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Comments: I agree with Andie, 8/12. I'd been wearing the Prince Scream Mid and they took care of any type of heel/arch pain. They've been discontinued so I started looking for another Prince shoe. The Poise had my heel hurting terribly after one tennis match. Don't do it.
From: Chelsie, 9/12

Comments: I had great success with Prince shoes in the past, so it was a no brainer to try these. They felt great from the get go. I love to move my toes around so I loved the wide toe box. Then came the third week and my heel pain kicked in. My last pair of Prince had gotten rid on the heel pain, and this style brought it right back. I'm now hoping to find a model that will set me straight again.
From: Andie, 8/12

Comments: I agree with Kris...Please bring back the OC-1!!!
From: Norine, 7/12

Comments: After having Nike Courtlite shoes, which I found to be too cushioned and heavy all over, these shoes have great heel cushioning, are superlight, and have great traction in the toe-midfoot for those of us who like to chase down balls! The toe box is wide, which I thought to be initially awkward, but found it refreshing on the court (to keep me on my toes in ready position without squishing my feet), since the upper fits snugly around my foot without slipping. I have higher arches and have thus far found the arch support to be superior to the Nike shoes (which are lower arches). No color "bleeding" as mentioned in other reviews. If you are looking for more "cushion", especially in the front (ball of foot/toe) area then know that these shoes are only (very) well cushioned in the heel. Lots of ground feel for those who don't like to play in shoes that are like foam pillows. I'm reluctant to give a great review because I want to covet these shoes for myself!
From: Sheena, 6/12

Comments: I have very narrow feet and high arches. These shoes were very special for the 2 weeks I wore them. I felt so light and springy and it really gave me confidence moving around. I found them to be comfortable as well. My downfall was that after the first bit of playing I noticed some blisters starting to form under my big toes. That is just a deal breaker, unfortunately. They felt really wide in the upper half of the shoe. Such a shame though cause they really felt special.
From: Emily, 7/11

Comments: As a singles player, I love that these are light-weight. I have wide feet, and the fit was more glove-like than other Prince models but still comfortable. Cushioning is at a minimum, for my tastes, especially at the front. Overall, it is a nice shoe that is easy to move on the court. I would buy again.
From: Hannah, Bentonville, AR, 7/11

Comments: Hated them! I wore them 2 times and had huge blisters on my big and little toes because they were so wide in the forefoot and my feet kept sliding around. I've worn Prince MC-4 and loved them!
From: Bella, Simi Valley, CA. 10/10

Comments: The shoe pinches on the sides, and the lack of ankle support made my ankles sore. I miss the Prince OC-1!! Please bring them back!
From: Kris, Holland, MI, USA, 10/10

Comments: I am a toe dragger and these only lasted 2 months. I'm trading them in for something else.
From: Krista, Reno, NV, USA, 09/10

Comments: Received these shoes as part of Prince's outsole durability guarantee, as I'm a big toe-dragger. I have had great success with Prince over the years lasting the longest. Thank goodness I did not spend any money on these shoes! They wore out even faster than normal, and did not provide very much cushioning - since day one they were not comfortable.
From: Courtney, Atlanta, GA, USA, 09/10

Comments: The first commenter must not sweat because the tongue bled through and stained on the stitching of my pair. They are light and comfortable and were good for my foot shape BUT not nearly enough cushioning. I'm looking for a new pair after wearing these only for a few months.
From: Barbie, Lincoln, NE USA. 09/10

Comments: I love these shoes. Mine have never "bled" like the previous review. I have always been a Prince shoe girl, but there have been a few over the years that I did not like. These, I love, and they are cute to boot!
From: Anon. 08/10

Comments: The shoes are lightweight, but I need much more support in the arch than the shoe provides. Also, the underside of the shoe tongue is pink and it bleeds on my socks and the top of the shoe when my feet sweat. Usually love Prince shoes, but not this type.
From: Ann, Eden Prairie, MN. 7/10

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