Prince EXO3 Rebel Team 95 Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: Why did they discontinue this frame??? I came from the Wilson 6.0 85/95 era of racquets, and the Rebel EXO3 95 is the closest to feeling the same. I've tried the six.ones, tour diablo, new donnays, dunlop 200s, redondo, black ace...none of them came close. If you like the classic feel of the 6.0 line, with a touch more pace and comfort (sacrificing a little control), this is the racquet!
From: MA, 3/12

Comments: OK just for a warning for others looking to buy this racquet. If you have arm problems I wouldn't recommend it. I got this racket from my local shop and was excited to play with it, I took it to the courts and rallied with some friends it hit pretty well except for the ping noise on every shot but this was easily fixed by a V. Dampener. I dont think I could have gotten such an awesome racket with the perfect blend of power and control at such a good price. Everything about my baseline game became better. Serves faster with more control. Volleys are okay but I only go to the net for big smashes and drop shots so not too big of a problem I'd give this racket a 8.75/10.
From: Kalino, 3/12

Comments: This racquet is the best racquet I've played with. The first hour I played with it, I was hitting out. After the second hour, my shots were really consistent. The weight is perfect and I still can hit really fast winners. This racquet also has amazing control and I can place the ball anywhere. I strongly recommend to people who wanna improve their game like I did.
From: Nick, 11/11
String type and tension: Luxilon ALU Big Banger Ice, 56 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This racquet is amazing. I used to think I would never hit with anything except Dunlop, but I guess I should have switched sooner because this racquet offers great control and I'm a heavy server and the control equalizes my serve. I recommend this racquet to any one that really wants the control to win.
From: Daniel, 10/11
String type and tension: Tecnifibre Pro Red Code at 58 lbs, Tecnifibre Black Code at 60 lbs
NTRP Rating: 3.5-4.0

Comments: This is way better than the Pure Storm I used to play with. It has perfect control, great touch and has power when you need it. I highly reccommend to anyone who has fast, full strokes and craves control.
From: Kameron. 08/11
String type and tension: Gamma Zo Tour, 60 lbs

Comments: Because the weight of the racquet is mostly in the frame and not the handle it swings and feels like an 11.2/3 ounce racquet so don't let the 10.7 scare you because it is not as light as it looks.
From: John, 8/11
String type and tension: Babolat RMP blast and 55 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Wow! This racquet is amazing. It gives you great power and it is good at the net. If you hit the ball hard, this racquet will give you very good control. I give it 10 out of 10. Good job Prince!
From: Anon. 4/11

Comments: Good racquet, great spin, stringing is a pain in the neck! Nice feel touch and pretty good power but poorly made! I've broken way too many frames; I have now switched to the Dunlop biomimetic 200, which destroys this racquet when it comes to performance, I would check out the biomimetic line. Dunlop has really made a great stick that gives you the feel like that of this racquet and other Prince frames but with the reliability of a frame that will not crack and break all the time! I repeat Prince is not a racquet for heavy hitters unless you want to go broke wasting you're money on racquets every couples weeks/month.
From: Nick, Mokena, IL, USA, 03/11
String type and tension: Prince EXP poly 58lbs, Gamma Zo sweet 60lbs
Headsize: 95

Comments:Great racket, good control and in my opinion excellent power, especially with the forehand!
From: Anon, 02/11

Comments: I have been playing for two to three hours daily with this stick, and immediately found it to be very touchy, and have great handling. I like playing the net, especially after a good hard serve, where I find the racquet EXCELLENT! If you like playing in the style of the Great Pete Sampras, this is the racquet for you. GREAT for hitting hard all over the court but especially at the NET.
From: David, Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico, 01/11
String type and tension: 55
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Great racquet. This thing surprised me with it's spin friendliness (though I do generally put tons of spin on the ball) and maneuverability. This racquet was very controllable, and I could place any shot where I wanted it. I found the Rebel 95 too heavy for my tastes, and did not like the Graphite 93, and the Ignites were too powerful for me. This is the perfect racquet for me, I can swing away and not over-hit.
From: Anon. 10/10

