Prince EXO3 Graphite 100 Midplus Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: I got this for real cheap used from TW and I'm glad I did. I had been using the Exo3 tour, and even though it was very arm friendly, I could never get over the soft mushy feel. I first tried this with synthetic gut and it was awful. However, when I put in a co-poly in the high 40's, this racket really works it. Great spin and pace on serve, whatever you want to do. Also, the nearly even balance and heavy weight make this racket very stable on volleys and those balls that don't quite land in the middle of the string bed. You need to have at least a bit of arm and wrist strength to play with this racket, because it is noticeably hefty. However I found that the added weight helps me to play more within myself, swinging a little slower but making cleaner contact more often than with other "whippy" rackets with which I have played.
From: Paul, 4/12

Comments: Great stick, its heritage from the POG OS is unmistakable. My baseline shots and serve became smoother with it. It rewards full strokes with a steady, predictable response. I was coming from a Yonex RDS001 MP. Even though the Yonex was more headlight, the PXOG curiously felt lighter to swing. I only needed a few minutes to adjust to the PXOG to get my shots re-calibrated. At my level and physical traits, I don't have much need for power (which this racquet reportedly lacks). But for stable feedback that I need to achieve consistency, this stick is superb. It's like a portable coach! :)
From: Hank, 2/12

Comments: This is a really nice stick. I found that I was able to control the ball very well with this stick. My forehand was a bit jeopardized since it's not as headlight as I would've liked it to be, but it'll definitely help me become a better player on my forehand side if I keep it in stock form (which I prefer). Two-handed backhands were a breeze. It had a good amount of pop and great control. This is definitely a great stick for two-handers. The sweet spot is nice. Volleys are solid. The racquet doesn't seem all that maneuverable though. It's very comfortable if you use a shock absorber. I prefer using a #32 rubber band around the two center mains. Serves are also nice.
From: Justin, 12/11

Comments: I am loving this racquet! I switched from Dunlop M-Fil 200 Plus. Serve, groundstrokes, volleys are better. Excellent top-spin. Strangely, my slice back-hand is weaker. The serve has more kick, control, and pace. Groundstrokes are sweet feel and exploding top-spin. Volleys are way more solid and stable than the Dunlop's. The weight and balance are just like I like it (with added overgrip). The grip looks cool but I put an overgrip on it; I wish they made a synthetic overgrip that looked like leather! The tension I started at 58 lbs and am now at 60 lbs and loving it. I bought three of them, hopefully they last and/or they keep making them.
From: BSD, 9/11
String type and tension: Isospeed Baseline Control at 60 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This is the best stick ever! Just don't string over 57 lbs otherwise you will miss on what this bat can really do for you. I suggest stringing it between 53-57 lbs.
From: Stefan, 8/11
String type and tension: Prince Lightning XX 16 at 54 lbs

Comments: I have played with this racquet for a year and I really like it. I tried the Prince O3 Red and it was too "mushy" for me. I like the weight and the feel of this racquet a great deal. It reminds me of my first Prince Graphite I had when I was in college. I do use an overgrip and have no problems with slipping. I like it so much I just ordered another one and will order another when I need a new one.
From: Stuart, 7/11
String type and tension: Prince Syn Gut 17
NTRP Rating: 4

Comments: Best racquet ever!Lots of controllable power and it seems like my topspin shot had a lot more kick...Amazing! I ordered 2 and I'm going to order some more.
From: Marcel. 6/11
String type and tension: Solinco Tour Bite 17 at 58 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5

Comments: Unbelievable players racquet. This has great control and spin; driven by technique of the player. Feels great at the baseline and the cosmetics look great. An overgrip takes care of any slipperiness from the leather grip.
From: AI, NSW Sydney, Australia
String type and tension: Kirshbaum pro line 1.3 60lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 5

