Prince Warrior Hybrid Touch 16 String Customer feedback

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Comments: This a very soft combination and very comfortable. I have tested several combinations of tension and found a mid range 53/56 lbs or 54/57 lbs to be best for a combination of touch and power. Plush shots with a Prince Tour Pro 100. Best touch on volleys and half volleys. Lasts about 1 month playing 3 times per week before tension loss.
From: Derek, 8/16

Comments: I received this as a sample when I bought a Neos 1500. I strung this up to try. It is awesome! True to its name, it is loaded with feel. The string bed pockets, around the net it is awesome and control is sublime. Above all, it's supremely comfortable. This string is fantastic.
From: Robert, 3/15

Comments: Just wanted to give a quick update, as I recently demoed a whole bunch or racquets from TW. Made the switch to a Babolat APD+ and just strung it with only this hybrid. It's just great. Usually 55 lbs all around. Great great stuff. Zero TE problems. I play 3-4x/week, and can get roughly 8-10 sets out this string. The Touch starts to fray after a bit, but it's a great feel, great tension maintenance, and this combined with the new racquet choice has elevated my game considerably.
From: Chris, 1/15

Comments: So this is rare, because I don't typically write reviews on string. String selection is such a personal choice, I just don't see how one person's review can mean anything for anything else what with the different options of racquets, swing speed, style of play, gauges, tensions, etc. I play with a Volkl PB10 Mid (black/yellow version), have been using Volkl's forever due to great vibration dampening. I was typically using Luxilon ALU Power 123 Flouro (or something like that) for quite a while, but have been developing mild tennis elbow effects over the past few months (I also use two vibration dampeners). Gave this Prince stuff a try for $16: 55 lbs in the mains, 58 lbs in the crosses (I string with 15% pre-stretch and 15% knot pull). Tennis elbow has gone away. I notice a substantial amount more of string movement over the Luxilon, but it's definitely softer. I'm a solid 4.0 player, dabble in 4.5, and trying to find a great set of durable but really soft stringset to consistently use. I have natty gut, generally play synthetics. We'll see how this string holds up to continued use, how it holds tension, etc. As for tennis elbow though, best stuff I've used thus far on my racquet and game.
From: Chris, 9/14

Comments: Have been using this string for about 2 months now, and I'm impressed in every respect. I used to use a full bed of the Prince Tour XT, which I did like (a relatively forgiving poly with decent touch). That said, I string my own racquets and decided to experiment with this hybrid, and I'm glad I did. I feel like it offers much of the control of a full bed of poly with the added benefits of better feel and a little more free power.
From: D, 8/14

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