Comments: I may not be the best Tennis player (trying to get on Varsity for Spring season at my HS), and though this racquet is recommended for 4.0+ players, I loved using this compared to my O3 Silver OS. I hit long and fast swings, so I was recommended by the seller to try this racquet and the Head YouTek Speed Elite, and I have to say that the Prince Rebel Team 95 was MUCH better than the Elite. I liked this one because it was heavier (Elite was too light for my taste) and I was a lot more consistent when hitting shots from the baseline getting them low and with plenty of topspin. Some people complain about this racquet being unsatisfactory at net play, but I disagree, I was hitting my volleys fine (nothing really notable, though). My forehands were probably the most improved of my shots from Demoing this, backhands (I use a 1-handed) were also more impressive and accurate, volleys were satisfactory; all in all it made me into a consistent player, which I haven't been much of until now. This was DEFINITELY better than my O3 OS (especially since OS is way too much power for me), and I would recommend it to other players around my level who need more control for their shots and can generate most of their own power.
From: Aaron, MN, USA, 10/10
String type and tension: Demo
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: This racket is great! I recommend to any hard hitter who wants more maneuverability but if you are a player who does not have a long fast swing it's not right for you.
From: Joe, Tallahassee, FL, USA, 10/10
String type and tension: 58
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 3.5-4.0

Comments: I absolutely love this racket! I would recommend it to anyone seeking better performance in their game. Love the lightweight and how aerodynamic it is! Also love the color scheme. Night tennis with this racket looks really cool! If you are looking for a great Prince racket buy this one!!
From: Will, Athens, GA, USA, 09/10
String type and tension: Prince natural gut
Headsize: 95 sq inches

Comments: I gotta admit this frame ain't all bad, in fact it's awesome. The dense string pattern provides more feel & touch; I absolutely love it.
From: Sampson, 09/10
String type and tension: Head Intellistring @ 54lbs
Headsize: 95 inch squares
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I demoed this racquet a couple of days ago, I play on clay courts at a low altitude, I have been playing the Prestige Pro Microgel and the new Youtek version the last 2 years. At the beginning I thought there was no weight in the frame to get the ball moving, at the end of that day I was 100% sure the frame does not have the mass to get a good bite on the ball and to dominate the ball. A "player's" frame with this ridiculously low weight is pointless, no stability, no power. If you like this racquet try the heavier version, it is MUCH better. On the other hand, it is easy to maneuver around, even if you are late. The technology in the grip is great.
From: Mike, Mexico, 08/10
String type and tension: Luxilon BB Original @ 57
Headsize: 95 sq. in.
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I use to play with Prince O3 Speedport Black, and when I changed to this racquet at first time, I didn't like the small head size. However, when I got use to it, I started loving it.
From: Steve, Charlotte, NC, USA, 07/10
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X-Biphase 16 gauge/60lb
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: To start off, I am an aggressive baseline player that plays with a pretty fair amount of top spin. After hitting for the third day with this racquet, I am in love with it. Normally, when you see descriptions on racquets they are from the racquet company and you can take it lightly, however, this racquet is actually knife-through-butter smooth with pinpoint accuracy. I paint lines, pound serves, and cut volleys very well this racquet. A lot of people complained about the lack of power with this racquet but I saw no such thing. This racquet has just enough power matched with control. Excellent racquet!
From: Donald, Sacramento, CA, USA. 07/10
String type and tension: Prince synth. gut power, 55
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I haven't been able to stick with one racquet due to me not liking my game or inconsistency, but with the Prince Rebel Team 95, I have been able to change that. I love this racquet and play very well with it. It has helped my game tremendously and suggest you try this racquet!
From: Jake, U.S. 6/10
String type and tension: Babolat hurricane pro 1.25 and 35 in mains and 40 in crosses