Comments: I play with a Precision Response Ti which is 12 oz and 8 pts head light. I bought this racquet on a whim without testing it after reading reviews. For my game this racquet doesn't work. Despite the lower weight of this stick, relative to my response, it feels like a lead weight - 2 pts headlight. For some people this will be perfect. However, if you are someone who plays an aggressive and adaptable game that requires the ability to generate high racquet head speed quickly this stick is probably not for you.
From: Alan. 5/11
String type and tension: RPM Blast @ 53 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: Wow! I put a lot of thought into getting this racquet. I worried about the weight and the power level the most, and just so you know I'm a 15-year-old who loves tennis but is not exactly a ripped dude. When I finally got out on the court I found the weight was fine had a good feel and would put some pace on the ball. The power was pretty awesome was powerful but still had a great feel and control. Hope this helped!
From: Konrad Sanders. 5/11
String type and tension: 58 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I have demoed this stick for a few weeks now (to be sure), and I believe that I am going to make the switch. I am crushing backhands and my slice is probably the best of any stick I've played in the past few years. On the forehand I felt I lost a bit of whip, pace, and maneuverability. BUT it wasn't all that much (can be fixed with better form/early preparation), and my topspin increased dramatically on that wing. Serve didn't do much more for me than usual, but I'm sure with time, confidence and thus placement/power will increase. I can't complain with anything at net except when I go for really tricky touch shots which will, yet again, take some time. PLEASE: if anyone has string setups or recommendations, I would really like others opinions.
From: Josh, Boston, MA, USA. 5/11
String type and tension: Babolat N.VY @ 56lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Great racquet that's amazing from the baseline with feel and spin. It's also great at the net because of how solid it is as well. It has great weight and balance.
From: Nick, FL, USA. 4/11
String type and tension: Alien Black Diamond @ 52lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I demoed 4 sticks from TW this week. Pulled this one second, and never got to the last two. I used to play the Prince Diablo midplus, which was stolen from me about 2 months ago. I've been lost ever since. I must have tried 15 racquets, but nothing was close. Then I pick this thing up and I LOVE IT. I could talk about "buttery" and all of that, but to be straight, the thing hits the ball where you want it to with the amount of spin you want! Terrific control and confident shots.
From: Nate, N.Y. 4/11
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I have been playing for over 20 years and have tried most of the player's frames from the original pro staff, Head prestige mid/midplus, Wilson pro staff 6.1/stretch, head pro tour 280, Donnay pro one oversize, Yonex rd 002 tour and currently play with the Volkl c10 pro (swingweight 335-340). The Prince EX03 Graphite is a good frame, however balls hit near the top of the frame go nowhere. This is a problem when the ball is not hit cleanly with the Graphite EX03. The sweetspot is more near the middle. While there is ample spin with the serve and grounstrokes, the frame is lacking a little pop on the serve. I don't have a big loop in my groundstrokes and hit the pretty flat with a semi-western grip. I have also tried some of the newer player's frames from the Head line. The frames made today are quite stiff and not as forgiving as the frames from the 90's. I need control and can't play with a widebody frame that is 10-11 ounces. Today's player's frames are geared for players who have a big back swing or loop which I don't have. I will continue to play with my have c10's that offer good pop, good control and forgiveness when I don't hit the ball cleanly. I prefer a weighty frame that does some of the work. You can't buy a racquet based on reviews!! Racquets are player specific.
From: Ken, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 02/11
String type and tension: Wilson Sensation 16 @ 58lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Amazing stability and authority on volleys
- I was able to execute beautiful backhand slices that stayed very low and land very deep into the court close to the baseline
- Good depth and penetration on groundies and plow through
- Overgrip is a must for leather model
- Very easy to manage in terms of weight, mine actually weighed 335grams as opposed to 329grams on the specs. I then added an overgrip and made it 340grams. Despite this, it was easy to play with and still managed to get plenty of racquet head speed.
- serves very nicely too but maybe not as much whip as other frames
- definitely not for newbies to the game though.
From: Andy, 02/11
String type and tension: Luxilon Alu power @55lbs

