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Comments: Wow! What a great string. I have been playing with Tornado for 18 months and loved it but having tried X Force 17 and I am changing to it. Great power, spin and feel. I use it as a full bed at 54 lbs in my Organix 4. I'm a 62 year old coach/stringer and have never been so enthusiastic about a new string.
From: John, 1/14

Comments: X force is a very special string. After 15 days of using it in my Solinco Pro 10 at 54 lbs, I found that this string is number #1 for slices, also it provides a lot of power in my first serve (flat swing) and a lot of kick in my second serve. In the aspect of power, yes, the X force provides more power than other polys like signum pro poly plasma or luxilon big banger alupower, and with X force string your ball travels with more speed to the baseline. The feel is great and the spin that you can generate with this string only can be understood if you test it.
From: Elias, 3/13

Comments: I tried this in a pacific Pro X Racquet at mid tension while I was demoing it. I actually liked the string a lot, as it felt low powered and loaded with control and feel. Spin could be generated but needs a good fast swing. Overall, this is a decent string and the color is awesome!
From: Luke, AZ, USA. 4/11

Comments: This is a fairly stiff string but if you can handle a full bed of polys it does play beautifully. It's certainly more forgiving than other polys I've tried and provides beautiful control and a good level of power. Be careful not to string it at too low a tension though or you can find yourself getting an annoying trampoline effect happening, which sends balls flying and wrecks your serve. Mid range on most sticks should be fine. The orange colour does look pretty cool too by the way.
From: Mickeydoo, Hanoi, Vietnam, 03/11

Comments: Might have found my new setup! 17-g on the mains at 58, VS touch on the crosses at 58. Awesome topspin, nice power, strings don't move, what's not to love!
From: Tim, Redlands, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: Yes it doesn't lose tension and yes control is great along with the color but not for players with arm problems. Definitely caused arm problems with me. I have to say even if you are a big hitter used to stiff strings, still try to string at lower tensions. Prince o3 white strung at 27 kg.
From: Ahmet, Istanbul, Turkey, 02/11

Comments: I play with a Head Youtek prestige MP. Until a month ago I used to string my racquet with head ets 16 tension 62lbs. It is a nice string but this X-force is way better. I use the same tension but the x force give me more pop and also you have a much better feel. Also I can generate way better topspin. Played 16 hours with this strings and they didn't move at all and I don't think they lost any tension. If you are like me, a player who likes to hit the ball pretty hard and flat and you string the racquet to the max tension recommended because you want control just try this string.
From: Andrei, Astoria, NY, 02/11

Comments: This string is probably the best in the market. I use it on my mains with Pacific Tough Gut in the crosses and every time I play I'm thrilled that it's in my stick. The ONLY problem is that it's not actually 41 feet, it's more like 39.75 feet. I can't get the ends to get to the tension head of my stringer. Other than that it's great!
From: Javier, CA, 4.0 player Head Flexpoint Prestige Mid+ strung at 57lbs. 4/10

Comments: This string is the best string I have ever used. I use it at 56 on my KBlade 93 and it offers the best feel in the world! The ball is so clean and the feel is so good.. I love it. A try!
From: Neil, NY, USA, 02/10

Comments: If you want to know how people feel about X Force 17, just try to order it. At the recommendation of a college player, I tried this unique string and haven't looked for another. Whether using a full stringbed or combining it with a soft multi, you can't go wrong with the power and control offered by this material. While the ever popular rough or shaped polys seem to garner attention, Pacific X Force is a much better partner in a hybrid setup. Since the material has little movement in the mains, it can be used to produce topspin for which all polys are known. However, its unique surface attributes make it easy on any multi you choose for the cross string. So if you want the benefits of a poly that comes with better hybrid longevity and won't ruin your wrist, elbow, or shoulder, then give this stuff a try.
From: Jim, Montgomery, TX, USA 12/09

Comments: Use it on a Head youtek radical mp at 58lbs. The string rocks. Just great feel and plenty of power to.
From: shaan, Des Plaines, IL, USA. 7/09

Comments: Join the X-force bandwagon. Mountains of spin and power when you find the middle, however, not very forgiving on off centre shots. Pacific make the best strings in the world!
From: Alex + Andy + Brad, Adelaide, Australia. 3/09

Comments: Started playing again Summer 2007 and have tried various strings, this is my favorite. Good power and control, plus mad topspin -- even better than a textured topspin oriented string I tried (Ashaway Dynamite). Virtually no string movement as well. Very nice string.
From: Sean, College Park, MD, USA. 9/08

Comments: Incredible string. Most strings I used in 17-gauge at 62lbs (unsurprisingly) snapped after 1 week of play. After 2 months of play this string is still in my stick when strung at 64lbs --with minimum loss of tension. Just incredible. It plays very well. Great power, great control and feel. String movement is almost non-existent. Highly recommended for any 4.5+ player.
From: Nicolai, Austin, TX, USA, 07/08

Comments: This string rocks! I have it hybrid in a Flexpoint radical midplus hybrid with head FXP or synthetic gut in the crosses. Tons of spin, tons of power, great feel, and huge durability for a 17 gauge. A must try for everyone. Got to love the color too!
From: Paul, Chicago, IL, USA, 01/07

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