Comments: Do not let the weight of the EXO3 Rebel scare you off!! I bought this racquet because I was afraid the Rebel would be too heavy. I am a junior player and I feel the Rebel Team is far far too light. Little stability and lack of plow through and drive from the head. That's just my take, though, but I would strongly suggest that anyone thinking about buying this racquet demo the Rebel and Rebel Team.
From: John, Rhode Island. 6/10
String type and tension: Wilson Synthetic 54

Comments: The Prince Rebel Team 95 is a great players racquet. Most will say it is rated for +4.0 players, but I play 3.5 and find it to be a great asset in my game. I want to mention that I have demoed both the open port version and the string grommet version, and I prefer the string grommet version. Although with the grommet the sweet spot is reduce I find the feel and added control it adds is well worth it. Groundstrokes felt solid and I had a LITTLE added spin with no effort. Unlike some reviews I had no problem getting the ball deep with or with out top spin. My topspin Backhand took a little getting used to, but the slice backhand instantly became a weapon, for a lighter racquet it delivers good plow through. Volleys have become dead on target, the light racquet allows me more maneuverability to compensate for needing to really make sweet spot contact. I switched to this racquet at the end of the season right before playoffs and I didn't skip a beat. I have had to take some power off of my serve, but placement and spin are more than making up for it. I recommend this racquet to anyone who values feel and placement in their game. Can I also say that I have been playing tennis for 15 years, and I have never enjoyed a grip more than the Prince ResiPro.
From: David, Atlanta, GA. USA. 4/10
String type and tension: Babolat Ballistic 16 - 59 lbs

Comments: Great racquet! This is great for forehand and backhands. However, it is not great on volleys. It may be because I use 60 tension. Everything is exceptional about this racquet except for the paint. It seems to come off very quickly and easily.
From: My anon. 03/10

Comments: I am a 3.0-3.5 level player and was formerly using the Shark MP. I borrowed one of these rackets from a friend and it instantly turned my game around. Entered a tournament and went all the way to win the final for the first time. Improved my serve by a ton, groundies stayed well in the court, and the strings NEVER move.
From: Shay, Hemet, CA 02/10
String type and tension: Prince Lightening 16 and Wilson Superspin.
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: This racquet is awesome. It has moderate power and great feel. I love the headsize and the weight lets me swing through my strokes. Everybody should definitely try this racquet!!
From: Tim, USA. 1/10
String type and tension: Prince twisted, 58lbs
Headsize: 95 square inches

Comments: The racket felt fine on groundies. I could swing away and keep it in the court. Things started getting dicey at the net. I found the racket to be sluggish at net. I really never felt comfortable hitting volleys. Then came the serve. All I can say is wow. I normally hit a pretty good serve, with pretty good pace and placement. Every serve I hit was at least 10 mph below what I'm used to. My playing partners all commented on it. It was very noticeable. Good control, no pace. Not for me.
From: Tim, Kansas City Area 4.5 12/09

Comments: This racket is amazing. I am a junior player and I used to use the the Babolat aero pro drive cortex but I wanted something with more spin and control. With this racket I could go for my shots, I was hitting winners that I would never hit with any other racket.
From: JOE, 12/09

