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Comments: Great racquet! Bottom line - if you can supply your own power, have full, fluid strokes, solid volleys, and a solid serve -- then this stick will take your game to the next level. The control is insane. It's like a scalpel. It felt amazing at the net, allowing me to carve volleys, hit great angles and nice drop shots. Make no mistake, it's not for everyone. The sweet spot is small but rewarding. It challenges you but rewards you as well. Like others have said, you have to have it strung right. A hybrid is key. I use the Pacific set that comes with it, strung at 54 lbs and it works like a dream. Gut mains, poly crosses.
From: Roq, 6/13

Comments: I got this racquet by chance, including it on a whim with some others to demo, but I can't say enough about it. It feels like an extension of my hand and has a wonderful feel. I literally cannot put the thing down, even when I'm at home, and I've had it for 4 months now. I'm probably not good enough to play with it on the one hand, but I feel like it makes me a better player on the other. The original string job that came with it was the hybrid poly/gut that you can get for free when you order it. I thought that was nice, but now I have it strung up with a full bed of Gamma Zo Dart 17 @ 50 pounds, and it is even better. I suppose it depends on the poly you choose, but this one is pretty soft, and it has pleny of pop. The sweet spot is fairly small, as you'd expect, but the control and feel are amazing. Now I just need to save my pennies to get a second one.
From: Ned, 4/13

Comments: I tried this stick today. Great quality is the first things to notice. If you are a fan of using a full poly string bed then you can stop reading. But if you like the buttery feel of racquets this is the one! You can hit spin or slice, but the really strong parts of this racquet are: 1) Heavy serve 2) Flat shots 3) Volleys 4) heavy weight, but nice balance. I struggle on my double handed backhand, so that's why I keep my Volkl PB10mid that has a bigger sweetspot.
From: Jan, 4/13

Comments: I was a long-term (as in many years) user of the Fischer Vacuum Pro when it was available and this racquet is definitely more forgiving. The control is excellent and I find the frame has ample power. Topspin and slice are both easily produced and and you can flatten the ball out when required, Being single handed on the backhand, I find the maneuverability of the frame to be a bonus. It's good for volleys but I find it equally good from the baseline. I can't understand those who imply it is not so good off the ground. It's my all time favorite racquet.
From: Lew, 9/12
String type: Isospeed Control Classic

Comments: After over a year of having this racquet, I think it's time I write something about it. This stick requires a really good string job. Period. A very string-sensitive racquet. I could put in cheap syn gut in my other racquets (Redondo 93 and BlackAce 93) and could enjoy right away, but not with the X-Feel Pro. But once you have the right string job, the X-Feel Pro 90 becomes a magic wand at the blink of an eye -- a real joy to play with. The weight and balance just keeps telling you to "go for it" and you won't feel like staying rooted to the baseline. It just gets you moving. Even at 46 years old I could still play for two hours straight without my arm tiring out. I have yet to test more to come up with even better string job combo. BTW, I still have the promo string set. I'm saving it for when I find the right combo. Design-wise, I really like the hard plastic, one-piece pallet-butt combo design of the Pacific. They won't get brittle over time and there's no butt cap to worry. No staples to tear away the material so you won't run into the problem of the buttcap tearing out from the handle/pallet that had occurred to some other racquet brands. I think I should stock up on this thing.
From: Anirut, 9/12
String type and tension: ProSupex Big Ace 17g mains @ 52 lbs / Gosen OG Micro 16g crosses @ 54 lbs

Comments: This is a really nice racquet, but a little out of my league right now. Picked this up when I was playing more frequently but, after an absence from the game I'm trying to find my form again and this frame is not forgiving enough. However, that's user error, not equipment error. I love to attack the net but right now am more on the baseline and this frame doesn't suite that the best. Back when I was playing more my thoughts were that this frame feels lighter than it is and is surprisingly maneuverable. I think it's at a great overall strung weight. Serving with this was easier than I expected. I, at first, thought the weight would become an issue late into a match but, it never did. One of favorite shots to hit with a player's racquet is the slice (Pro Staff memories...drool) and this stick delivers. Love the flex. I have elbow issues and this frame has yet to agitate it (save for bad form here and there). Stability is great when on the receiving end of heavy shots or serves. Volleys were also very solid. Love the control. Underpowered but that was to be expected. I might try a larger head Pacific if they're anywhere close to this one in the other areas for more forgiveness (my only complaint for this racquet) and maybe some free power. Not getting rid of mine cause it's an awesome stick, but want to come back to it when my form is back.
From: Andy, 7/12
String type and tension: Pacific Classic Gut mains @ 56 lbs / Poly Soft Hybrid 16L Promo String crosses @ 54 lbs

Comments: So I decided to throw this in with my last demo as a "might as well" racquet, knowing full well I wouldn't pick this one. I demo'd it along with the PS85, blx90, volkl, pb10, and dunlop 200 4d tour. Little did I know this would turn out to be my favorite racquet by far. It hits like a dream and has control like you can't imagine. The one complaint that is true is that it is a bit underpowered, but that's perfect for me being that I'm 6' 215lbs and take big swings at the ball, half swings need not apply. Other people have commented about the small sweet spot; it's just as small as you'd expect from any 90in head, but who wants to hit offcenter all the time anyway? I'm by no means a 5.0 player but I have no problem playing my best with this stick, proper footwork and technique matter so much more than headsize or weight. Try this stick and let it surprise you.
From: Justin, 5/12

