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Pacific X Tack Pro Overgrip (12 Pack) Customer feedback

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Comments: This grip is extremely stiff and lacks tack and isn't very absorbent either. They get dirty fairly quick and the durability is just average. Honestly, nothing stood out for me. Also, the orange color version is much brighter than the picture indicates, so be aware of that. I'd say this is one of the poorer grips that I've used.
From: Brian, 12/13

Comments: I like this one, but Pacific Le Original is better for me. I use leather under and I have to say Le grip is thinner and absorbs more than Xtack. But if you looking for more cushion and feel, then go for Xtack Pro.
From: Jan, 11/13

Comments: It's too bad they don't carry the blue. It's great, it has this perfect rubbery feel, not super tacky, but tactile. I do like Yonex and Gamma supreme as well. However, I didn't like the orange! After one use it gets downright slippery! I was very disappointed! I can't speak for the white, and I'm hesitant to try it. I would buy the blue if they still had it.
From: Mike, 9/12

Comments: This is not a great grip when sweating. First time ever that I have had a racquet slip out of my hand while serving and this has happened twice in one month since I started using these. Two cracked racquets later, I will no longer be using this grip.
From: Manoj, 9/11

Comments: This is an improved version of X Tac. This is the best overgrip for my very dry hand. It's very tacky, durable and lasts long enough without changing any of the initial characteristics. The only overgrip close to it is Head XtremeSoft overgrip, but X Tac Pro is little bit more comfortable.
From: Tony, Sofia, Bulgaria. 12/10

Comments: Great overgrip! I have went on a hunt of a variety, (Wilson pro overgrip, Prince durapro, gamma supreme, and finally this pacific x tack pro. It's been a long time since I tried them all, but I deemed at the time Pacific to be the best out of those bunch based on durability, price, and comfort. In summary, best bang for the buck. Wilson runs out way to quick and is the priciest of the bunch reserved for the more fortunate rich and pros who get box loads of them. Gamma was good as well I believe.
From: Kevin, CA, USA, 12/10

Comments: Very good for my sweaty hands. I have previously tried a Dunlop Roland Garros and Babolat and I found the Pacific far more absorbent and tacky and it lasts for longer. As it wears out, doesn't break off so easily than others Ive tried before. The best I've tried so far.
From: Pablo, Madrid, Spain. 8/10

Comments: The Pacific X tacky isn't a good over grip for humid area as in Atlanta. It is a good over grip for winter; lasts a lot longer, but otherwise it will last probably 2 hours and will slip out of your hands. Yonex Super Grap is far better.
From: Marcus, Atlanta, GA, USA. 07/10

Comments: This is one of my favorite overgrips. I have used Prince DuraPro +, Wilson Pro overgrip, Gamma Supreme, and yet this, a more unpopular brand stumped all 3 in my opinion. I say this because this grip trumps in price and quality. The Price of this is fair and I'll explain why. When starting off putting this on this overgrip has a beginning starting sticky tape. Useful as Gamma Supreme doesn't have it. But what really gets the cake is, the adhesive side that sticks too the racquet is very sticky. This allowed me to comfortably put on the overgrip with ease, as I usually have to redo putting on an overgrip to prevent air bubbles.
The Quality of these over grips is magnificent. This screams high quality; its tape length is very comfortable.
I would definitely recommend this for a go, I've searched online and as the 3 I've named above were highly favored along with this, I've personally tested all 4 and I trump this too be the best. Durability, I still have yet to see so I can't comment on it. Give it a shot and you won't be disappointed don't be afraid of the brand's unfamiliarity! The one and only thing that would I would deduct 0.01 points off this would be, as you wrap it around the word Pacific is shown once on orange, and noticeable on the weight that I bought. Not a big deal, it's very near the bottom so your hand covers it anyways and not like it matters.
From: Kevin, CA, USA, 07/10

Comments: Not so good of a grip. It feels rough and gives me blisters. I think that they need to rethink this grip. My hand feels as rough as a pineapple due to this grip. Actually, the grip feels fine for three to four uses, but then it starts ripping and getting rougher and rougher and rougher. However, if you just want a cheap grip that is cheap to buy and you can switch it every five to three to six to four days. I mean I can't afford this.
From: Roberto Menchanga, Philadelphia, PA 02/10

Comments: Great grip. Absorbent,tacky, flexible, and not too thick. Like most brands, the feel varies slightly by color (which may be why the blue is perpetually out of stock), but a worthwhile overgrip and a competitor to the Yonex SuperGrap.
From: Rob, Northport, NY, USA 12/09

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