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Comments: Bought the orange and white ones a year ago and they were great. Bought a white pair this summer, same size, but they feel a half size larger. I stuck inserts in them and they work okay.
From: Lisa, 8/12

Comments: I'm a former competitive tennis player who wears a women's size 9.5. The Prince T22 shoe is one of the most comfortable pairs of tennis shoes I've ever played in. Usually you have to break tennis shoes in before "really playing" in them but not with these. I can play a match on day 1 and not get blisters. The shoe is durable (unlike Nike) but not too heavy. The shoe comes in lots of color options too which allows for finding your own flare.
From: Abby, 8/12

Comments: I switched from a KSwiss style that has now been discontinued - I used to buy them three pair at a time because I was afraid they would be gone. Now they are, and the new KSwiss with the roll bar hurt my foot terribly when I tried them on. So, time for a different shoe. Looking for a year, finally I was recommended these. I tried them on - feels like I'm wearing bedroom slippers, they are so comfortable. I was told me that to go 1/2 size down on these - he was right. The arch in the 9-1/2 hit in a funny place, but the 9's are perfect. I haven't worn a 9 in 15 years. I play 3-5 times per week, 4.0-4.5 singles and doubles - no foot pain, no break-in needed. One issue - the shoes are giving me a small blister/callous on my left foot in two places: on the right side of my big toe, and on the right side of my left foot about between the joint and the ball of the toe. But it doesn't hurt - I just notice it when I take off the shoe.
From: Karen, 6/12

Comments: My pinky toes were gets blisters so I re-laced the shoe so that the lace did not go through hole next to pinky and that relieved the pressure. Blisters healed. On clay the shoe keeps my feet cool. On hard court the sole of my foot was burning up. It is a very comfortable shoe, wide toes box. I am a 9 but with orthotics and size 9.5 was perfect.
From: Anon, 6/12

Comments: This shoe was the best shoe I have ever had in my life. They are comfortable and they have a lot of support. I just switched from Nike to this shoe because Nike wears out to quickly and my foot moves and that made me brake my big toes nail. I love this shoe very much and I strongly recommend it to everybody that played tennis because your feet have to feel good because you run so much.
From: Sam, 6/12

Comments: I wear Yonex, Fila, New Balance, Babolat and I just got these Prince and I love them. requires zero break-in, they are low to the ground, sole si wide and stable, they feel light. I have high arch (use orthotics so my 9 foot takes a size 9.5 in these shoes)) and I need a wide toe box and these shoes work great for that. Yes they look slightly clowny on the top but they come in 8 colors so that is cool.
From: Anon, 5/12

Comments: These shoes are terrific! I couldn't believe the instant comfort when trying the shoes on, however one doesn't know how new shoes will feel after a hard match on the court. No worries with the Prince T22! I play around 3 or 4 matches per week, and have been nursing foot problems (metatarsalgia, plantar fascitis, and bunion pain) for a couple of years. The pain has gone away! If you have a rather wide foot and seek arch support and a cushion feel, this shoe may be for you. I hope Prince doesn't discontinue this style, as I will be buying more in the near future!
From: Nancy, 4/12

Comments: Alright, I just got these shoes today. I wear a 7. They look cute. One problem, the toes are shaped like a clown. I feel like Ronald MacDonald in these shoes! Seriously, it's clunky. The little holes were cool, and the silver lines are artsy -- the problem is the shape -- at first, I felt like riding in a boat. There was too much room for my toes and the heels are not snug. So I tried to wear thick socks, but then it made the middle of the shoe tight, I was maybe losing blood circulation, after a few hours of walking around the house with it, I am deciding to ship this back tomorrow. Darn, I thought I already found a perfect shoe. Well, I am out on the hunt again, maybe Nike Zoom will do it.
From: Maritess, 2/12

Comments: I found the grey plastic stabilizer band hurt the top of my big toe joint so much that it is still painful to the touch after not wearing them for 4 months! Also gave me ball of foot pain and aggravated my plantar fasciitis!
From: Sue, 2/12

Comments: I've tried a variety of Prince, Nike, and Adidas shoes and I always find that Prince shoes are the most comfortable for me because I have wide feet. These have been my favorite Prince shoes so far because not only are they comfortable, I love the turquoise color as well!
From: Tina, 2/12

Comments: This is my third pair of T22 shoes. I love that they are low to the ground and I don't have to worry about rolling my ankles. I've worn the white/silver and white/orange in size 8.5. When I tried on the black, I found the size 9 to be more comfortable, which is strange, if they are all manufactured from the same mold. I've only worn them once so far and as another review said, I felt pain in the ball of my right foot. Again, strange if it is the same shoe, but just in a different color. I would definitely recommend thick padded socks for these shoes (Thorlo thick cushion). Love the wide to box. I just do not understand why different colors are sized differently.
From: Jocelyn, 1/12

