Prince Tour XC 15 String Black Customer feedback

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Comments: I recently switched to a really open string patterned racquet -- 100 sq inches, 14x16 pattern. I tried several 16g strings, but they all lost their tension too quickly because of how open the frame was. So, I gave this string a run. I read some of the reviews about how much tension this string loses so I strung it at 60 lbs. Too harsh, no feel. So I string it down to 55 lbs. Better, but I was still having a hard time generating spin. Then I brought it down to 45 lbs pre-stretched and that was all she wrote. Great control, excellent pocketing, awesome snap back, lots of spin. Sure, the open pattern helped but the sting is the soul and at the right tension, this string has a lot of it. I may run it down to 40 lbs, but maybe not.
From: Chris, 7/16

Comments: I recently switched from the Head Speed Pro 18x20 to the Wilson RF97 Pro Staff. My first thought was that the Prince Tour XC 15 is really thick -- 1.40mm in a traditional string pattern. I took a few days to think it over and finally pulled and installed the strings. First thought was thicker string, lower tension. I lowered for test purposes to -3lbs my preferred tension. Playing with it today, the strings felt very consistent. Height and spin was predictable in what the desired intention was on each shot. Underspin felt even better than 1.25mm (17g). The pace of shots dropped a bit, but this is a control string. Overall I'm happy with playing Prince Tour XC. Players changing head size ~--smaller to larger or players changing string patterns denser (18x20) to open (16x19) might appreciate the similarities that a open string pattern offers with similarities of an dense pattern racquet. -3 pounds felt springy but this is my first test and I wanted to go safe -- on the loose side. Hope this helped -- good luck everyone.
From: Jonathan, 2/16

Comments: Took the Prince 100T ESP out for a demo, and it was strung with these strings. I was the first to demo it and the strings were fresh. Felt fine and crisp for the first hour, but after the 3rd hour, they were dead as could be...lost all feel and control. Maybe you guys might have better luck than me, but I won't be buying them anytime soon!
From: Matt, 1/14

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