Comments: Been playing with this a year. Originally demoed it against the Prince exo3 rebel, Head YouTek radical pro (Murray's stick) and the Power Angle 98 the gold one. The radical pro came in a close second but the prince graphite had more control. I don't think I'm good enough for the prince rebel with its small head and very head light balance point. I've been gradually lowering my head size as I've gotten better from a prince Equippe 110, to a Fischer M speed pro 105. This is the only stick I've had success in returning the super hard serves. My other racquets were deadly against a medium to hard serve, but were shank city against anyone who brought some real heat. With this stick, I'm beating guys I couldn't before, because I'm able to get into my ground game. My serve is more consistent with this stick and when I put the poly strings on it, more powerful. I feel like I can drive the forehand anywhere in the court. The backhand is stable so I can block shots if I really get in trouble, not so with my old Fischer. Also, I can still pull off all my freaky spin shots. The weight is great, with good plow through. I played with a Prince POG, which made my arm tired and was too cumbersome to serve with. My arm doesn't tire with this one and I feel like it really rewards me when I go all out for a ball; it seemed softer and with better pocketing then the Youtek.
I did like the Youtek Rad pro for it's ability to change the angle of the ball, but it just didn't have the feel of the prince graph. I love the O Port design and concept. I feel like I get the benefits of a bigger sweet spot and the stability of a smaller racquet. Plus I believe that it likely helps with the pocketing and I definitely helps with the aerodynamics to improve racquet head speed. The grip I got with the racquet was a Resi pro grip and not the leather one. I usually play with the gamma contour grip but had problems when my hand got sweaty. The Resi Pro grip did exceptionally well with absorbing the moisture and I've ordered more of these grips from TW. I think I did make a mistake in stringing the poly string at 58 which is mid tension for this stick. This string bed was too stiff until the poly's started to lose some tension. I will likely go back to a multi sting at 58 in the spring or try a hybrid set up but reducing the main string tension to about 54.
From: Tom, Jackson, NJ, 12/10

Comments: A year ago I started using this racket and found power really lacking especially for an aging player like me. After a year of experimenting, finally found how to bring out the best of this racket. The lower tension adds the power to combine with the excellent control and feel of this racket.
From: Evaristo, Torrance, CA, USA, 11/10
String type and tension: Prince Poly EXP 18/ Syn Multi 17 - 54/53
Headsize: 100

Comments: Nice Surprise. This is one of the frames that I would tag as having special qualities. It has a very soft, large sweetspot. I will say that stock it does feel pretty head heavy. I have it now at 6pt HL and 346 grams with an overgrip and 6 grams of lead. If I am watching the ball and SWINGING VERY LOOSE it is a racquet that rewards hitting out. If you try to poke the ball back you will be very disappointed. I have taken a step back on my playing results at the moment but I feel this racquet will take to a better level by forcing me to the work the ball in a solid fashion.
From: Joe, Tallai, Qld, Australia, 09/10
String type and tension: Prince Recoil 53lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4

Comments: This is a terrific racquet, but the swingweight was the deal breaker for me. Until I started to tire of cranking it around, I hit wonderfully controlled groundstrokes with plenty of pace, and penetrating though not blazing serves. Once I started to tire, I began to hit late on the groundies and watch them fly to the fence, and my serve came back at me harder than I had hit it. At this point I pulled my Exo3 Black out of the bag and began playing effective tennis again, hitting winners of the ground and on serve. But the harsher feel of the Black sure made me miss the plush flexy feel of the Graphite. Maybe if I was in my 20s.........
From: Augie, West Caldwell, NJ, USA, 09/10
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: All I can say is PURE. I play with spin and I could flatten out shots on my forehand and backhand at will. It plays a lot lighter and is very soft on the arm (use vibration dampener). My shots were so clean, so much spin and power. It's incredible...that's why PURE and SOLID are the only words for it. I played Prince all my life and recently switched to Head Youtek Speed MP 16x19 because I didn't like the O port design, but this EXO3 is incredible. I am SWITCHING to these racquets. I loved how you can pocket the ball, change direction and best of all was my slice backhand. I am a pure baseliner and barely go to the net but this racquet has such great volleying capabilities. I really need to stress on how much control you get without loss of power. Just clean and smooth. For all you people complaining about the grip just put an overgrip on it.
From: Shash, Reston, VA, USA, 08/10
String type and tension: (mains Signum PPP @ 57, crosses prince synthetic @ 60)

