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Comments: I bought 3 of these racquets, and all I can say is wow! If you are looking for an easy on the arm racquet with great control and plenty of power, then you have found it. I tried so many different racquets, and had mixed results. This one has got it all.
From: George, 11/15

Comments: I just picked up 2 of these, I have been playing with the Rebel 98. I would have to disagree with the prior comment, it feels very different from the Rebel in my opinion, it is much more reminicent of the Dunlop Bio M3.0 in feel the previous version has a different feel. I am not at all saying the previous version is better, just different. As with any frame the string combination can make a world of difference, and since I used the same set up, Volkl Cyclone tour 17 with Volkl syn gut 17 at 45/60 lbs. I was surprised how different it felt to me.
From: Ron, 9/15

Comments: Love this racquet. I own a Rebel 98, and this new-name-same-racquet plays identically, and has a more durable finish as a bonus (the Rebel 98 finish chips like no racquet I've ever owned, but didn't affect play). I got it to give me two in the bag and let me make the Rebel 98 a backup. I strung it with 17g Weiss Cannon Silverstring at 55 lbs. I like the setup better than the Rebel 98 with Head Sonic Pro strings, though honestly I can't say if that is actually due to the string or simply that it is fresh. Both strings are softer polys, and I expected similar results -- which I'm getting -- though reviews say the Silverstring holds tension especially well. We'll see. I'm in my mid 50's, 3.5-4.0 level, 6'4" and play with a big serve and a mix of heavy topspin and hard flat shots to change pace and go for winners. The Tour 98 is supremely comfortable and has mid-low power so I can swing the heck out of it, generate spin and still keep the ball in. I originally tried the Rebel 98 (again, idential weight, balance, size, shape, swingweight, power-level, etc as this newer Tour 98) with multifilament strings because I was working through a wrist issue at the time. Do not string this racquet with multis. Sure, it was comfortable, but too comfortable -- soft and aloof. I couldn't keep the ball in. I found myself dialing back power, losing spin, changing my game to accommodate the racquet (strings, actually). Not happy. Head Sonic Pro poly strings transformed the racquet, was 90% as comfortable as the multi, and delivered what this racquet is designed to do. It's a mid-pack weighted racquet, but it has no trouble dealing with power. I find it plenty stable. Spin with the poly string is awesome, arching however you want and kicking hard. I considered trying the open-pattern 16x16 version of the racquet, but honestly, I think it would crossover and exchange too much control for not much gain in spin. I love the racquet. My arm, muscles and tendons love the racquet. Wonderful all-around gamer with no weaknesses. But string it with a poly to see what it is capable of.
From: Mark, 8/15

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