Comments: This racquet truly matches my game. I bought this thinking maybe I should have gone for the original EXO3 Rebel. However, though there is a general consensus that the Team version of a racquet is generally less stable, whilst lacking the driving power, I'd have to disagree on this one. Furthermore, the racquet itself still wouldn't be considered as a 'light' head-heavy racquet by any means. Weighing in at 10.7 oz (strung) I feel this makes a good compromise for players who still want that racquet presence but cannot handle the heavier model which may hinder their maneuverability on court. As I've mentioned, this racquet is marginally head-heavy to compensate for the overall lighter weight. But, as a player who has come from previously owning a 5pts head-heavy, 9.7 oz racquet, I feel a definite improvement with control and balance. One of the underlying attributes to this racquet is the amount of spin which it can generate from any area of the court. I was amazed at the considerable difference this racquet made when playing slice serves and heavy topspin shots. I'm sure the original racquet matches this too. Overall, I am very pleased with how well this racquet matches my control and spin orientated game.
From: Sam, England. 11/09
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I've been using this racquet for about 6 months and I am currently playing collegiate tennis. This is a very forgiving racquet with lots of touch. It doesn't have a lot of power so this is suited for players with a quick, full swing. Great pop on serves, although despite other reviews I do not find spin to come very easily. On ground strokes I find it very easy to compensate for out of position shots due to its maneuverability. Volleys can be placed anywhere. Very easy on the arm and even more comfortable when used with the port grommet. I rate this racquet 9/10.
From: Anon. 11/09
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour mains and Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough crosses
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Great racquet, but still not the most forgiving on off centered shots. I demoed the EXO3 Rebel and that was way too heavy for me, so make sure to demo both before you buy. Great stick, but lacks the power of other racquets. Great control and with hit cleanly.
From: David, Los Angeles, CA 11/09
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: After getting used to this racquet, my forehand has improved significantly. I've had it for only about a month now and can't put it down. My kick serve used to be so so with my previous Gamma racquet, but with this one, my usual playing partners can barely touch it. I'd have to say this is now my favorite racquet easily and I'll continue to use it.
From: Chris R., Sharon Hill, PA. 11/09
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger 18 green

Comments: I have been playing with the Rebel Team 95 for almost three months now. The frame holds well over all (8/10) and even with missed off center shots. I am still looking to find the correct string setup for my game. I am very satisfied over all and would recommend anyone to give it a test drive before making a final commitment to buy. It feels great to the arm and is much more maneuverable then specs tend to suggest. The current set up I am using can generate a heavy ball, but not spin friendly at all. I dare say the spin I generate is due to grip, swing motion and the frame, but not the strings. Great design and paint job. Expect to chip away the paint around the frame. For first time buyers, this is a frame to test if you can generate enough swing speed and with long swings. By the way I love the serves are making me feel like if I had some skills! Great sport indeed!
From: Josa, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 10/09
String type and tension: Currently using Prince Twisted 16L @ 61
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: Beginner

Comments: I demoed this racquet and the Prince EXO3 and Red 105. I had on and off days with both. I tried team 95 again for three days then bought the racquet. This racquet is awesome! My tennis has improved so much and my forehand and backhand are most improved. Excellent racquet!
From: Ben, Ottawa, Canada. 10/09
String type and tension: Prince topspin plus 60
NTRP Rating: 4.0-4.5

Comments: My previous Prince racquets were the old Response models and I recently have been using heavier Wilson K Factor versions. I wanted to go back to Prince and a lighter weight stick that I could get around on and still have net control. This EXO3 Rebel Team was just right for that. While not as powerful on quick short back swings as the Wilson K Factor, I felt less fatigued in longer matches and had better control with lobs, volleys, and recovery shots. This racquet seems more suited to players who want to win points through better placement versus power winners. You can also really improve its power by reducing string tension to 50-55 lbs, just stay on that baseline! I'm sticking with the EXO Team for now to see how it suits my indoor game.
From: mike, Ia/USA. 10/09
String type and tension: Tecnifibre /58#
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I think this is too demanding for amateur players. It's great for grounds as well as volleys. It's not too good for slices, and I find it hard to whip this baby on my serves. Sure my serves are heavier, but I can't generate the bite as much. I currently use a prince speedport and thinking that it would be similar but it's really not. I guess if you like clubs such as the PS, this is a nice spin friendly version of it.
From: Henry, 10/09
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This stick is great I get a lot of power and control. My favorite part about this racquet is the net and serve I get a solid feel at net and my kick serve and slice serve have never been better. I have had 2 previous racquets the prince 03 white and prince speedport white and this Exo is the best prince I have played with. I played with the original rebel and it was good but you don't have a lot of time to take a big swing because of the weight. I recommend the team there's more control and you make your own power. The drawback about this racquet is if you don't have a good shock breaker its a pain because there is a large rattle. Also if you have a large back swing you may hit a lot of frame shots. Lastly if you do not complete your swing like you stop before s over your shoulder the ball will most likely go sailing long
From: Will, NY USA 09/09
String type and tension: 57
Headsize: 95

