Pacific XTR Overgrip 3-Pack (Orange) Customer feedback

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Comments: Updating my recent comments, I have now play tested what I believe to be the best grips designed for sweaty hands/humid conditions (except the Dunlop products). I rate Pacific xTR no 1, it does about as good a job as Tourna but is far more durable and feels good in the hand. Number 2 is Volkl V Dry, very nice grip, feels very good in the hand but begun to slip in my hand slightly during tournament play after two sets. Number 3 goes to Solinco Heaven, good grip but will start slipping when its absorbed a fair amount of sweat. Lastly at Number 4 is Tourna original, still good but the way it deteriorates is not great, like the Volkl and Solinco I end up getting a few hours play out of it then need to put a fresh grip on. So, it looks like I will stick with the xTR, it gets the job done, feels ok, responds well to being towelled off and comes in a 30 pack.
From: Mike, 2/16

Comments: I get sweaty hands and have used Tourna original for decades but a few years ago decided that there must be another option to the not so durable Tourna. I have tried all the usual products including Super Grap, Wilson Pro, Solinco Heaven, and Tecnifibre Pro. I thought I had found the answer with the Solinco, however in the heavy humid conditions that I play in, this grip reaches a point where it can no longer absorb and starts to slip. The Pacific is a reasonable alternative to Tourna in my opinion as it is almost as absorbent and lasts. Also, it responds well to being towelled off where as Tourna does not. However, I have just ordered some Volkl V dry and some Pacific X tac Dry pro, probably the only other options for the sort of grip I like. After trying these last two grips I will write a final review as to which grip I favor.
From: Mike, 2/16

Comments: Definitely not the replacement for Tourna original. Tourna is fabric based, and this one is polyurethane based. Absorption of watery sweat is ok, but not the "oil from sweating." Many people mentioned it's very tacky like sandpaper. It's not like sandpaper, it's just a regular polyurethane grip with some "climbing chalk" on top. Once those chalk gone, the grip would just perform like any typical grip.
From: Anonymous, 12/15

Comments: I completely agree with the reviewer who said that it feels like it's sucking the moisture out of your hands. I'm a heavy sweater, so for me that's a great thing. With this grip, my hands still feel dry at the end of a match even though every other part of me looks like I was thrown in a swimming pool. I've tried about 7 or 8 different grips (including Wilson Pro, Babolat VS, Gamma Supreme, Supergrap and Tournagrip XXL) and this one is the best for me. Stays dry and doesn't slip. Has the performance level of Tournagrip, but lasts about three or four times as long. I do wish it was about 1 1/2" longer. I use a size 5 grip and xTR is just barely long enough but only if I wrap it exactly perfectly. If I exceed a max of 1/8" overlap on any of the turns, I have to totally unwrap it and start again. In a perfect world, it would come in different colors, too. But given that it's the only grip I've ever tried that does what I want it to do, those small flaws are relatively easy. for me to overlook.
From: Dan, 12/14

Comments: This grip is just the best. Here's the best way I can describe how absorbent this grip is: if anyone has ever done woodworking (stick with me here), you're familiar with the way your hands feel dried out after handling raw boards...the raw wood sucks the moisture out of your hands, and you feel the need to apply some hand lotion. After holding a racquet with a Pacific XTR grip for about a minute -- not playing tennis, just holding it in your hand -- that's how your hand feels: like it has sucked the moisture right out of your skin, and like you could use some hand lotion. To be clear, this is a very good thing when it comes to sweat because this grip sucks the moisture right up. It's the only grip I'll use. The fact that they're reasonably priced, and that they last and last, is just the icing on the cake.
From: JohnsonNavinR, 8/14

Comments: Best overgrip that I have found. But the problem is the avaibility of it in black. It is hard to find. I don't like the orange or white.
From: Roger, 8/13

Comments: Great overgrip. It's my favorite one to use. However, I use Tournagrip when I run out. I wish this grip would come in a 15-30 pack reel because I run through them at least once or twice a week (which is actually good for me compared to other grips) But this grip has a nice, dry feel with good sweat absorption that makes it a lot easier for me to play with my sweaty palms.
From: James, 09/10

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