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Comments: It took me 3 minutes to adjust to this frame as an RF97 user. It's been quite a long time that I haven't used a flexible racquet. I played almost 2 hours with it strung with Volkl Cyclone at 55 lbs and at the end of the session there was no pain or fatigue at all. As a recreational club player, I felt like I'd been driving a truck until I tried this flexible stick. The string pattern is dense, but the additional control that comes along is superior to the lack of spin. On top of everything, its current stock price made me order this racquet and now I am considering selling my RF97s to pair my Tour 95. As a 40 year old recreational player, I think I deserve a more comfortable stick. It's definitely worth a try!
From: Murat, 6/16

Comments: I'm 5.5 to 6.0 player. Have demoed this one for a week. Lots of positives for me. Weight was perfect. Flex was perfect. The combination of weight and dense string pattern takes all the vibration away and provides lots and lots of comfort even with a poly. Not a whole lot of spin potential. The combination of the elongated head shape with not a lot of a distance from side to side of the racquet and the dense pattern made it really hard for me aggressively spin second serves into the box. First serve power was OK. Not great, but OK. Balance point was great. Maybe a tad (and I'm talking just a smidge) not head light enough for me. Volleys were fantastic. Just a perfect blend of touch feel, put away power as well as ability to take a big hit from the opponent and absorb it. This racquet is almost perfect for my game. If the balance was shifted ever so slightly to the handle and a rounder shape, maybe similar to EXO3 Rebel Ignite, this would have been extremely hard to pass up. If that were to actually happen, I would write Prince a personal thank you note!
From: Boris, 6/16

Comments: The best frame I have ever played with. It seems this frame is so under-rated. This stick does excactly what you try to do. You get a lot of control, and If you can handle the weight you get power as well because it has enough mass. The compact 95 square inch head gives a lot of control. It's very comfortable as well. Nowadays people tend to buy stiffer modern frames and then complain about tennis elbow pain or shoulder pain. I find it ironic. Most of us are not going to become pro players or compete at high levels, so there is no need to get a stiff frame as the pro do. We play for fun and to keep a good shape. Sticks like these help us extend our lifetime in the game as amateurs. It's very safe to play with this arm-friendly racquet. It''s even more stable than the Ezone DR 98 because of those 15 extra grams of static weight. You don't have to customize this racquet, as I have heard some guys did with the DR 98 because as every 11.5 ounce racquet lacks some stability againts hard hitters. I don't even need to use a dampener because with the EXO3 ports this frame feels so comfortable. I'll say It again, the best frame I have ever play with, in every aspect.
From: HBS, 5/16

Comments: It is a pretty nice racquet and at the price it is definitely worth checking out. Easy to hit good serves. Just demo it and see if you are fine with the weight. It's not heavy, but some people might find it a bit much. Also, not a powerful racquet.
From: Zebas, 4/16

Comments: I have posted several reviews on the Tennis Warehouse site, mostly for "players" frames, 90-95 sq in head size, 11.5 oz or more strung weight, swing weights in the 330-340 range.  I will honestly state that I haven't been a fan of Prince racquets since the days of Pat Rafter and the TT Warrior.  That being said, the Tour 95, at its current price point is an incredible value for the NTRP 4.0 or above, all-court player.  Its box frame construction reminds me of the Federer Pro Staff 90."  Very stable frame, not quite as crisp feeling as my frame of choice, the 2013 Wilson 6.1.  Slightly less power than the 6.1, but more than the 90 sq in Pro Staff I use for practice sessions.  Despite the 18x20 string pattern, the frame produces adequate spin using thinner 17 gauge string at or below the lower tension range (to soften up the bed and increase ball pocketing).  If you prefer 16 gauge strings, choose any of the smooth, slick, spin strings that are now available and this frame will produce enough spin for you.  If you are a flat ball hitter, this frame will blast laser like winners into the court corners if you can create your own pace (i.e., this is a control frame so the power you generate will be your own, the frame won't help much). Just an all around nice, comfortable, stable, control-oriented, jack-of-all trades type, pro players frame, excellent for singles or doubles. And now available at a very reduced price for the quality of the racquet. This frame won't convert me from my 6.1's as match frames, but I would certainly use them as backups.  For fans of the "old school" box frame feel, this frame should be at the top of the list (and sadly these frames are slowly disappearing from the market as the manufacturers move toward a base size of 97 or 98 square inch heads and lighter swing weight), so "get 'em while you can."
From: Anonymous, 3/16

Comments: Incredible racquet, a lot of control, enough mass to return big services, impressive maneuverability, fast and easy to swing. It is good for the arm too. I always had elbow problems, but with this racquet the pain is gone. Maybe the power is a bit low, I am going to try stringing it at 50 pounds. I use Kirschbaum Max Power Rough with 53 pounds, and the spin is really good. I serve with lot of kick and high bounces. The control on every shot is amazing. I am 40 years old, have a one-handed backhand, and I always used Wilson racquets, but Wilson forgot how to make heavy and flexible racquets.
From: Adrian, 2/16