Comments: I switched from the mid version to this. Good choice. The spin and power potential is so much greater. It's very comfortable and good at net or baseline. Can't see what the complaints about the grip and weight are all about. It's a player's frame and you get out what you put in. I give it a nine out of ten. Too bad Prince seems to be backing away from this model. It is excellent.
From: Jeff, NorCal, USA, 08/10
String type and tension: Prince Recoil 16 @58lbs.
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I have an extreme western forehand and had great control with a lot of topspin. I don't feel it has as much control as the Diablo MP, but the string bed does seem to be a bit more consistent and a tad more lively on off-center shots. It isn't as good at the net as the Diablo MP, but it's solidity made up for it's slight lack of maneuverability. Backhand slice and topspin were excellent. My kick serve was better, but my flat serve had a bit less pop. The only real issue I had with the racquet was the awkward gauche graphics that I fear I may not be young enough to appreciate.
From: Wes, Austin, TX, USA
String type and tension: Natural Gut
Headsize: 100si
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I fully agree with Randy. You can't be serious! Let me point out the following: when I was a child, I had a (single) heavy Dunlop space 2200, very nice stick I loved it. One day, my coach let me try a Prestige 600, waowww so hard to play, really not a good choice, but I tried. Another try, the (legendary) Prince Graphite 100: very very soft, hyper easy to play. I was really very angry: I had no money to buy it (too expensive at that time), and my mother will never agree. But this frame was so marvelous. Now I can! Nowadays, technology has changed, but this stick remains the same for me, and I am very frightened to read that some young people feel that this frame is by far too heavy... Very very easy easy to play and very comfortable.
From: Anon. 7/10

Comments: Classic feel. It will feel heavy to those who are new to the game or at a lower level. This racquet felt great. After I demo fore a week I bought 2. I like to string them about 60-62. Control and power when you want it.
From: TD, West Coast, CA. 6/10
String type and tension: Prince SG w/duraflex. 60-62
NTRP Rating:4.5

Comments: Wow, the last two posts must be from other manufacturers. Seriously, without a question, this stick carries the word "LEGEND" in its own right. No question that it's heavy, but you're not gonna be a beginner and use this stick. For the players that are 4.5 and above, this racquet is heaven sent. Where past meets future, with pleasure. Control, power and surgeon like quality. Sounds good to me.
From: Randy, Glendale, CA, USA. 6/10
String type and tension: Luxilon, 16L
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: This racquet feels WAY too heavy to me, but I am number 1 on my high school varsity team so it works. But it is so heavy. It has been hurting my shoulder, elbow, and wrist because of its weight. The only positive is that it gives you power because you are swinging about 500 pounds of weight! Oh and the leather grip is dumb, I took it off and re-gripped it a couple weeks after I bought it.
From: Rachel, Washington State. 6/10

Comments:This racquet is not good choice. It is very unreliable and it is heavy. I have been hitting with this stick for about 6 months now and it has been nothing but trouble for me. I recommend not getting this racquet. Get a Babolat for sure.
From: Benjamin, Oshkosh, WI, USA, 05/10
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Amazing stick!! Very soft on arm (Which was something I needed because of surgery). Only thing I would change is the leather grip. Overall great stick.
From: Will, NE 03/10
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour with Wilson Sensation cross at 60p

Comments: Really an amazing racquet, I love it so much. I'm in full agreement with the TW review. Try it, buy it, no racquet can stand the comparison with this one (almost the same as its Prince ancestor, which was at its time a must have).
From: Totor, Paris, France 03/10
Headsize: 100

Comments: I thought this racquet had a lot of control and good spin. I demoed this and three other racquets and I thought this one was the best. But this racquet has a leather grip (which I like but is very slippery). Before, I played with a K six one 95 and this racquet had better control and it was lighter. If you liked this racquet you may want to try Wilson BLX Six One 95, and the Yonex RQ IS 1 tour XL 95 mid but I still prefer this racquet.
From: Aaron Ramos, Running springs, CA, US 02/10
String type and tension: Prince Recoil 16,60 lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating:4.0

