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Comments: Durable but hard on the arm and provides no power. I assumed this was replacing Prince Poly (great string) but this one is not close. Avoid if you're looking for a comfortable, high performance string.
From: Don, 2/14

Comments: I wrote a review below a few days ago where I strung my racquet with a full bed of this poly. Finding that to be a bit harsh on the arm I tried hybrid stringing with Prince Tournament Poly in the mains and Leoina BIO 16 in the crosses. The result was very good. I played several hours and served (in practice against an opponent) for much longer than I normally would and suffered no pain in the wrist or elbow. The mains were strung at 35 pounds and the crosses at 45 pounds. Control and power were both very good. My opponent commented several times on how well I was playing. This was not a long term test but initial results are good. I am a 4.0 hitting modest spin on most shots and a lot of spin for change of pace, and almost always hitting hard. I am an all courter with a good serve and reliable volley though I spend most of my time driving from the baseline. This string combination appears to be a good setup for me (and economical)though I will continue to experiment.
From: Steve, 1/14

Comments: I strung a full bed of this in a Prince TT Scream. I have been trying low tensions and strung the mains at 40 lbs and the crosses at 35 lbs. I found it played okay but was surprised that it was hard on the wrist and arm even at those tensions. My current thinking is that if I string a low-power racquet (Scream) loosely with a poly I should be able to swing hard and big. So far that has been the case with all the polys. Now I'm looking for that combination that saves my wrist and elbow which have both suffered over the years. My intent is to string my second Scream with the Prince Poly in the mains and syn gut in the crosses. I have about 8 hours on the full bed poly. It looks durable. Control and power are both decent.
From: Steve, 1/14

Comments: I strung this in a hybrid for a customer who wanted a white poly, and he loved it. I ended up trying it and now I know why. It's not as harsh as other polys I've tried, it doesn't have sharp edges that notch or cut into the nylon cross strings, and once the tension relaxes it truly cups the ball. There really is no such thing as a soft poly, but this comes about as close as you can get.
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: I don't know if Prince Poly 16 is the best string but in my case, the results were very good. I play with a Six.One Tour BLX at 60 pounds. In spite of the fact I hit the ball very hard, the strings have never broken. I usually change them each month because the string tension gradually diminishes.
From: Ruben, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, 10/10

Comments: Love this string! Helps me get the control I need for my game, very arm-friendly as are most of the strings I play with, but this one stands out to me. Even though it looks plain, don't let that take away about how much playability this string has to offer. You can really get the ball deep and place it where you want it with precision and accuracy. Best bang for your buck. Great job, Prince.
From: Anon. 2/10

Comments: Great string, helps put that extra spin on the ball. Feels a bit better than other polyesters I've played with. Not too bad on the arm. Lasts a really long time. I usually break prince synthetics in about 3-4 days where I play every day for about 3-4 hours each day. Iíve been using 1 string job of these for about 2 weeks now where I've played about 9 or 10 days and about 4-5 hours each of those days. Great strings, last a long time, still waiting for them to break. Of course the tension drops a lot but I like trying to control the power.
From: Gerald, Altadena, CA, USA, 11/09

Comments: I string for a few coaches and some recreational players. Some people have no clue about string, so I put this on for its durability. I had a coach ask me to put on the least expensive string. He plays 6 days each week. I strung his racquet 3 months ago... and he's very content with this string.
From: Steve, Murrieta, CA. 9/09

Comments: I absolutely hate this string. I used it for one tournament and I got excruciating pain in my elbow and shoulder for the rest of the summer. But I strung it at 62 and I did not want to risk trying it again. I don't recommend it.
From: Dante. 8/09

Comments: This is a great poly string. It's very durable, has great ball bite and much more comfortable feeling than other polys. If you want to hit a lot of spin, this string is a good choice too. I strung on my Wilson KSix-One Tour 90 at 53 pounds.
From: Korn, Chonburi, Thailand. 5/08

Comments: At first this string felt great and had great bite for a 16. But after about 15 hours it started to lose too much tension, and now it is almost unplayable. Once the strings started to move around, I started to spray shots. I guess it's durable, but does that matter when you only get a few good hours from the strings? It was strung on a Pro Kennex Core No.6 at 62 pounds.
From: Martin, CA, USA. 5/07

Comments: This string is great, it lasts but it isnít hard on the arm like many other durable strings. It also has good control and feel to it.
From: Leroy, Ennis, MT, USA, 04/07

Comments: The best poly string I have hit with, and I have tried a lot of strings. This poly gives you the durability you expect, but it doesn't have that super stiff poly feel, to me it feels a lot softer then all the other polyís. It is a perfect string if you have regular strings and want to do polyís in the mains and your favorite string in the crosses. I recommend this string to anyone.
From: Paul, Northville, MI, USA, 03/07

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