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Comments: I got the 12-pack and this bag is awesome! The first thing you'll notice is the quality of the materials. Everything feels good and solid. It is very well designed so that you can actually organize all your stuff very nicely inside. I have 5 racquets on one side. Lots of water/Gatorade, a pair of shoes and 2 cans of balls on the middle. Plenty of room for clothes and other stuff on the other side. The outside pocket can hold a wallet, cell, watch and other small stuff. As previous reviewers mentioned, the outer pocket is somewhat difficult to access because the zipper does not go all the way to the edge of the pocket. That would be the only flaw of this bag IMO. Still, this is by far the best bag I've ever owned, well-designed and made with quality materials. I am very happy with this purchase.
From: Vlad, 6/12

Comments: I got the 6 pack bag and loved it. I could load it up with 3 racquets, 75 tennis balls or so, and stuff for swimming right after I was up at the courts. Then, I could use the bag on my bike, and haul it around. The zipper on the small accessory pocket is small yes, but it still fits quite a bit, and the little holder things for cell phones is located right below the zipper. I'm planning to use it as my main schoolbag when tennis season starts in order to save weight when hauling school stuff around.
From: Sam, 7/11

Comments: Previous post is correct that the side pocket doesn't open wide enough on the 6 Pack Bag. It's a little hard to get things in and out of there because the zipper is too short. Other than that, great bag!
From: Zach, USA. 4/11

Comments: Great bags, but the side pocket on the 3-pack, 6-pack and 12-pack is too small. If they'd made almost the entire green area be zippable, the pocket would be much more accessible.
From: Tim, USA, 02/11

Comments: I have the 6-pack, and I am happy with the quality of the bag and the improved cushioning of the straps compared to my older Prince bag. However, I wish the side pocket were larger. If the zipper was another 6-8 inches longer along that silver strip, the side pocket would be easier to get stuff in and out of. Looking at the pictures of the 3-pack and 12-pack, it appears those have the same side pocket as my 6-pack. Also, one of the small interior pouches in the side pocket is almost too small to even get your fingers into. I currently have change in there but maybe will just start putting my cell phone in there instead. My older bag had a little zip pocket that was a perfect place for change. The webbed pouches in the second racket compartment of the new bag are very nice.
From: Frank, USA, 02/11

Comments: The 6-pack bag is excellent. The silver lining inside is excellent and keeps the water cold. This is the first time I have bought a bag with straps and the straps are perfect. I also really like the shoe bag that comes with the bag, I can organize myself a lot better with it, with clothes etc. The zippers are perfect, unlike the Prince tour team 2006 bag. The colour is wonderful as well. I recommend this bag to any prince fans and regular tennis players looking for a new bag.
From: Ben, Ottawa, Canada, 11/10

Comments: This is an awesome 12 pack bag. I can keep any snacks in it and when I play in all day tournaments it's great because I can keep my lunch in there. And finally, I can store all my gear instead of having 2 bags or another bag for shoes and sandals. It doesn't weigh that much at all either.
From: Srikar, Dallas, Texas, 10/10

Comments: This is a great 12-pack bag. Thermal protection for both racquet compartments as well as a thermal lined cooler compartment that can be switched out if you need more room in the center compartment. Like the previous generation of Prince bags, the shoe compartment is accessible from both exterior and interior of the bag. Backpack straps are comfortable and it holds its form while empty.
From: Chris, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 07/10

Comments: This bag just arrived today at my house, and after many bags this is the best. I was worried that the 12 pack would be huge, but actually it's perfect in that I can put racquets on one side and clothes/socks/grips in the middle or other side. It's very useful and even the straps fit nicely on as a backpack. I'm going to use it for traveling to tournaments and it'll be great.
From: Tom, St. Louis, MO, USA. 4/10

Comments: Excellent bag! VERY well-constructed, sensible design and nice appearance - love it. Was a little skeptical from the pictures but once packed, it proves to be worth every penny. I've used bags from Lotto, Prince and Babolat (best I've ever owned up to the 2010 Prince) over the past 10 years and I'm completely satisfied. Seems to have the exact amount of space for gear, clothing and the other stuff most of us players like to drag along.
From: Eric C. Newell, Nashville, TN, USA. 03/10

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