Comments: I bought them in a 8.5 for my 12-year-old girl. She says they look good, are light and fit like a glove.
From: Dennis, 12/11

Comments: These are the best shoes I have ever owned. I have relatively wide feet, and these suit my needs perfectly with amazing comfort. I definitely recommend these!
From: Julie, 11/11

Comments: Overall I like these shoes because they fit well and have a wider toe box. So many sneakers are just too tight across the top of the foot and up front. The shoes are flexible and don't require a lot of break-in time. The downside is they are a bit clunky looking (if that matters to you) and they are somewhat clunky and heavy. Prince does not make the lightest shoes. Also I find that they grip a hard court too well sometimes. I have hurt my knee in these shoes because I go to place my foot and it just stops. In the end, I suppose I am sort of neutral about them. They fit well and are comfortable but have caused me some knee pain and they are a bit hot and heavy to play in on concrete in Florida. They are not "bad" shoes but are somewhat expensive too.
From: Lashelle, 11/11

Comments: These shoes are killing my feet. I found them to run large. My feet are slightly on the wide side, and I even had to buy super thick socks. Too much play inside the shoe. I've never experienced this kind of soreness before.
From: L, 11/11

Comments: These are great shoes. I am on my 2nd pair and still loving them. I'm 13 and play tennis everyday for at least 4 hours. I would not change a thing!
From: Michelle, 10/11

Comments: I love these shoes. They are very comfortable and are wearing well. I have had them since May and play a couple times a week on hard courts inside and out. I wear 7.5B dress shoes and have high arches; I size up on my sports shoes and wear with thick Thorlos. I will buy again.
From: Suse, 10/11

Comments: I usually wear a 7, but the 6 1/2 fit better. It is nice and snug on the heel. There is no break- in required which is probably due to the mesh instead of solid fake leather. Only downside is the design of the toebox gives them a slight clown-like appearance.
From: Lisa, 9/11

Comments: I found this shoe to be a little on the wide side.
From: Anon, 9/11

Comments: Oh, the Cadillac of shoes! Today, I wore them straight onto the court - zero break in, and they were awesome. Cushiony, hugs the foot, lots of support, not hot, spongy thick rounded heel and plenty of toe room. Good support without heaviness or stiffness and good breathability. Amazing shoes!
From: Kath, 8/11

Comments: I absolutely love these sneakers. They are comfortable from the get go. I love the comfort of a wide toe-box and the feel of control and maneuverability, on the court. I appreciate the 6 month outer-sole guarantee. Don't change anything, I will buy again.
From: EC, 7/11

Comments: I have tried many different tennis shoes before finally finding the Prince T22. I absolutely love them and I am very picky. They are very comfortable, have good cushioning, and good support. Overall, they are very, very good.
From: Anon, 7/11

Comments: These shoes are awesome. This is my fourth time buying them. I have sensitive feet, and these are the best tennis shoes I have ever worn. They have a wide toebox, which is perfect for me. These shoes need very little time to break- in. Also, they also are quite durable. I play every day for 3-4 hours and they last quite a long time. I highly recommend these shoes. My only complaint with this shoe is that it is heavy.
From: Anon, 7/11

Comments: I find them very comfortable on the court but have experienced pain in my lower achilles the day after in both feet. I have never had this before and am wondering whether the shoes are contributing to this!? I tried putting an athletic support insole in but this "day after play" discomfort is still apparent. It's kind of strange.
From: Stephanie. 6/11

Comments: These are the most comfortable tennis shoes I've ever had. Got a second pair so I'd have two colors. The toe box is a little wider than is typical for tennis shoes. I don't think of my feet as being super wide, but every other pair of shoes I've had (Nike, K-Swiss) would rub somewhere around my toes and therefore be uncomfortable. Definitely no rubbing with these. If you have really narrow feet, these shoes may be too wide for you and thus feel unstable. There was no break- in period for me, comfortable right out of the box. Love them.
From: Jean. 5/11

Comments: I've had these shoes for about a year now and can't stand them. I have slightly wide feet and play about twice a week. After playing an hour they start to hurt the inner and outer sides of my feet. Also, they feel like boats on my feet (heavy and wide). I am definitely not going to buy these again.
From: Jacqueline, NY, USA. 4/11

Comments: These are great shoes. Very comfortable and durable. I would highly suggest these shoes for anyone with sensitive feet!
From: Kabryn, Denver, CO, USA, 01/11

Comments: I'm a player that plays everyday and at first it hurt my little toe but after it was broken in they are amazing! I love them and they conform to your feet.
From: Celesta, DE, USA, 01/11

