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Comments: I am very surprised TW gave this racquet an overall rating of just 78 and specially some opinions like "not enough stable against big hitters" make me laugh. Of course if you are at the pro level and need some more wight you can put some lead type but even in stock form Tour ESP is ultra playable frame, stable enough to resist 110 mph serves with ease. During the past month I've played many times against a 6.0 tournament player (friend of mine) and even his huge groundstrokes didn't push around this racquet at all. Other negative comments like "missing feel for touch shots" are pretty individual and could be solved very easy by replacing the original grip with leather grip as I did (this will increase stability, too). This racquet could be customized very easy according to your needs just in few minutes. The right choice of string and tension could make huge difference in the performance (basically this racquet is created for poly strings). You will never feel any harsh vibrations and your arm will be in perfect condition even after very long sessions. If you are looking for extremely forgiving racquet with huge amount of spin, mixed with right blend of stability, maneuverability, control and power, give this a try! I am a big fan of Volkl and during the past several years my racquet of choice is PB 10 Mid. I am addicted to it. After I demoed Prince Tour ESP I found that it's created with such rare combination of right specifications I've found in only a handful of racquets I've tested till today.
From: Fedex, 1/14

Comments: Fantastic racquet. Comfortable, forgiving, great for return of serves and groundstrokes. However I'm finding, unlike other racquets I've used, the strings (the ones provided with the racquet) lose tension pretty quickly, at which point it's a bit of a dead, lifeless, useless old thing.
From: Col, 1/14

Comments: The Prince Tour 98 ESP is an excellent racquet that gives me unparalleled access to spin! I am a 4.5 all court player who plays several times a week. I found great control, power and touch from this racquet. It does an excellent job of pocketing the ball, and is very arm friendly. However, the single greatest aspect is the access to spin -- from kickers, slices, topspin -- you ask for it, you get it from this great new racquet. The color combination is also very cool! Contrary to some reviews, string breakage is not a problem. I have been using Prince Tour polyester with no problem. I highly recommend this stick!
From: Chris, 1/14

Comments: Fantastic new spin machine from Prince. Good control, great spin and plenty of power. The head light design makes it very quick at the net. Just be aware this stick is also a string eating machine. I strung with the identical setup as I have played with my Babolot Aeropro Drive for the last 2 years. I have never broke a string in my Aeropro, but with the new Tour ESP the strings were only lasting 2-3 hours, with one set lasting 45 minutes. These were 17 gauge strings and I am now experimenting with the same strings at 16 gauge. I must like the racquet, I am here to buy my third one.
From: Ken, 1/14

Comments: Well, I really wanted to like this racquet, given the very cool graphics and racquet design. Unfortunately, after about six hours of hitting, serving, and playing with the racquet, I started to develop a case of tennis elbow. This hasn't happened to me in a very long time, ever since I changed to the EXO3 Rebel 98, which I love. Stopped hitting with this new, "improved" version and started to feel better almost immediately. I think for me, the extra weight, plus the headlight configuration resulted in my increased number of mishits, vibrations, etc. which ultimately impacted my elbow. I have decided to stick with the Rebel 98 for now, although I do believe a number of people will really like this racquet. It's just not for me.
From: Andy, 12/13

Comments: My new racquet of choice. I love this "savage banana" and even love it more after a slight modification where I added eight 4 inch strips of lead under the bumper guard (four at 10 and four at 2). I counterbalanced that with an overgrip and now I have it at the perfect weight (about 343 grams) and balance (about 3 pts HL). I am able to handle really heavy balls when I am receiving and I can serve monsters when it's my turn to dish out the pain.
From: Juice, 12/13

Comments: Whoa! Power, spin and precision. Huge open string pattern still provides plenty of control, but ups the ante in power and spin. I'm using 17 gauge strings and after over 8 hours am expecting breakage, but there is none. I would rate this racquet 8.5/10. It's a serious stick for heavy hitters. Highly recommended.
From: Benny, 12/13

Comments: Are you kidding me? TW gave this a 78 overall? This is by far superior than the BLX Six One 95 in every category. Now this is a spin monster. Soft feel, good ball pocketing, great depth, great control. I'd give it a 90 out of 100. This surpasses the APD Babalot for ultimate playability in my book.
From: GS, 12/13

Comments: Awesome racquet!
From: Terry, 10/13

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