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Comments: This is the fastest serving racquet I've ever used. I did add some lead tape at 10 and 2 and some under the grip though. Compared to the 99S the loop on the groundstrokes in stock form aren't as much. But with lead I've enhanced it dramatically as well as the serve and weight behind the ball. This has better comfort too.
From: Jake, 10/14

Comments: I love the power and spin combination of this racquet. Not quite the spin that my Wilson 105S imparts, but I like the sweet spot on this better. To Jeff, try to string your racquet 5 lbs tighter on the last 4 mains and the last 2 or 3 crosses -- it might do magic on string durability as it does mine.
From: George, 3/14

Comments: I used to play with a Head Radical S, but decided to switch it up. I've played with Prince racquets in the past, but was interested in the new extreme string pattern 14x16. I've found it does increase spin especially on serves and baseline shots. The disadvantage is I break strings more frequent then ever. Even with a poly 16 gauge, I find the strings only last about 6-10 hours of practice (not match play). I can tell the strings are really moving on each hit and notice they wear down fast. I am in the process of trying different strings and different gauge strings to find which lasts the longest. Not sure weather to invest in more racquets are switch to something with a less extreme string pattern. Does anyone have any feedback?
From: Jeff, 2/14

Comments: I am looking for a new and improved version of my trusted 03 Speedport Black.This racquet has more spin and power on groundstrokes, but lacks the power on flat serves and overheads because of its low weight. If you take the effort to customize and bring the weight to 11 oz or above, it will make a great stick.
From: Dr. B, 11/13

Comments: The racquet is a great transition from the Prince EXO3 Black 100. My game is relatively flat with a slice backhand so the ESP technology helps add spin to my game. When I come over the ball on either side, I noticed the ball having more spin than usual. Shots that usually sailed beyond the baseline were landing in. The racquet is great for someone who has short compact strokes like me. But I could see how this racquet could help people with longer strokes. I used the recommended Tour XC 15L strings and they are great. My serve has some added bite with the extra spin. The racquet is something people should try and consider. I love it!
From: John, 11/13

Comments: Have played with Prince racquets for years and decided to try this racquet. I played three sets and there was absolutely no adjustment necessary, as it felt perfect from the first shot to the last. My serve had more pace, ground strokes were solid, and volleys were crisp. Strung it with Babolat XCEL 53 lbs. Highly recommend for 3.5-4.0 players.
From: Fred, 10/13

Comments: This racquet is amazing with the amount of spin and power it offers. We will be buying additional frames. Very impressed with the speed of delivery and service as well from Tennis Warehouse.
From: Chris, 10/13

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