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Comments: I purchased 25+ pairs of the QT Scream tennis shoes over the years. I loved the wide toe box, the arch, and the heel cradle but I wore through them quickly. I, too, was quite disappointed when I couldn't find them any more. I was even more frustrated when I tried the T22 and T24 by Prince and my heel slipped. I tried the new QT Scream and I found them to be comfortable and the outsole didn't wear out as quickly as the previous model, so I am happy with them and I'm about to order another pair. I'm glad they brought them back with an improved outsole even though the arch may not be as high. Bummer the price isn't as low as it used to be, but if they last longer then it balances out.
From: Lori, 3/15

Comments: I'm a tennis professional. I've probably bought 40+ pair of the QT Scream. The new models are not as comfortable. Bad seams and narrow. I'm so sad to have lost that great shoe.
From: Anon, 3/15

Comments: Prince needs to remove the name Scream, it is misleading. The shoe is much narrower, ordering the next size up did not help. My little toes get red and sore after playing one set. I wore the QT Screams with comfort for 10 years, please bring them back.
From: Debra, 11/14

Comments: Can't fathom why Prince would take a great, popular shoe and change it. These are inferior to the Scream Low, which I wore for 10 years without a problem. These are too narrow and not nearly as comfortable. Have to look somewhere else now.
From: Carla, 9/14

Comments: I wrote the previous review based on ordering the same size new Scream as old Scream. Turns out that by ordering a 1/2 size larger shoe, the new Scream is working out very well and I would recommend it.
From: Jan, 7/14

Comments: This new version of the Scream does not fit the same way as the previoius versions. The toe box on the new version is not as wide as the older versions. It was not made on the same last and should not be called Scream. If you are a former Scream user and hope that this shoe is the answer to your shoe problems, it isn't! It is too narrow. All of that said, this shoe might be just fine for those who it fits, though one of the forefoot seams tore open after a few attempted wearings -- perhaps because it was too narrow for me.
From: Jan, 6/14

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