Comments: This is one of the finest hitting sticks out there. I have had issues with many of the new racquets due to a complete lack of feel. This racquet is loaded with feel and a nice amount of "pop" on the ball. I coach at one of the premier tennis academies in the U.S. and I was also a former touring pro back in the early 90's. Since I make a living with a tennis racquet, I try to get my hands on the best players' sticks I can find. I have always respected Tennis Warehouse and the great job that they do in their reviews as well as their willingness to allow players to talk about their feelings on equipment. If you like a solid racquet that feels wonderful and can impart a tremendous amount of spin on the ball, I recommend you try this racquet. I may be sponsored by Prince, but if I were not, I would still use/purchase this racquet. A-1 frame.
From: Brett, USA 02/10
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane/60 lbs.
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: Open (6.5)

Comments: This racket is now my new stick. I have been known for having elbow problems this racket is soft on your arm and allows you to play for 5 hours a day without a second of pain. I also like this racket for its consistence of play level because it allows you to hit of center and it will not affect the shot as much as with other rackets. This racket is very solid at net and you can easily stick a volley. At baseline the amount of control supplied by this racket is wonderful and serves are easy to place anywhere in the box. I would recommend adding 4 4 in strips of lead tape at 3 and 9 o'clock to make it more solid.
From: Jean, Wesley Chapel, FL, USA 12/09
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 61lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 6.0

Comments: Nice racquet, is comfy, and is much easier to play with than the POG. I demoed it for a change from my Prince Hybrid Comp mid. The first day I didn't like it but the next day I was playing better than ever. My arm did not tire after playing for a few hours. I could hit a harder serve with this racquet even though the swing weight was higher.
From: Michelle, Milwaukee, WI USA 12/09
String type and tension: synthetic gut, na
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I made earlier comments about this stick, but feel the need to expand on my earlier comments. The EXO Graphite 100 frame is one of the best on the market for any player. There are though two issues that Prince needs to address, the weight and the balance. For top men players,the weight is great. For younger and not so strong juniors, as well as smaller adults, the weight and balance needs to be reduced slightly. I think that a weight of 300 to 305 gr. and a balance of 32.0 in. would be great for juniors and some adults. I would also like to see Prince change the grip from leather to the new EXO pro for both comfort and feel. The EXO Graphite 100 has exceptional playing characteristics that can only be found in this frame. By making minor changes to this stick, it could become a classic in it's own right.
From: Hayward Butler, Lejre, Denmark 12/09
String type and tension: Tecnifibre Multifeel 16 gauge
NTRP Rating:6.0

Comments: This racquet is the most solid racquet at net I could find (having demoed 18 racquets currently on the market from Babolat, Wilson, Prince, Head, Gamma, Tecnifibre, and Dunlop). However, it is not very maneuverable at only 2pts HL. This also makes it difficult to swing if you're not used to a heavier racquet (which I'm not). Switching to this racquet seemed like too big of a transition. So if you're used to swinging a pretty heavy racquet and are looking for a solid racquet with which to volley, this is a GREAT choice. If you're like me and are transitioning to a heavier racquet, this may be too heavy. I ended up buying a Head YOUTEK Speed 16x19.
From: Nikhil B., Indianapolis, IN. 11/09
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X-1 Biphase x Luxilon BBALU Spin
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments:Demoed this racket to get a comparison with the Speed Port Black LB, as I feel the need to update my Triple Threat Graphites. However, I don't see any significant change from the TT Graphite to EXO3 Graphite except for the cool whistling sound it creates when you swing it. The speedport does gives more power but it tends to prevent me from giving it a full swing on groundies, thus my shots goes long if I don't put a lot of spin on the ball, plus the speed port cracked at the throat, so still needs to return it to TW. I liked the EXO3 better as far as almost being identical to the racquets I'm currently using (almost - meaning I miss the 1/2 inch extra length of the Triple Threat) but I used to play with the POG midsize and bringing that out from the closet, to help my comparison makes me realize I seem to be not getting any real upgrade in performance with EXO3. But I'm going to buy one and string it in different combinations, and so maybe the EXO3 will find its true potential. If I don't find any improvement I'll buy the Speedport Black LB, as long as TW/Prince promise me it won't crack again after a few hours of play.
From: Evaristo, Torrance, CA, USA. 10/09
String type and tension: synthetic? 58?
Headsize: 100