Comments: Great racket for control and feel, but I had it for about 3 months and it cracked. I have heard a lot about other people with the same problem. I play every day for about 2 hours; so it was disappointing...maybe the regular rebel would have a thicker frame.
From: Kent, Southlake, TX, USA, 09/09
String type and tension: Tecnifibre x-one biphase

Comments: I agree with Greg. I finally found the perfect racquet, this one's a keeper. Also very arm friendly.
From: Joe, Allentown, PA, USA, 09/09
String type and tension: Wilson Sensation 17 @ 58lbs
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I was hasty and unfair with my evaluation back in May. I've demoed about 8 racquets since I bought two Rebel Teams, because I was not entirely satisfied with what I thought was a lack of power. It turns out I have MUCH better results in match play with the Rebel Team than player racquets like the Tecnifibre TFlight 320 and Babolat Pure Drive. Those are super fun racquets to practice with, but I play only twice a week now and get better results with a more forgiving racquet. My forehand is a little flatter than it was 10 yrs ago when I took a huge swing at everything. Any poor footwork (getting caught leaning back) with the TFlight and I crank it long by a few inches. With the Rebel Team, I feel like I can really line up super accurate passing shots. My serve has never been better -- plenty of power and kick. I've also found that I get such good slice control with this racquet, I'm hitting a lot more of it than my topspin backhand. If it sounds like I'm advocating a racquet for those who don't hit with a lot of topspin, that is not the case. I can still "go for" shots with a bigger swing and generate huge topspin. I just have fallen in love with its all-court capabilities and have a blast working all kinds of shots from anywhere. I was a little suspect of how light it was but there's nothing wrong with feeling like you have a squash racquet in your hand when you are racing to the net to crush a Samprasesque overhead. The Rebel Team has made tennis more fun and I'm winning more. I'm still demo'ing -- have tried about 18 racquets in the last year -- but this is the best for me so far.
From: Craig, Spokane, WA, USA, 08/09
String type and tension: Prince Poly EXP 17 String @ 54 lbs
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This frame is great, just needed to play with a dampener. Great angles off this frame. These prince exo 3 series are great!!!
From: Ben, Ottawa, Canada. 08/09
String type and tension: Prince
NTRP Rating: 3.5- 4.0

Comments: I did not like this racket at all. No comfort or forgiveness. Whenever I hit the ball it made a rattling sound and did not feel very stable at all which hurt my arm. It did have some nice pop, but I wasn't impressed one bit. Sweet grip though.
From: Michael, Dallas, TX 08/09
String type and tension: Wilson Sensation strung @ 53
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: I'm in my senior year of tennis and decided to get this racket due to my lack of control on my previous racket. This thing amazed me. Though it is lighter than I'd like it to be, the control of this racket was awesome. Forehand shots had good pace and slices were not too difficult even though it lacked some heft. Overall its a great racket. Improved my game quite a bit and think it can break me into state this year.
From: Thao, Washington State, USA. 08/09
String type and tension: Prince SGD 58 Lbs

Comments: This is a racquet for those who have feel for their shots and are seeking more control. This racquet has a type of hybrid feel to it due to its light weight, and the fact that it is head-heavy. It slices quickly through the air, providing easy access to spin. The dense string pattern increases string durability, while not sacrificing top spin. Serves are accurate and kick up. Volleying come easy with great touch and feel. However, if you rely on your racquet at all to get pace this is not the racquet for you.
From: Michael, Tucson, Arizona, United States. 6/09
String type and tension: Wilson Sensation (58lbs)

