Prince Tour XC 15L String Black Customer feedback

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Comments: I had this in a couple of racquets including the Babolat Pure Storm (non-GT), a woodie, and a Head Radical Oversize (yellow). As the name implies, its control is exceptional, even for a polyester. The spin was decent and its ball pocketing was just average. There really is no free power with this string so I had to string it pretty low. Definitely pre-stretch it first, (wrap string around a pole with a cloth in between, use clamps or wrap strings around an object and pull for 30 seconds or until the coil of the string decreases). The tension drop is pretty big. Overall, the control and durability is as good as it gets, the comfort and tension maintenance is pretty bad.
From: Shintaro, 11/16

Comments: Loved this string for about an hour, then it lost about 10 pounds of tension. I started at 50 lbs, it's probably closer to 35 lbs now after a week of playing with it. The string doesn't snap back and the control is gone. Not a fan, not satisfied.
From: Chris, 8/15

Comments: One of the best strings -- spin, durability and control! Great job Prince! The ball goes not so fast but with spin, it is superb!
From: John, 7/15

Comments: Great playing string. The downside is the initial tension drop is very high -- from 52 lbs to 43 lbs in 24 hours off the stringer. But that doesn't matter, it seems to settle in around 38 lbs or so and plays fantastic. It has a comfortable yet crisp response with exceptional spin and control; moderate power for a poly.
From: Anon, 5/14

Comments: A free sample came with my Prince Tour 100T ESP racquet. I was impress of how durable it is! I used the Beast XP 15L string, it won't last more than 3 hours, Spiky Shark and Volkl Cyclone 16g are even worse, those strings didn't snap back to the original position after about 3 hours. Luxilon 4S G lasts pretty long too, but it's too mute for my tastes and the XC is crisper and cheaper! 5 hours of tennis and it still is working pretty good, that's pretty good for the ESP racquet. I am ordering more today. My racquet was strung at 62 lbs.
From: Jacky, 2/14

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