Prince Tour XT 18 660' String Reel Black Customer feedback

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Comments: I just experienced this string in a demo Prince Graphite 100 Longbody. From the appearance of the string, it looked to be a fresh string job (no notching). I would guess that TW strung it up at around 40 pounds. It was really loose! No matter, I gave it a go. Even with the low tension, I wasn't sailing balls. It took a little adjustment, but I was pleased with the spin considering the Graphite 100 isn't a big spin generator. Kick serves had good action on them. What was highly impressive was the power I achieved on flat 1st serves -- it was like a rocket launcher! Comfort was good, not harsh at all, but that could be from the low tension. Now, the downside was durability -- I snapped the main string in the sweetspot after only 4-5 hours of playing on the ball machine, hitting serves, 3 sets of doubles, and then about 1.5 hours of pounding lots of heavy balls (4.5 level). I would definitely try this string again, but would like to try it as a cross string in a gut/poly hybrid.
From: Andrew, 5/14

Comments: Please don't consider this an informed review, as I've only had them for one string job in a new and unfamiliar racquet. 55 lbs in a 2013 AeroPro Drive. I wanted a control string for learning to use a more powerful racquet. This string seems to last and hold tension for a long time; kinda surprising since it's so thin. I played a lot before I noticed the strings starting to move around in the stringbed, which is when I replace my polys. The strings work as advertised: good control and spin, not too powerful. And they don't feel harsh at all, yet they are not mushy either. If you're not looking for extra pop and are more interested in comfort, spin, and control, I think these are worth a try. I'm trying some other strings, but I may go back to these.
From: Charles, 5/14

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