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Comments: I echo Bob's comments in full. Tough does start off rather stiff, but as you play with it, it begins to pocket really well. This string's strong suit is durability, but it also great at spin and control. It plays firm but is sublimely comfortable. One of the best guts I've used.
From: Robert, 2/14

Comments: This string has about a 6 match break-in period. Also you should drop the tension slightly as it plays a little stiff. Once broken in though I really love this string. It has the power of a poly but isn't as harsh as a poly. If you like Babolat gut you probably won't like the Pacific as it is not as soft as the Babolat but I feel that's part of it's strength. If you're going to pay the price for gut you'd like it to last. This is the longest lasting gut I've tried. Great string! As for some of the comments about it not being long enough for a hybrid combination, I had no problem. Must have been an anomaly. Try this string!
From: Bob, Montgomery, AL, USA. 8/09

Comments: This is my first all-gut setup. I am using the Pure Drive Team standard. I grew up playing on Prince Syn Gut and moved on to Duraflex when it was introduced in the 90s. Last year I made the transition to hybrid Tonic+/ALU Rough and tried them strung both ways and didnít like it. For a 4.5 player with textbook topspin mechanics with no prior arm problems, I found myself with elbow pain using ALU in the mains and it has corrected itself since switching to Technifibreās NRG2 this year. I like the NRG2 but grew tired of cutting out the string after two matches because of tension and playability loss. Stringing the Tough Gut on my EAG-300 took some care to avoid kinks. The coating helped gliding but the old trick of lacing up the next cross string and pulling it through in an oscillating parabola-like way is key. I string all my frames at 64 lbs because I like a firm feeling control oriented string bed. These strings bite and feel softer than any synthetic Iíve played with. I believe the sweetspot is larger because of this but Iím not 100% comfortable that Iíve dialed in the correct tension. Iím tempted to go to a higher tension, maybe 66 lbs! But something tells me I need to make an adjustment in how I play. The ball pocketed more as the sets progressed and I was concerned about hitting long. But the balls much to my disbelief kept falling in with heavy spin. So you might think, "okay whatās wrong man?" For someone that is new to gut, Iím not used to the power it has over syn gut and how the ball pocketed deeper as the match progressed. I constantly made tiny adjustments and it didnít help me at crucial moments when I was in a long rally and stressed from facing break points on my serve. It could all be in my head so I must ask...
From: Ben, Ridgewood, NJ, USA, 10/07

Comments: I use natural gut for the mains in a hybrid combination with a multifilament. Pacific's price was great. The strings played great. The problem was when I went to hybrid my second racquet with the last half of the set the string was short. I had assumed that when Pacific says there s 41 feet in a set that half of that would easily string two racquets (Head Radicals) that require 20 feet for the mains, wrong. I measured another set of Pacific Gut that I had and found out it was closer to 38.5 feet rather than 41 feet long. I don't mind it if I'm told I'm buying 38.5 feet, but don't call it 41 feet. I wrote Pacific and got no response. My advice is to stick with Babolat. Their 40 feet is longer than Pacific's 41.
From: WR Smith, Temple, TX, USA, 1/04

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