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Comments: Lasted 30 minutes in my super open pattern racquet. It sheared in half over a length of several inches, something I've never seen before. Was pretty awesome for those 30 minutes though.
From: Sander, 11/14

Comments: I am using this as a cross string paired with Lux 4G 1.3 mains on a Steam 105S at 54 lbs. The biggest benefit is that it reduces notching (only string I've found to do that). I guess it provides a nice wide base for the mains to slide on, so this combo has very good spin. It's tension maintenance is nowhere near the 4G though, and I notice about a 12 lb drop off before the XS breaks. Full 4G only had about a 4 lb drop off. Odd that the cross would break first, but it has been consistent in that regard. I only got about 5-7 hours out of Prince Duraflex as the crosses, and this gives me 15-20 hours.
From: Ty, 9/14

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