Comments: Hurts my small toe, to such a point that I can't wear them 2 days in a row. I would not buy them again and am going back to Asics or New Balance
From: Mary, Warren, NJ, USA, 01/11

Comments: I love these, but bought the black ones and they seem to be a 1/2 size smaller than other colors. I wasn't the only one who thought that, so make sure you try them on before ordering different colors! Other than that they are a great, durable shoe. Best on hard courts
From: Carolyn, CA, USA, 12/10

Comments: These are the clunkiest shoes I have ever tried. Way too wide in the toe box and I have normal feet. They also caused a painful bump on my Achilles. When on the court these shoes constantly reminded me of their heaviness so have returned to Nike.
From: Connie, Little Rock, AR, USA, 11/10

Comments: I wore these for the first time last night and my feet felt like they were in heaven. I typically wear Nike Zoom Breathe due to their comfort, durability, and lightness but I am sick of wearing white shoes. After trying on numerous pairs of men's black shoes (which were always too wide) the salesperson encouraged me to try the black T22s. I love them!
From: Nicole, Detroit, Mi. 10/10

Comments: I have been a Prince fan for years. I tried these shoes after being totally disappointed with the Scream 3. These shoes need a break in period and during that time I developed burning pain in my arches. I am so tired of spending money on Prince shoes that continually disappoint me. I will look elsewhere now for better shoes.
From: Jean, Fayetteville, 10/10

Comments: I absolutely love these shoes. They require minimal break in and though I have only had them two months I can tell they are going to last me a while. My Wilson Trance tennis shoes used to make the arches of my feet hurt as well as my toes but I have not experienced any of that with these shoes. i am a 4.0 player, play 4 times a week on hard court.
From: Jannette, Las Cruces, NM, USA, 10/10

Comments: I love this shoe! I feel like I can run so much faster because they feel so light on your feet. They fit your foot nice and they have very good comfort, especially in the heel. This is a great shoe.
From: Anon, TX, USA, 10/10

Comments: These shoes are great! I've worn every brand of shoe out there, Nike, Adidas, K Swiss, Wilson, etc. and these are THE best! They last FOREVER and are so comfortable because I have plantar faciitis so these definitely help keep my feet supported! I strongly suggest getting these shoes!
From: Mary, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. 7/10

Comments: I have a slight overpronation problem that leads to IT band syndrome and plantar faciitis; thus, picking the right shoe is very important to me. I went to the Tennis magazine web site and read their reviews. The Prince T22 and Asics Gel Revolution 2 were among the highest rated shoes, so I tried both. I ended up going with the Asics because they are lighter and provide more support. Although the Prince shoe feels lower to the ground, which I like, they felt like clunky clown shoes on my feet (due to the wide, mesh and rubber toe box). I was worried that the heavy feel would slow me down and the movement of my feet in the shoe would lead to injury.
From: Carol, Illinois, USA. 6/10

Comments: I have them in grey and yellow. Love them! I decided to buy them in white and black. For some reason the black and white fit tight and hurt the ball of my left foot. Same size shoe. So what's up with that? Did Prince change their sizes from color to color?
From: amy, usa. 6/10

Comments: These are by far the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I play 2 hours a day, 3 to 4 times a week, come home, feet don't hurt at all!!! I'm taking these to Washington DC this summer for a week of walking!
From: Pam, Vero Beach, FLA. 4/10

Comments: I absolutely LOVE these shoes!! They are awesome!! They needed absolutely no break in, which was really nice. I usually get bad blisters from breaking in my shoes, but not these. I was a little worried they were going to be really clunky and hard to move around in, but they are VERY comfortable, and REALLY easy to move around in. I would definitely recommend these shoes to tennis players!!
From: Krissy, Elwood, UT. 4/10

Comments: Awesome shoe. I play 18 hrs a week and these have definitely lasted me the longest out of any shoe I've played with.
From: anon. 03/10

Comments: I miss the T20s. This was the best shoe I ever wore. The newer version hits is not comfortable in the portion that hits the width of my foot. Bring back the T20's.
From: Lisa, Los Angeles, CA, USA 01/10
(Please note that the T22 is not a replacement for the T20. This shoe is more similar to the T10. -- TW)

Comments: Still love them! About to order my third pair -- wide platform keeps me from twisting my ankles in quick lateral movements. Plenty of toe room and breathable fabric on top. Sturdy yet lightweight. I do wear a basic Dr. Scholl's insole, due to my flat feet. Prince, PLEASE don't "fix/improve" this model by changing it, or worse yet, discontinuing it!
From: Sandi, Dallas, TX USA. 11/09

