pair of QT Scream low's about two weeks ago. I find them to be superior to the old Prince 1.0 low shoes. The old Quiktracs seemed to offer little lateral support and they lacked durability. They were comfortable and good-looking shoes, but made me miss the NFS shoes I used previously (Aerometrics) and afterward (Aerotype). The NFS shoes have been perfect except for their weight. The screams seem to offer the best of both shoes. They have the lateral support of the NFS shoes and the lightness of the old Quiktracs. They also appear to me made with more durable materials and I have no concern that they will wear out quickly.

I like to run every ball down and the lightness as well as the stability of the QT Scream is turning out to be an excellent combination. I miss the feel of the 5/8 height of the NFS shoes, but the Screams are so stable, I don't think I'll need the extra ankle support. The QT Scream shoes have appealed to me for another reason, they seem to run a little narrower than the NFS shoes. I have a narrow width foot and whereas most tennis shoes run a little to wide for me, the quicktrac family fits a little better. I have also found that the quicktrac shoes run shorter than the NFS shoes. I wear an 11.5 in NFS and 12 in quicktrac.
From: Randy, Asheville, NC. USA 3/01

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