Comments: I narrowed down a wide range of racquets to two: Prince Graphite 100 and Babolat Storm GT +. I chose the Prince, and bought two. I love the control, consistency and spin. I felt it had the upper hand on the Babolat when it came to consistency, forgiveness and power generation. My strokes feel more natural so I end up playing more confidently. I am not crazy about the green techno paint/graphics, and the handle is ugly (I put a Wilson pro white overgrip and solve that), but I went for the racquet that delivered the most control and consistency. Love this racquet.
From: Darrin, Lake Oswego, OR, USA, 10/09
String type and tension: Prince Recoil, 60lbs
Headsize: 100

Comments: Wow. What a nice racquet. I have been using the Tour Diablo now since it first came out. Because of my Prince sponsorship, I received some new O3 Tour frames. I thought that they were OK but not exactly what I was use to playing with. I wanted something closer to the Diablo. After having tested the EXO Graphite I new that I had found my new frame. This stick is just a perfect fit to my game and feel. I love the feel and touch that I get with this stick. It does not feel heavy like I thought it would. It was so easy to swing that I had to check the balance to make sure that the numbers were correct. The numbers were spot on. The frame just feels lighter than what the numbers show.
From: Hayward, Lejre, Denmark. 8/09
String type and tension: Tecnifibre Multifeel 17g

Comments: I am a competitive high school player and I have played with an assortment of different racquets. Recently, I switched from the Prince o3 Speedport Tour to the exo3 graphite 100 and wow what a difference. I find myself hitting harder serves, deeper groundstrokes with insane amounts of spin, and crisp volleys. It is definitely an improvement over the tour. The only complaint I have is about the grip. Honestly, it's like putting a dash of black over an otherwise perfect painting. However, this can easily be solved by putting an overgrip on.
From: Josh, Cocoa Beach, FL 07/09
String type and tension: Luxilon BB Alu @ 62lbs

Comments: Just bought it and feels like the old graphite frames with great control. You have to be able to supply your own power, which at 4.5-5.0 you should be able to do. Great feel on groundies and good touch. It has some good pop to it although I had some trouble serving with it; all over the place. It probably needs some getting to get used to. I have played with the Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 for 20 years, which is a heavy log, so I had no control on the serve. I think I may have been way overhitting with it, way wide or way long. Feels feather light compared to what I have been swinging. I hit ten serves with PS 6.1 9 go in with pace, ten serves with the EXO maybe 5 go in with pace.
From: John, Hamden Ct. USA. 05/09
String type and tension: 60lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This Prince deserves the word "Graphite" in large letters on the shaft; it has the solid feel, cushy comfort, control, and torsional stability that I so valued in the POG OS I used for years. The difficulty is that achieving these qualities in a racquet significantly under 12 ounces means plenty of weight in the head, and I just couldn't come to terms with the balance of this racquet, especially with my 1HBH. Power is adequate but has to be earned with very full swings. Volleying was a pleasure with the soft feel and remarkable stability; only the Bab PDR at this weight compares in solid feel, but this one won't shatter your joints like the PDR. Hard hitters with a 2HBH should have a go with this stick.
From: Gene, Houston, Texas. 4/09
String type and tension: Prince hybrid
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Very solid racquet. I have 3 of these. If you liked the Wilson Hyper Carbon Pro Staff 6.1, Flexpoint Radical Tour MP, Dunlop Aerogel 200, you might like this one like I do. Yes, I did play with the 4 stripe original Prince Graphite back in the days and still have it with my Michael Chang Graphite, Yonex RD-22, etc. Has great feel and it is very comfortable on your arm. I'm using the default port grommet. I've strung it with Tecnifibre X 1-biphase at 58lbs on a Babolat Star 5 and I love it. Prince Synthetic Gut Original 17G strung at 57lbs was great but I prefer the more softer feel of the X1-biphase. I also strung it with Xcel Premium 17G at 57lbs but I just don't like it as much as the two previous strings as Xcel is a little too mushy/trampoline-like for me, in other words, not crispy enough. Very comfortable frame that swings fast through the air. This review is for the 100 sq inch model and I have tried the 93" model but that one plays quite differently. If you are around 4.0+ I would recommend this frame if you liked the old frames I mentioned above. I love hitting groundies with this and crushing the ball. Oh, by the way, I usually play with racquets with balance that is 8pt head light or so but although this one is supposed to be around 2pt head light, it plays alike. Try it and you will see! Lastly, try stringing this with mid tension 58lbs first with most strings excluding polys, and go from there to find your tension that you like.
From: Kaz, CA, USA
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X1-Biphase @ 58 lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 3.7(or a relatively strong 3.5)