Comments: It's a very nice stick. I bought two of these raquets for Christmas. I improved my serve and volley right away. I'm a two-handed backhand player and I felt so good hitting these shots. You will definitely get tons of control. Power and spin are there as well, but you have to generate it. I used to play with the Head Extreme Pro and always had elbow pain after a game in which I had to serve a lot. I thought It was normal, because the pain disappeared the next day If I had a day-off in tennis. With this Tour 95 I can play everyday and I have no pain in my elbow or shoulder, even If I play 5 times a week. It means It's a pretty flexible frame, and I love it. I got used to it very fast. I string my two racquets with synthetic strings at 55 lbs.
From: Bon, 2/16

Comments: Bought 2 of these racquets after hearing good feedback. Came from playing with the Head Youtek IG Prestige MP. I was looking for something that would have a similar feel, but was newer so I could purchase multiple racquets (not as easy to find Prestige MPs to buy). I'm surprised at how few reviews, information, etc. is on this racquet. It has a great feel and it is one of those racquets that does exactly what you want it to. If you mess up, it's because of you not the racquet, if you hit an amazing winner or serve an ace it's the same deal. Good technique goes a long way this racquet. For beginners it isn't one of those racquets that is going to give you the "free power." Overall, great feel, and it does exactly what I want it to, and it actually feels surprisingly maneuverable/whippier than you would think.
From: PatrickP, 10/15

Comments: Very nice control and very comfortable. A heavy weight for ball mass! I love the straight beam for the ball feel!
From: Anderson, 3/15

Comments: I'm 45, a USPTA Pro, 4.5-5.0, hard hitter, big serve, all-around, one hander, top 150 in my age. I was a Prince guy in my junior tennis years, then as a USPTA Pro went to Head with many others. Going back to Prince with the USPTA got me looking to check out what Prince has these days. I'm currently playing again with my Volkl PB Mid 10 and you can feel the similarities with this -- very soft, plush feel, and maneuverable. I would have thought this Prince Tour 95 would be a bit harder to move around but that's not the case. I would've thought this was a stiffer racquet than my VPB10, but again, it's not. Read the TW Review and it sings it's praises for good reason. TW rates the power score low, but I did not find that to be the case -- at least not like the rating. You get back what you put into this one. The control is very very good. Spin, no problem, it's there, but maybe not as much as the new Spin focused racquets. Still, hit heavy spin? You're fine. What I keep coming back to on this is the good mass of the racket. I tested this against the New Head Radical, Yonex Tour G310, and Yonex Ai98 and those just didn't have the mass that I'm looking for. The G310 was my next fav or the group. One downside is I wish it was a bit bigger head size. Conclusion -- a solid choice. It's a switchable racquet for me as I bet it is for others.
From: Jester, 12/14

Comments: Very nice playing racquet. I have continued to try thicker and stiffer frames thinking I need to "get with the times" but I continually struggle to harness the power in those frames. I can really play hard with this racquet and I feel like it's very fair. I get out of it exactly what I put in the shot which makes for excellent control on the court. Very comfortable as well even with the all poly. I have been hitting Prince XC Yellow and Head Hawk. Trying to decide on the best set up as Hawk is a little more powerful and has better feel while XC really dials in the spin and control.
From: Mesa, 10/14

Comments: I can also say that it is very similar to the Prince Rebel 95. Buttery soft feeling. A bit more plow through and stability. This frame offers enough control and has enough weight to play strong, without fear. I recommend to string it with Beast XP at 54/52 lbs (for me it is compromise between control and power + feeling). Great with Tour Bite (soft also) and Volkl V- Torque. For me it suit when tension is about 50 lbs.
From: Przemys, 4/14

Comments: Very close to the Rebel 95. Maybe a bit more solid but overall a great racquet. If you are looking for a solid player's frame and you value comfort, stop found it. I have been stringing mine with Yonex Poly Tour Pro at 52 lbs and it feels awesome. I have also tried Prince Premier Control in the crosses with Prince XC 16L in the mains and like that as well. A little less spin but more pop.
From: Mason, 4/14

Comments: Good frame. Practically a mirror of the Prince Rebel 95. The stiffness feel slightly different but this is not a huge difference. You get a nice Headlight frame with good flex and great cosmetics. This offers enough weight for solid contact and block back on big serves and shots while having good maneuverability at the net. This racquet really performs if you have long fast strokes. Great control frame. Overall, a cosmetic update to a solid performer. The matted paint finish seems more durable than the previous model while the other specs are practically identical to the Prince Exo3 Rebel 95.
From: Tommy, 3/14

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