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Comments: This is a great racquet. Similar to what a previous poster said- - I would say it's 65% AeroDrive Pro and 35% ProStaff. I wanted so much to buy the APDs because they are so great and I love the grip shape, but they simply lack the feel I've known my whole life playing ProStaffs. I demo'd this racquet one day and boom, it's perfect. I play cheap $10-15 per set co- polys and they feel very good, very solid, great spin and power and very good feel.
From: Steve, 2/15

Comments: This is a good all around racquet. I agree with the Tennis Warehouse review that groundstrokes hit outside the sweet spot have a harsh response. Perhaps this could be remedied by lowering the string tension (I've found that Prince's string tension recommendations for their traditional racquets tend to be too high anyway). Volleys and serves are solid.
From: Eric, 11/14

Comments: Great all around raquet. Imagine a Pure Drive with the touch of a Pro Staff and you have the Warrior Tour 100 Pro. Very easy on the arm, groundies stay deep, volleys/serves/overheads are crisp and spot on. I can hit a killer slice and the drop shots are fabulous. I've tried just about every raquet on the market and this one has it all. Strung with any Luxilon at 58 lbs and it's a gem. I'm a 4.5 all court player who plays 3-5 times a week singles and doubs. Well done Prince.
From: Det, 5/14

Comments: Very nice update by Prince on this one. They took everything I loved in the ExO3 Warrior and added traditional string grommets which gives the Pro a lot more touch and feel. You feel very connected to your shots. The flipside is the sweetspot is slightly smaller, but its nothing major. The Pro is very easy to use and very similar to the Head Speed MP. Nice middle of the road (65) stiffness which gives you nice power but also doesn't feel harsh at all. I am using the Warrior Hybrid Touch strings in it and it fits the racquet very well. Great tweener for 3.5-4.5 level and it swings very easily and plays stable for a 11 ounce stick. Should fit a wide variety of styles. If you use tweeners like the Speed, APD/PD, Pro Open, Extreme...then give this one a try. It will surprise you!
From: JackB1, 4/14

Comments: I've got nothing but good things to say about this racquet so far. For me, it provides the positives of the Pure Drive (power, spin potential) without the negatives (too stiff, lacks feel). Groundstrokes are solid and depth comes easy with this frame. Serves are easy to move around the box with good spin and speed. Volleys are still a bit tricky as I'm used to having to do most of the work when directing shots into the court because I'm used to playing with low powered frames. This racquet provides enough power to block most volleys deep with modest effort so I had to get used to the free power. Overall, I think this is a hidden gem introduced by Prince.
From: Anon, 3/14

Comments: On balance, I agree with the TW review. This is a Pure Drive or Aero type frame (specs of this frame and AeroPro are nearly identical) but it has that Prince feel and is a little less stiff. I like that its slightly narrower at the tip. I am really liking it. I would admit to a modest Prince bias. I like the grip shape and had a 25 year relationship with the POG OS. Recently for fun I restrung an old CTS Approach OS and thought to myself, 'what's a modern version of the CTS with a bit more comfort and pop? For me its the Warrior 100 Pro.' I did not notice the harshness outside of the sweetspot too much really (I think the swetspot is enormous). I would much rather have a little feedback than the mushy-ness of the woofers. I am an aging 49 year old former college player, 5.0/5.5 and I think this is my stick for a while.
From: Anon, 2/14

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