Comments: Very good racket. It feels better than the Original Graphite OS. It is so easy to swing the racket because of the holes, and the feel and control is so good like the Original Graphite. I recommend this one to every player who is using standard length racket, it is just unbelievable. For me, I am still staying with the Graphite Longbody, I like the 28 inches length. I am worried why Prince is not producing EXO3 Graphite Longbody. There are so many players using the legendary Graphite Longbody, and I am sure that many of us will be interested in EXO3 version of the legendary Graphite Longbody.
From: Peter, L.A., CA. 4/09
String type and tension: Luxilon Alu Power Big Banger
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: My friend demoed one of these and I decided to try it out myself. Pros: The racket was very solid and had a whistling sound to it too. Cons: I find myself not getting enough pace off my serve and groundstrokes, which results in overhitting. Overhitting=errors. It could be just the string. I'm not too sure. Overall, I still like this racket because of its "buttery feel" and I recommend this racket to players who can supply their own power and are looking for a little more control.
From: Rick, San Jose, CA. 04/09
String type and tension: Prince recoil 58
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: The softness high in the hoop is due to this frames wonderful flex. Lead tape at 9 and 3 helps this, but that's not at all where you are supposed to hit it!! This frame is a controllable spin machine but it is not for those with pokes instead of strokes. Absolutely a joy to hit with this stick!
From: Jeff, Lake Hamilton, FL. 3/09
String type and tension: Prince Recoil @ 53 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: This racquet is so much fun. Able to hit away with it. Reminds me of the "old school" racquets- in all the good ways. Lots of power and control. I just started playing again last year after years away from tennis- I had not played since high school. I tried every racquet out there and wasn't happy until this one. Good feel and just plain fun.
From: Jenny, Honolulu. 3/09
String type and tension: Prince synthetic gut 17 at mid-range
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I have played for two hours with a 2 sets game (this is my first feeling as the racquet has just arrived today...). Great racquet. I switched from Prince Graphite Oversize as I was looking for something more "modern." Good power and control. Not so much sensible with touch. However, very solid. Nevertheless, the Prince Graphite Oversize still remains outstanding.
From: Giovanni, Fiumicino, Rome, Italy. 3/09
String type and tension: Klip Natural Gut Legend 58Lb
NTRP Rating: 4,5

Comments: The upper hoop lacks stability for those who hit higher on the string bed in their shot selection. The combination of the o ports and the flex lends itself to something I really didn't like for this. Usually hitting higher on the string bed generates greater spin and sharp angle shots to get the short ball. Standard hitting distance is the way to go where this can be a doubles all court racquet. I would not recommend for singles at all. On a brighter note, most standard shots are predictable with a clean feel on impact.
From: Tony, Ca, USA. 2/09
String type and tension: 62lb
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I demoed four rackets. This racket, a Prince EXO3, Babolat, and a Wilson. This one was definitely one of my favorites. I didn't care for the grip, or the paint job, but can live with them. This racket has great spin, power, and most of all control. I was having some trouble with my serving though. Overall great racket, I'm highly considering buying it.
From: Anon. 2/09

Comments: I previously was using Prince's Speedport O3 Black and I loved it but compared to the graphite it looks like a beginner's racquet, with this racquet I do lose some of the "pop" but gain about 200% more control. I would say this is one of Prince's more top line racquets. As for the grip, they could have chosen a better grip, but I'm a fan of overgrips so I'm not really bothered by it because I like to overgrip anyways.
From: Sean, South San Francisco. 2/09
String type and tension: Prince Recoil 16 Gauge, 60 Tension
NTRP Rating:4.0

