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Comments: I demoed this racquet and it plays great! It is lively but not stiff and has lots of feel while still being pretty plush. It feels really light but it didn't feel unstable against bigger hitters. The 18x20 felt more like a 16x19 with good spin. I play with a Dunlop 200 Europe 16x19 and I would say this racquet plays the same way but is more stable, easier since it is 98 square inches, has a larger sweet spot and feels even better.
From: William, 8/13

Comments: A very well designed racquet. Surprised how easy it was to transition from playing for years with a Yonex to this. Great control, great balance, amazing power and control. Surprised this isn't used by more competitive players. Can generate great pace and spin with less effort, responds very well.
From: Armand, 8/13

Comments: I've been hitting Pacific's X Force which is 16x20 and .6 or so ounces lighter for 2 years now. This Pro is a totally different racquet; new mold, cosmetics and balance. Nothing like an 18x20 bed for that feel of control and solid contact. Happily, the sweet spot feels WAY larger on this 18x20 pattern that any other stick I've ever played, which has always been 16x20 regardless of brand. Shots struck at the bottom of the head sailed over easily; I swapped out my old stick for a few minutes and whoa give me the Pro back the feel was that much better on off-center hits. It could be the extra weight; I've always played 11 oz racquets - this one came in at 12.0 with an overgrip and dampener, 7 pts head light. With that extra oz you just don't have to work as hard especially on reaching shots. Pacific sticks are always very solid with no vibration issues which is why I prefer them and this racquet takes it to a new level. Very easy to string; 20 ft of 18g took care of the mains with 4" a side to spare. Highly recommended.
From: Rob, 2/12

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