Comments: Great shoes! I've worn T10's FOREVER. Well, since I had bunionectomies on both feet. I'm so picky about my shoes it's probably overboard but going through that makes you treat those feet better than gold. I like that they're different and are "just right" lighter than the T10s. I feel the same in not wanting cloud or pink and Prince actually does make some nice T22s that are black and others that have lots of red in them but for some reason are hard to find. Maybe check a local rep?
From: Cindy, Conway, AR, USA 11/09
4.5 player

Comments: The shoes are awesome. I have narrow feet, and these are a touch on the wide side, but they are fine when I really cinch the lases. I agree that they are comfortable right out of the box. Great shoe (4.5 competitive player)
From: Emily, St. Charles, MO, USA. 10/09

Comments: UGH. Clunky and way too warm, I wanted to love these but my feet always hurt the next day after a tough match. Worn maybe 15 times, looking to replace and toss them. Gave me blisters from the heat generated inside and definitely not light on your feet. Lots of play inside the shoe. I have average width and my feet slide around inside, sprained my toe and jammed toenails OUCH!
From: Sandra, Clev, OH. 9/09

Comments: These shoes are very comfortable - lightweight and no break in period AT ALL. I stopped wearing them, though, when I rolled my ankle twice in once match! I went back to my Wilson Tour II - a little clunky but at least they are stable and I can take quick cuts without worry of injuring myself.
From: Janet, IL 09/09

Comments: AWESOME SHOES.... I love these shoes except they caused pain on the ball of my foot due to the width of my foot. I played a sectional tournament 2 matches per day for 4 days and hurt my left foot. I don't blame these shoes but would like to see "wide" or "D" like NB on these shoes. If you don't require wider shoes but are low to medium these shoes are for you. JEALOUS.
From: Quintero L, Temecula. California USA. 9/09

Comments: No break in required and quite comfortable. I found the shoe quite light, which is nice when running around the court. Not good for everyday or prolonged play esp. on hard courts (I play 2-3 hours a day sometimes) as the sole isn't as tough and didn't last long. Nice to have in your bag for matches or shorter practice sessions.
From: MM, Boston, MA 09/09

Comments: After reading previous comments I wonder if I have the same shoe. These shoes are heavy and very warm. My knees ache after one set (which is not typical). I've tried for a month to break them in and it isn't working. I wear a size 6 1/2 and wonder if larger sizes are scaled better.
From: Gail, Wisconsin, USA 08/09

Comments: I really love this shoe. I have plantar fasciitis and after I wear them, my feet don't hurt as badly as usual. Really comfortable. I have ankle problems, but I feel great wearing these with my ankle braces. Runs true to size.
From: Lisa, Brookline, NH, USA 08/09

Comments: Switched to this shoe because my others were killing my feet. I love this shoe. It has great cushioning, very little break-in required, and great support. I would recommend it to anyone.
From: Kristie, SC. 7/09

Comments: I bought the Grey/Yellow T-22 last fall because they were dark in color. I get so tired of white and pink women's shoes and I wanted something more aggressive looking. They are very good shoes, especially for the money. I like them as much as my Lacoste Repels, which cost significantly more. The sole has been very durable. The shoe has a lot of cushion and I can play for a couple of hours on hard court before my legs, knees, and ankles get sore and tired (that's really good for me). 3.5 player - 3Xs a week - hard and clay courts.
From: KC, Winston-Salem, NC USA. 6/09

Comments: My favorite shoes. Great support, and they run true to size! I like them much better than the New Balance I have been wearing, so I'll have to get a second pair in case they are discontinued!
From: Meg, Chattanooga, TN, USA. 5/09

Comments: Great shoes. Love them! I used to wear the Adidas Barricades, but they were too heavy. The Prince T22's are SO much lighter & comfortable right out of the box but they do not have great arch support. Lots of compliments on the grey/yellow color. Why doesn't Prince make some more dramatic fun colors in the women's line like they do the men's line? The men get reds and blacks and we usually only get powdery colors or white with the exception of these!
From: Laurie, Charleston, SC, USA. 5/09

Comments: I love these shoes except on clay they don't have the best traction...great stability, comfort.
From: Carolyn, USA. 2/09

Comments: These shoe's are awesome they are extremely comfortable and light weight and have a lot of drag support, which I do a lot of. They are the best shoes for tennis I've had so far.
From: Caitlyn, Norman, Oklahoma, USA. 2/09

Comments: Excellent shoes right out of the box. Nice low to the ground feel let's me get after the ball without worry.
From: Michelle, Pueblo, CO, USA, 11/08

Comments: These are the best shoes I've had in a long time. They are comfortable right out of the box. Great support, great cushioning. Highly recommend!!!
From: Linda, Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. 9/08

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