Comments: I got this racquet to try it out. Currently I play with the Prince EXO3 Rebel 95 and wanted to try out its lighter version. Formerly I was playing with the Boris Becker 11. This Prince EXO3 Rebel Team racquet is a very maneuverable racquet that has great control, but no matter how hard or fast you hit the ball it is impossible to put the ball away. My tennis teacher tried it out and he couldn't hit a winner. I was able to return all his balls. It is a good control stick, but since you won't be able to hit many winners be prepared to spend the best part of the day at the court.
From: Alejandro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 6/09

Comments: I demoed this racquet along with the KBlade and the Tecnifibre 320 V02 Max (both great rackets) but liked this one best. It lacks some in the power department, but is really stable for a light racquet. It was noticeably easier than the other two racquets to get on top of midcourt sitters and kick serves. I decided to buy two, but am not happy with the Prince Poly EXP 17 String @ 54 lbs I had the racquets strung with. That setup saps an unacceptable amount of power from the racquet.
From: Craig, Spokane, WA, USA. 05/09
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This is a unique racquet. It has a type of hybrid feel to it. The racquet is light enough, making it easy to whip through shots, yet is slightly head heavy giving it a knife through butter feel as you swing. It doesn't have much power to it, so you have to be able to generate head speed on your own. It has wonderful touch and precision from all places on the court. I would recommend this racquet to those who have some feel for their shots and are seeking to add some more spin and control to their game. All around great racquet.
From: Michael, U.S. 05/09
String type and tension: Wilson sensation 16 (58lbs)
Headsize: 95

Comments: Nice racquet, it gives a lot of extra spin on the balls. Perfect for people who are strong enough to create good hits and it will help them with topspin. The serves are okay.
From: Poul Sliwa, Milwaukee, WI, USA. 05/09
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: +4.5

Comments: This is a great racquet. I loved it from the first moment I tried it. It has great feel to it. Not a lot of power, but still enough to hit the ball hard. This racquet, I would say, is for more advanced players that can place the ball all over the court. It is definitely my favorite at the moment. My favorite shot with this racquet is either the volley or the slice. It is great all around the court. Really great for blocking returns back. Great swing weight from the ports in the frame. Just a great all around racquet. :)
From: Patrick, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. 04/09
String type and tension: (mains) Signum Pro-Poly Plasma/ (crosses)Head Synthetic Gut Tension:64lbs
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 6.0 Junior Pro

Comments: I demoed this racquet and I loved it. I didn't get it, but it was the second best racquet I demoed. It could've gotten better power, but spin and control was top notch.
From: Habiib, Uzbekistan. 04/09
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane Xcel mix 58
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: This was definitely an interesting hit, perhaps because of the head heavy design, but I would have to say it was a good racquet for me.. but not great. It swings through the air very easily and feels easier than it's 329 swing weight would suggest, but I felt it could have had a little more pop on flat shots and the serve was just o.k.. Control was nice, but I felt I was getting a lot of off center shots and I use the Tecnifibre 295, which is also a 95 sq. in. frame and striking the ball is usually my strong asset(keeping it in-between the lines isn't). I would recommend this racket to someone who is consistent and likes a racket that makes he/she work for the power; I thought it looked really sweet and a dampener takes care of the buzzy sound-- even though I didn't notice it with this frame. Just not for me, but better than other O port Princes.
From: Joplin, Longview, WA U.S. 04/09
String type and tension:Klip Venom 16 Mn., Tecnifibre Pro Red 17 crs.
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This frame rattled and buzzed, even after a rubber-band and dampener, it kept going strong. My serves were out of this world slow, no pace. Kick serves were spinning in and giving plenty of time for my opponent to crush them back. Returns, wow. I had to arm the ball on every shot to get depth and now I can't feel my arm.
From: A.L., Washington D.C. 3/09
String type and tension: Prince synthetic gut at 55lbs.
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This racquet is a must hit. Despite its lightweight frame, I was still able to keep the racquet head very steady at the net, and also found an excellent access to feel. I hit with the regular Rebel as well, and found this one to generate a little more power. On the serve, however, I had some trouble generating kick, while with the normal EXO3 I had no trouble whatsoever.
From: Alex, Oregon. 3/09
String type and tension: Prince Power EXP @62 lb's
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I've been using this stick for a week now and really enjoy the way it plays. More importantly no discomfort on my arm and shoulder. Has nice soft flex and not muted as some other Speedports, hit reminds of the old Head Pro Tour 280 minus the additional weight. I added some lead and gives it some nice additional pop. I've got three and plan on getting one more! Really like these new player sticks from Prince, enjoyed hitting with the Exo Graphite's as well, not as comfortable as the Rebel Team but nice weight and plow through particularly the 93.
From: Jeff, Orlando, FL. 2/09
String type and tension: Head FXP Power 56 lbs.
NTRP Rating:5.0

