Prince Tour Blend 16 String Customer feedback

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Comments: Absolute love this string set-up. Strung poly on main @ mid-2 lbs and multi on cross @ mid+1 lbs. Great control, decent spin, and OK on the arms. What I really like about the poly is that it does not move much (I hit mostly top-spin and other polys move too much) and results in longer-lasting crosses (my primary complaint for most hybrid set-ups). Price point is also attractive.
From: Jae, Plano, TX, USA, 10/10

Comments: Tried this string out on recommendation from the store owner where I bought my racquet. I use the Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex. The feel of the string was pretty good to be honest and got a lot of pop but it seemed like a lot of my shots were ending up long compared to normal. I've used Prince Topspin Plus 16 practically the whole time I've been playing tennis so maybe it will just take an adjustment on my part. Other than that the strings seemed to hold up pretty well for me. I think I may try to find something else though to help me keep the ball in play more.
From: Patrick, Virginia Beach, VA. 02/09
3.5 player

Comments: After an initial loss of a couple pounds, it held its tension very well, unlike some poly mains. Very nice pocket, good feel, especially compared to the Prince ProBlend Duraflex which was stiff and boardy (but lasts a lot longer). Good spin, control, and power, and a soft feel for a hybrid, but not very durable in the end. The Softflex crosses began to fray after a few hours, and eventually snapped after about 15 hrs. of play, which isn't much since I don't break strings very often (the mains showed almost no wear). Regular Prince Synthetic Gut lasts about the same. I imagine with Softflex mains, the strings would be even more short-lived. Decent strings, but I'm still looking for something better.
From: Joseph, Davis, CA, USA. 2/09

Comments: The only frustrating thing about these strings is that they do not last long. They feel great. I was playing with Prince Polygut and that string was getting to stiff and losing its tension too quick. I was looking for a durable hybrid but unfortunately, this one came short. I guess you can say I hit hard at times but I hit both flat and topspin when I play. One cross string broke in 3 days which really disappointed me and the crosses frayed after a day. Do not buy these strings if you are a chronic string breaker like me. Just stick with poly all the way around.
From: Justin, Patterson, CA, USA. 10/06

Comments: I used to play with Lux Big Banger 16's but for a 3.5-4.5 player who doesn't hit particularly hard, they were a bit over the top. This string (strung at 64lbs. on a Dunlop 200G) has the perfect balance between spin, control and power. Very forgiving compared with the Big Bangers (strung at 66+ on the same racquet).
From: Ilan, Belleville, NJ, USA. 9/06

Comments: For the first few weeks of play, I play everyday, the strings were great with my heavy topspin. However, after about 3 weeks, they lost most of their tension and made it hard to put any power behind the ball. I'm a frequent string breaker, and these held up pretty well.
From: George, Brunswick, GA, USA. 9/06

Comments: This is the best string I've found so far. I am a 4.5-5.0 player and I have tennis elbow. This string allowed me to use a poly in the mains and not feel the pain in my elbow. Very crisp feel due to the cross string (premier). Definitely recommend giving it a try.
From: Josh, Lincolnwood, IL, USA 09/06

Comments: I really like these strings. My kick-serve is much better and topspin has greatly improved. These strings gave me much more power. They feel very good and I really enjoy hitting a topspin lob now! I play there times a week (3.5 player).
From: Bob, Watkinsville, GA, Oconee 08/06

Comments: Amazing string I could get so much spin on my kick serve!! plus my topspin was extremely heavy I thought my topspin was already heavy fast and full of spin but man these strings made it even better, my slices and net play improved also I got even a little more pop and power without sacrificing any control. I would recommend these for a heavy topspin, slice hitter it has good spin potential and if you have a kick serve it is a must. I found with all my kick serves, slices, and topspin it held up very nicely.
From: Kris Thuresson, San Fransisco California USA 06/06

Comments: My cross strings started to fray after only a few hours of play. I am a frequent string breaker and this was very frustrating for me. Like the others above, I was hitting my shots FAR too long, and I had to adjust my stroke to keep the ball in. I had very little control with this string. I'm not convinced that this string will be the string for me, though I enjoy experimenting to see which string works best.
From: John W., Denver, Colorado 06/06

Comments: Tension loss was pretty high for the poly mains. This, along with the multifilament crosses made the combination much too powerful. If coming from another stiff string, string on the high side to compensate for this. If coming from a full multifilament stringbed, the power would be about the same. That said, the spin potential was amazing. On a flexible racquet, this was very noticeable.
From: TR, USA 05/06

Comments: Amazing stings. Personally I found these sensational. I got lots of spin on my serves and lots of spins on my slices and drops. I have to get more of these. These are really worth it.
From: Justin, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 05/06

Comments: It's one of the most frustrating strings I've ever used. The polyester string seems to be too powerful. I kept hitting long no matter how hard I tried to put some spin on it. I tried to adjust myself by reducing my power and adding more spin and it still landed very close to the baseline. Against a powerful opponent, the string would definitely force me to hit long. It has very little bite, so control is pretty terrible. I have never cut out my string after hitting for the first time before now, but I may have to on this one. I tried another Prince string once four years ago and I broke the string the first time I hit with it. Maybe I won't use Prince strings anymore.
From: Gabby , Bangkok, Thailand 04/06

Comments: I thought that these strings gave a little too much power, and to my surprise, they didn't last very long either, despite being part of Prince's durability line. The 'playability' crosses snapped before the 'durability' mains did, after only 30 to 40 hours of play. While my racquet's open string pattern may have contributed to the short lifespan of the strings, Prince Lightning XX 17g lasts me at least twice as long.
From: Racquet and string tension: Prince Tour Diablo Mid, strung at 62 lbs.

Comments:These strings are great. They have very good spin potential and a very good feel. it is almost like a softer Luxilon. It is great I just need to get more!
From: Bill, Eden Prairie, Minnesota 10/21/05

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