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Comments: I really enjoy hitting with these in my Pacific X Force Pros. I strung a full bed at 56.5 lbs and it was a little dead feeling at first, but after about 5 hours of hitting they broke in really nicely. I can say that this is the first full poly setup I've ever used that hasn't made my elbow and wrist hurt. I really enjoyed the feel from the 18 gauge, as it had great spin and control, but shots didn't land short either.
From: Jordan, 9/12

Comments: I have strung my Pacific X Comp strung with this string at 50lbs. The string plays nicely. There is a bit of string movement which did not bother me. String was fairly soft and easy on my arm. Price is a little on the high side which makes me not very happy.
From: MO, 12/11

Comments: Very powerful strings indeed. Strung these at 60 lbs on both mains and crosses on my Head Youtek Speed MP 18x20. It took some time getting to use to since these strings weren't as stiff as the strings I was using but once the break-in period was over I gotta say they were one heck of a string. They actually produced a lot of spin after the break in period but what got me hooked was the amount of control and feel I got. Sadly though they only lasted about 6 hours but that was my fault. If these strings didn't cost more than Signum Pro Poly Plasma I would try them again!
From: Duy. 5/11

Comments: Great string for the mains. It keeps its tension for long time and is very durable. I use a synthetic gut for the crosses in my Babolat Pure Drive for a little more power and feel. I love this string even though it is not a poly, but some "secret" material.
From: Bill, Cola, SC, USA. 4/11

Comments: My favorite full bed on C10 pro; great combination of power/spin and control. Also durable and playable for some time.
From: Mike, Scottsdale, AZ, USA, 01/11
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: It's unbelievably comfy!! I strung full set with Head YT Prestige MP at 58/56. I found the string give a very good touch and feel. Spin is good as well but the power is a little bit too much for me. I played about 1 hour today and it's still in the good shape.
From: BOZO, Bangkok, Thailand. 6/10

Comments: This is a great string, I played with it in a full set and it did not feel as stiff as I imagined. It is not so great for spin but gave me a lot of power, overall an 8 on a scale of 1-10.
From: Antonio, Milan, Italy 02/10

Comments: It's a good polyester, but I would recommend only stringing it in the mains. The string needs a little more power to back its spin. One more thing, if you do a full string job with this string, you tend to lose a LOT of feel if you put a shock absorber on. Babolat Pure Storm Tour+ @60 lbs
From: ROB, Philadelphia, PA, USA 12/09

Comments: Great string have been using Wilson Enduro Tour 18 for a year this string, has better ball speed and control and seems to hold its tension very well. As for the touch I feel that may be the only negative. I would say the feel on volleys is 15% less than the tour but the power and ball speed more than make up for it!!! I am very pleased and will probably switch. After 6 hours the strings are very lively and responsive. I have it in a Wilson K Factor Team 18x20 at 52lbs strung as a one piece string job.
From: Chris C, Atlanta Georgia USA 12/09

Comments: This string generates a lot of spin due to its thickness(1.19mm). It can generate spin than many other strings I have used. Excellent durability, power and feel. I recommend this string if you are thinking of poly string or especially spin hitter and for hard hitter as well.
From: Siratee, Bangkok, Thailand. 10/09

Comments: Great string. Nice feel and touch. Generates a lot of spin. Durable as well. But it lacks power if strung on its own. Would be great for a hybrid job.
From: Tommy, Singapore. 12/07

Comments: Absolute best poly I've ever used. Well, I'm not sure if it is entirely a poly, but this is no multifilament! Very crisp response and great feel. Doesn't feel stiff like the Big Bangers or Poly Plasma. Tension retention is not bad, but it's not its best attribute. I put it on my crosses for enhanced feel (yes, from a poly!!). The color is very attractive as well.
From: KV, TX, USA. 11/07

Comments: I've been using this string for months now and really like it. It's durable, responsive, and I'm able to impart great spin. I have both my Babolat Pure Drive and Prince 03 White strung with. Highly recommended.
From: Ward, Atlanta, GA, USA. 7/07

Comments: This is very durable string. It has excellent pop, control, durability, reduces vibrations. Most of all, it has excellent rebound. Use this string if you don't like poly as main. A lot better than big banger alu. It has the properties of poly with synthetic gut. Use them as main. Pacific power line is durable, reduces vibrations, and has more power and more rebound than x-force. It has less power than x-biphase 18 gauge but a lot more durable than Tecnifibre x1-biphase. You can get the same power as x1-biphase when string 2lbs less. Recommend both strings.
From: Peter, Vancouver, Canada, 01/07

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