Comments: This racquet is the jam...your arm won't hurt, your shots go exactly where you mean them to go (provided you have the technique of course) and you look super cool using it, since chances are you're the only one at the club with one. The most solid feeling racquet I've ever used. Not for the pure baseliner, but who wants to play like that anyway? Order one and enjoy, or order one and then up your game til you can enjoy!!!!
From: Jordan, 2/12

Comments: I've been hitting with this racquet for about a month now, having used Fischer Vacuum Pro 90's for nearly twenty years. My impression is that this stick hasn't got quite the same precise feel as the original, especially on my sliced backhand and volleys. On the positive side, I'm finding it to have more power. It's close enough to the Fischer version to make it an acceptable replacement and an excellent racquet in its own right.
From: Steve, 12/11
String type and tension: Pacific Prime Gut, 52 lbs

Comments: This is an awesome stick. The stability reminds me of the Pro Staff 85, but with a tad bigger sweet spot. The control from this racquet is equally impressive. I was able to take full swings on my groundstrokes. Slices were perfect and up at the net it had amazing touch and feel. I will definitely be getting these racquets soon!
From: Rohit, 11/11
String type and tension: Wilson Duo
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This is an incredible stick, not the greatest for baseline or top spin grinders, but you will be rewarded with flat strokes, volleys, and especially with serve- and-volley game. I literally added 10 to 15 mph on my serve and never hit with such confidence on my BH. I am sure that with a bit more conditioning it will force me to become a better player.
From: Tapatio. 10/11
String type and tension: Pacific Classic gut @ 54 lbs Mains / Pacific Poly force @ 52lbs Crosses
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This is a fun stick. It's very maneuverable, very well balanced weight wise and I didn't need any major adjustments to my groundstrokes or service when I made this switch. I especially enjoyed this racquet on my serve. Having had some issues with the Pro Staff 88 with fatiguing rather quickly on my serves I thought I would have had some with this as well. Not the case and it was a super nice surprise. The leather grip is good but I've never been partial to them. Stiffness is just right. Feel is awesome. I didn't notice a drop in power but I've been playing with frames with sub-93in heads for a long time. I love this stick. Great job Pacific!
From: Andrew, 10/11
String type and tension: Classic Gut/Poly Soft hybrid, 56 lbs in mains and 54 lbs in crosses

Comments: I got really excited when I saw the specs on this racquet and decided to demo it. Great accuracy but needs to be a little stiffer. I would love to see this in a stiffness index of about 64 or 65. Perhaps next time making the frame/shaft 20mm.
From: David, 10/11
String type and tension: Wilson NXT at 58 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I have more than 40 sticks and played with over 80, this stick is the best of all. It is accurate, precise and has stunning control and stability. I have killer backhands and forehands. It is almost impossible for the opponent to return my missiles! Pacific brought this baby to life, thank you so much! A must to demo!
From: Andy, 10/11
String type and tension: Pacific hybrid
NTRP Rating: 6.0

Comments: I am an owner of 5 of the original and I have to say this version is better!With that being said, I think the the original is extraordinary. I get touch, feel and power with the correct stroke, and it is true bliss when the ball is struck in the admittedly small sweet spot. I am 53 and just played two hotshots at the club, both 22 years old who kept asking what on earth is this racquet you are hitting with as ace after ace kept going by them. Demo and enjoy!
From: Richard, 8/11
String type and tension: 54 on the mains, 52 on the crosses

Comments: Wow, this is an awesome stick. I used the promo string setup with the poly gut / hybrid strung at 55 lbs, and liked the racquet from the first hit. Very stable at the baseline or the net, and puts the ball where you want it. I was a bit disappointed with the handle as it looks like the leather grip was an afterthought and sloppily done. Also, there is no bevel on the handle and the cosmetics just don't compliment the beautiful frame. Overall 9.5 out of 10.
From: Paul, 7/11
String type and tension: Pacific Poly/Gut Hybrid
Headsize: 90
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This is an extraordinary frame, and all the superlatives I know would do it an injustice. For someone who typically hits flat, it produces great pace and depth, and when you want to hit deep and with topspin, this tool will oblige. Do not be put off by the cautions issued elsewhere about how one must be a 5.0+ to produce results with the Pacific X; but do know that, if you purchase this racquet,you should be prepared to engage your hips and torso, and not merely your arms: in other words, to receive the full rewards of this racquet, you need to aim for your technical and bio-mechanical best. I would say that this frame is more forgiving than the Fed BLX 6.1, with which I have played for a long time, and that especially on the backhand side -- particularly in slicing -- it outperforms the great and venerated 6.1. Some may want to add a bit of lead to enhance this frame's stability, but I found it to be more than adequate as stocked. With regard to stringing, I followed Granville S's advice: 54 on the mains, and 52 on the crosses, but I used gut on the mains and Xcel on the crosses. This hybrid produces terrific power without any apparent loss of control, and I have been able to hit flat out and with top spin from both wings. For less money, try the Dunlop 100 4D or 100 Biomimetic, although the earlier 4D version seems more stable and possesses a larger sweet spot. For what it is worth, I am 60, and a solid 4.0-4.5 all-courter. For younger players who have the courage to hit out and to aim for kinetic smoothness, I cannot imagine a finer frame. If you ever have hit with the older Fisher frames, too, you might want to try this. Wow.
From: P. Krause. 6/11

Comments: Makes the Federer stick feel like a bazooka by comparison. This thing is deadsville.
From: Chris. 6/11

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