Comments: I had a chance to demo at the club today. First of all, the leather grip was pretty disappointing, thin and plasticky with no grip. Overgrip is a must on this one. The swingweight of this one is right in line with the Original Graphite OS, as is the flex. It swings pretty heavy, every bit of 335 SW. Even with the mediocre string in the demo, topspin was ample, and the stringbed was a little muted, but with a more classic feel than other Prince ported frames. Serving I found the racquet a little sluggish and tough to get around, due to the 2pts head light balance. I would have liked a whippier package with 7-8pts head light and a swingweight more in line with the o3/ozone tour lineage, but stronger baseliners comfortable with heavy swinging racquets should demo this one. This is a "let the racquet do the work" frame due to the balance; players with whippy, wristy forehands like myself will struggle to the the racquet head around. Serve/volley types or doubles players should look elsewhere, IMO.
From: Mike, Milwaukee, WI. 2/09
String type and tension: Prince Recoil 16, 58
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Brings back the good old days of the 107. It's a good stick. Don't know what the others are talking about, but for me, this stick has punch, power and control. Funky paint job has me looking elsewhere, but overall, this stick rocks.
From: Michael, glendale, ca. 2/09
String type and tension: kevlar/nxt tour........55 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: I enjoyed the Graphite 100, but it was to light and I prefer the Rebel 95. I am currently using it and it the best frame that I have ever used. If you want less power then go to any EXO3.
From: j.o.s, houston, texas. 2/09
String type and tension:hybrid
NTRP Rating: 5

Comments: The first time I demoed this frame it was strung with the latest version of Premier: I did not care for it......extremely muted with no feedback or control over my shots (flyers!). At the encouragement of some one else, I was asked to try it gain this time strung with Recoil (which I also did not care for in other frames): don't ask me why but it was a totally different experience! The frame was very solid with great targeting and extremely spin friendly. In my opinion this frame does not feel "too flexy" but rather nicely flexible as the 63 RA suggests. Just like to say that strings in this frame make a HUGE difference..but would agree the leather grip on this one is not great. I need to hit more with this one, but so far I am impressed unlike other posts so far.
From: John, California. 2/09
String type and tension: Recoil above mid tension

Comments: Too much power, I play with the Ozone Tour with Pacific strings, and that feels amazing, this racket is too flexible and way too powerful.
From: michael, willis, tx, usa. 1/08

Comments: Just demoed the graphite 100... I'm not too convinced. It feels nice when hitting a flat ball, so it worked on my two-hander and 1st serve. However, it felt a little too flexible and I couldn't control the spin well on my forehand and kicker. Probably not a great match for anyone who has an extreme western forehand like me. Additionally, all of the teaching pros who hit with the frame at my club said it felt very close to the original, only really difference is its wacky paint job. I can't see any advantages this has over my RDS 001...
From: Julithe, Omeka, Wisconsin. 1/09
String type and tension: Prince Recoil at mid-range
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments:Fine stick, not my cup of tea. I like a stiffer, "rougher around the edges" frame, and this one was just almost a little too flexy and soft on that arm of mine (63 years young--I got arms o' steel).
From: Jud, Sweet home, Alabama. 1/09
String type and tension: Ashaway Crossfire II
Headsize: 98-105 in.
NTRP Rating: 5.5--Teaching pro, former D1 college player

Comments: While visiting in FL over the Christmas break, I was able to hit with the EXO3 Graphite 100. I typically play with the Prince POG OS and I feel it plays very similar. I had a little more pop on the serve. I was unable to weight it, since it is supposed to be ~17g lighter, but I felt the swingweights were very close, and the flex was nearly identical. I typically have problems with my volleys with racquets that are not at least 5-9 pts head light, but if this frame is indeed only 2 pts head light, then it was the exception. Overall a very nice racquet, but not enough to convince me to give up my Prince POG OS's.
From: Gordie, Raleigh, NC, USA. 1/09
String type and tension: ? Demo from Prince Rep in Venice FL
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

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