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Comments: Best racquet I've ever played with. Easy on the arm but with enough zing to be an aggressive player and put shots away. Especially quick, mobile and solid in the fore court. Prince has a winner and I hope they'll be making this model/spec for a long time!
From: Steve, 3/15

Comments: I think the TW reviewers were spot on with this racquet. It just doesn't have enough plow through or stability against heavier balls. It's probably fine at 4.0 level and below where there is less pace and spin but it really got pushed around at 4.5 level competition and above. I wasn't able to get any pace on serve due to lack of mass but I did find the racquet good for lobs and drop shots. I would go with the Prince Tour 16x18 (port hole version) over this was because of the increased stability and plow through it has.
From: Chris, 10/14

Comments: Adding to my previous comment. I finally found the winning combination for string that I feel compliments this stick. Prince Tour XP 17 g at 49 lbs on mains and any quality 17 multi at 52 lbs on crosses. Great ball pocketing and no string movement. For the record, I am a coach and a good 3.5 player of 32 years and 57 years young -- I love this racquet even more now!
From: Jeff, 7/14

Comments: Amazing racquet! I customized mine to 12 ounces with a 340 swingweight and 6 pts headlight -- it's a beast! Excellent feel and spin, and ample power when you need it. It's very well balanced in the sense that it does everything pretty well - there isn't one stroke that is clearly outstanding or another that is clearly lacking. It does eat through strings pretty quick if you play a modem game at a decent level, so you're going to need at least a couple. I've tried 3 different polys and none have made it past 8 hours of playing time. Regardless, Prince has a winner with this one. I highly recommend it.
From: Clay, 7/14

Comments: Great Racquet! The racquet is light but the weight is distributed around the hoop such that the racquet swings itself when you relax and swing loosely through your shots. I would recommend a shaped poly like Babolat RPM Blast or Kirschbaum Spiky Shark strung 45-50 lbs. The loose tension opens the sweet spot and allows the sting to slide and pop back for huge jump on the ball. Add the octagonal profile of the above mentioned strings and your will be jumping the ball around the court like a bullfrog on steroids. Good Luck!
From: Brandon, 5/14

Comments: I have been using HEAD sticks for the last 16 plus years and I decided to switch to this Prince racquet, as it is similar to the spec of my Speed Elite, only rated more flexible and a tad heavier. I strung with Prince Gut 16 gauge at 52 lbs and it plays really well. Very little vibration and great access to spin. I must say I love this stick and can say that the only thing I would do is string it next time with 17 gauge NRG multifeel or Prince Premier Power 17 for a little better bite on the ball, but still at 52 lbs, as this racquet is not big on power. Very easy on the arm and I prefer the traditional feel of the normal grommets over the O-port holes. The Resi Pro Grip is amazing. Thanks Prince and welcome back to the game.
From: Jeff, 5/14

Comments: After playing with these for a month, I still love them. I'm still playing around with the tension. Strung them initially with a poly/syn gut hybrid at 55 lbs on a constant pull machine and it feels a little too stiff. Will probably cut them out and go down to 52 lbs. I like a little more lively string bed and pocketing than this tension is giving me and I know this racguet and string combo can deliver, because it's the same combo as the demo racquet that was spot on. Will keep you posted on the tension I settle on.
From: Sean, 4/14

Comments: Very solid racquet, feels and plays heavier than it's specs (which can be good or bad, depending on your preference), it feels perfect in the flex department for me (doesn't have that odd feeling of the O3 and EXO3 tour), good touch, very solid on the serve, and good access to spin. For full disclosure, I'm a USPTA teaching pro, but I have a contract with Prince (don't teach enough hours, no pro shop affiliation), but have used Prince racquets for decades. I'm going to try out the Warrior Pro too, but I think this is going to be my stick of choice for the next year or so.
From: Sean, 3/14

Comments: Best stick ever -- tons of control and spin. When I first hit a ball with this stick, I was in love. The first ball I hit with this had tons and tons of spin I felt like I could not miss a ball, but I wondered can this thing drive the ball? And it could just as good as it can hit spin. Also, it is great on volleys and you could hit a dime on the court. But I would not recommend this stick for beginners (3.0 players).
From: Anon, 1/14

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