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Comments: Great for serves and volleys. There is a lot of easy power. It feels like it has a large sweet spot, but is taking a while for me to get used to the length and power off the ground. I'm choking up on groundies a little. My forehand grip is moving toward a semi-western grip to get more spin. It's pretty stiff, so be careful with your string selection/tension. Right now I am stringing with a full bed of Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex at 55 lbs.
From: Jose, 10/13

Comments: I've had an X Fast Pro for a couple of months now and have the following observations: - Very nice stick, similar to the 2012 Pure Drive - Swings slightly lighter than my 2012 PD. - Nice feel, better then my 2012 PD. - Slightly more powerful than my 2012 PD - Better feel on my volleys than the PD - Does not feel as stiff as its 68 flex rating (I use hybrid of syn gut mains/poly crosses) - Serves about the same - no real difference in pace/spin Overall, this is a very nice stick that is a good alternative to the 2012 PD.
From: Brian, 9/13

Comments: Very happy with this frame. Fischer-like feel for sure but more forgiving and powerful. Really notice the difference on my serve and for some reason half-volleys, which have improved for me out of sight. I use full gut because of arm problems, and it seems to suit the racquet fine.
From: Steve, 4/13

Comments: Impressed with this racquet so far. I was looking for a racquet that was a little lighter than the Head Prestige Pro that I have been using. For the weight, it is very solid and serving is excellent. Very comfortable for the stiffness rating and has a bigger sweetspot than my Head Prestige. I have it strung with Volkl Cyclone in mains and Pacific Premium in the crosses. Bought without deoming and not sorry so far.
From: Anon, 3/13
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This rare beauty can be described as "the love-child of the Fischer FT Pro #1 and the Babolat Pure Drive. Lots of crushing, Babolat-like power, yet tons of control and maneuverability a la Fischer. This frame deserves more recognition and patronage. It is basically a more consistent Pure Drive. Nice work Pacific!
From: James, 1/13

Comments: This Pacific racquet is a very good frame. The performance level from this lighter frame is exceptional. If you prefer a stiffer frame because it feels better then you will not be disappointed. Similar to a Babolat frame, but the feel is superior. The Fischer technology is precise. I believe it is ideal for the 4.0 player that can't play with a 12oz frame. Try this racquet as you will not be disappointed if you have good strokes and are seeking a forgiving frame that produces sound results.
From: Mark, 11/12
String type and tension: Wilson NXT Tour @ 55 lbs

Comments: Frame has a nice feel. Decent power and good control. You won't notice the extra .25 inch length. Nice comfortable frame strung at 60 lbs with synthetic gut.
From: Bob, 5/12

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