Comments: I hit with the regular EXO3 Rebel last week and was impressed: lots of spin with the 18x20 pattern with ample power; swing weight was a little beyond my comfort zone even though it swung very easily for a 12 oz plus frame (@ 10 pts HL). I tried the Rebel Team which has slightly lower swingweight (328).....@10.7 oz strung with near even balance, it had enough mass to be stable. The Team version is also listed to be slightly stiffer with a RA of 63 compared to 60. I found I could generate a little more pace with this one. This is really worth a demo for those whose who prefer at 325-330 swingweight. This frame has great feel and accuracy compared to all the other O ports and Speed Ports I have tried (not muted !). Anyone who likes the K Blade 98, K Tour, Radical MP type of frame should check this out !
From: John, USA. 1/09
String type and tension: Prince Duraflex 16 @57lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I love the team racquets that prince comes out with. It offers control and feel like a heavy racquet but it has the weight of only 10.7 oz. It's one of the best racquets Prince has produced in a while.
From: Nick, Old Bridge New Jersey. 2/09
String type and tension: Prince Lightning/53 lbs.

Comments: This was a good hit, interesting frame. I started out taking some serves and after I warmed up I was hitting some serious kickers; the spin generated was really impressive. It looked like the ball would hit something on the court and fly up and out toward the back curtain, but it kept happening. First serves were also really nice, great control, spin was really obtainable again, easy to go from topspin, flat to slice. Big heavy first serves looked like they didn't even bounce off the court, would just slide from the service box through the baseline. Again this happened very often so it wasn't a fluke. Groundies were nice, very comfortable sweet spot with the ability to pour on the topspin. Forehands were a blast, grip it and rip it, you could hit it explosively flat or rip the cover off with a ton of kick. Backhands were the same, but it just felt too good to load up and hit it flat. The racket had a generous sweet spot, but it had somewhat of a deadened feel while still providing a lot of power. Likewise, the flex on the frame was really gentle so it didn't feel like you were hitting that big a shot. In defensive mode this caused some problems as when I wanted to roll it high and deep cross court it somehow came off like a laser. Volleys had a bit too much pop and not enough control for me, obviously if I played with it for a few weeks and tried out strings, this would change but first impressions were to stay away from the net. Racket moved beautifully through the air with ease, stable hits, and it let you get away with less than perfect form; however in these cases I found that the frame would be too stiff and bothered my wrist. I'd say it was very worthwhile hit, comparable to the kblade tour, pure storm ltd., Aerogel 200 (though all of these frames I enjoyed more), I think it won out over the Prestige Pro, Radical mid+, k6.1 and the rest of the Babolats though. Kind of a hybrid feel of the k6.1 mixed with what the Babolat cortex should feel like. Bottom line: If you're looking for a new stick, give it a hit, it's fun but hard to describe.
From: Anon. 1/09

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