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Comments: I put two of these on the Babolat RDC machine the other day, and they both came out at 58 for flex rating, not even close to 64. This is arguably the most unique racquet in its class. At first glance, the frame looks to be a competitor of the Babolat Aero Pro, the Babolat Pure Drive, the Head Instinct, the Wilson Juice the Prince Warrior, etc. The weight, swing weight, head size, and string pattern suggest similarities to those types of racquets, to the layperson. There are however, two glaring specifications of the Pacific XFeel Tour that separate it entirely from its competing class: 1) Flex rating and 2) Balance point. The racquet indeed has a flex rating that falls between 56 and 59, which is super soft regardless of any exact number there in-between. The balance point is actually 1-pt head heavy when strung, though that remarkably doesn't affect swing weight, which comes out between 304 and 310, again when strung. The slight head heaviness is easily offset by the extreme flexibility of this frame, preventing any "rocket launching" characteristics. I still yet prefer 15 grams of lead added to the handle, to pull back the balance somewhat to head light. All that said, this frame is ultimately too overlooked these days, amidst the reign of the Big Three and stiff, spin-friendly patterned sticks. Best not to forget that the XFeel Tour is just the latest variation of a long established Fischer frame, that began as the Air Carbon Pro Tour - same racquet but with Basalt fibers woven throughout in strategic areas.
From: James, 12/13

Comments: Concluding my comments from yesterday, TW has this flex listed at 56. It feels soft, but not that soft. I usually look at USRSA specs as they seem to be a little more precise. They show a stiffness rating of 64. That is closer to how it feels, although the actual number probably falls in the middle. I have this strung with Cyclone 17 at 57 lbs and because it is a fairly low powered frame, I'd say 54 or 55 lbs with a softer poly would do a tad better for pop and pocketing.
From: Matt, 10/13
Note From TW: Matt, actually our TW racquet spec guy is the one that did the USRSA spec and says that the USRSA only gets one racquet to spec, whereas at TW we get several usually and give an average spec. However, he says, you are correct and that 56 flex seems slightly low.

Comments: If this were a car it would win "best in its class." Note: I'm only comparing this to similar frames that have 1) around 11 ounce weight, 2) a constant beam of 20-22 mm, 3) 98 to 100 square inch head, and 4) a twist weight of at least 13.00 on the TW university scale. The only competition this racquet has that meets those criteria are the Exo3 Rebel 98 (close runner up but has too narrow a racquet face for 98 square inches), the Donnay X-Dual Silver (too open of a string pattern for my taste), the Biomimetic M3.0 (too stiff and muted feel), and the Organix 10 295 (too dense a pattern for 16x19). This Pacific X Feel Tour is the best of all worlds. It has good pop, good spin, good directional control etc. Basically, it is good at everything. There are sticks that give you more "free power" or "easy spin" but none match this in all around ability. Also, very comfortable and slightly soft feeling. And Pacific has the best stringbed in the industry, even squares throughout the face without having an extreme density in the middle or gaping open spots elsewhere. That is the most underrated, but important, aspect of a racquet's consistency capability. I'm a 5.5 player and coach who is clearly picky about equipment.
From: Matt, 9/13

Comments: I'm a girl U14 player and want to thank Pacific for this racquet! I've played thus far with a Wilson Blade Team, also a great stick, but my dad bought the X Feel Tour and I tried it and fell in love at once! The X Feel Tour is more delicate and precise in some way, really has better feel and I like it much more! I'm in heavy negotiations with my dad for a second X-Feel Tour to have two identical racquets for my tournaments. Thanks again, Pacific!
From: Lily, 5/13

Comments: I went on an extensive demo hunt over the last 3-4 months looking for my next racquet after playing with a Volkl DNX7 for many years. The DNX is a light, spin friendly, delightful racquet to play with, but I needed more control as I was always holding back from hitting balls with a full plow through worrying they would sail. I was losing confidence in my game as I was double guessing my swing. I generally prefer racquets under 11oz strung, but struggled to find anything with improved control and power in that weight range. The PXFP has decent power, but requires a lot from your swing to keep the ball in at times. This plus the weight (over 11 ounces) and frame stiffness caused some immediate arm and elbow issues for me after playing with them. I tried the Pacific X Feel Tour and I have to agree with other comments that this stick really does feel like an extension of my arm! Flexible frame, great feel, allows you to swing away and be confident in your shots. Very maneuverable at the net. It has the control of a Babolat Pure Storm but a tad less bulky. There was a significant drop in power. Not a spin intensive racquet but certainly easy to find it when needed. Great balance and a joy to play with! Overall very very happy with this stick!
From: Basit, 2/13

Comments: I come from heavy racquets like the Donnay Dark Red, but I have some medical problems that cause me muscle weakness, and I can't handle that weight for now, although I love their feel, power and touch. In a searching for a "handle- able" racquet for me I found this one. The flex and the head size, plus the weight and balance make this racquet the perfect choice for me. It does everything well. The control is awesome and the power is just right. I have to adjust my "timing" of my serve (the difference to my previous frame is big) but everything else just was grab and play, as if I had used it all my life. I now understand the term "extention of my arm".
From: Sebastian, 10/12
String type and tension: Pacific Natural Gut mains / Signum Pro Poly Plasma 1.23 crosses @ 53/50lbs

Comments: I bought this one and it became my #1 racquet right away. It's fast, sensitive, and friendly to the arm. With it I can control and move around the serves much better, and get the best backhand topspin. The best part is that it helps me hit with confidence and get results. I really trust this racquet.
From: Alberto, 9/12
String type and tension: Ashaway mains @ 52lbs / Prince Syn Gut crosses @ 56lbs

Comments: I tried this one out on vacation when the strings broke on my own racquet. I have to say that it is a very solid racquet. Due to some arm issues, I can't just use any racquet, but I could use this one. I was getting great spin and excellent power and depth. Volleying was good and I thought it was easily maneuverable. I actually was hitting better with this racquet than I was with my own racquet. One of the best frames I have ever tried.
From: Greg, 1/12

Comments: I tried this racquet out while and I loved it! The control it gives plus the touch is incredible. I had to buy it. I feel like I can't hit the ball out no matter how hard I try. I am ordering another one now!
From: Lisa, 9/11
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I demoed this racquet in search for a replacement for my aging Fisher Magnetic Tour 100 frames. Wow! This racquet feels just like my old Fisher, although the frame seems slightly stiffer. It feels amazing! The touch and power are only surpassed by the control this stick offers. I'm ordering two as soon as I return this demo.
From: Bret, 5/11
NTRP Rating: 4.5

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