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Comments: I buy Prince shoes because I like the wide toe box and they generally require little break in time. But these are the worst shoes I've ever worn. They're stiff, hot, heavy and actually hurt my arches. I've tried to break them in, but after a month, it's hopeless. I bought two pairs because they were on clearance, but I now understand why they were so reasonably priced. The second unused pair will be returned and the used ones are trash.
From: Darla, 2/14

Comments: I agree with the previous critiques. The earlier T-series shoes were much better. I'm not worried about injury, I just feel sluggish and leaden in these. And I don't love all the mesh. At least they're durable -- but now I'm waiting to wear them out!
From: Gaby, 1/14

Comments: These are by far the worst shoes ever. I was thinking they may be a little more comfortable than the T22s (which are incredible) and I liked the new look, but these are stiff, hot, virtually impossible to break in and destroyed my feet. I'm going back to the T22. The only other shoes I enjoyed (which apparently are not made anymore) are the Adidas Barricade 2.
From: Troy, 12/13

Comments: These are stiff -- if you try to bend them, it is impossible; but, they are awesome on the court when you play in them. They seem more "true" to the game of tennis compared to some of the hybrid shoes commonly found today. Plus, they have a good warranty and appear rugged.
From: Austin, 5/13

Comments: I agree with comments from others. These shoes are stiff, bulky, and are so narrow I can feel my blood flowing back into my feet when i take them off and i haven't even played in them yet. They are going back tomorrow.
From: Opal, 4/13

Comments: This is the time I was not happy with a pair of shoes purchased from tenniswarehouse. These shoes were terrible, too stiff and hard, and I could not break them in. I am a 4.0 player and have to run on hard courts, and these are too heavy and slow me down. Very disappointed.
From: Betty, 2/13

Comments: I agree, these shoes are horrible. I also like the T22 but these were so stiff and I felt like my feet were on fire. I wore them a few more times but they are not worth the pain they caused.
From: Anne, 10/12

Comments: The T24 is not an upgrade to the T22. I gave the T24 away one month after trying to play in them. They are very stiff.
From: Ang, 10/12

Comments: All the comments are on point. These shoes are too heavy, too stiff, and hurt my feet. I'll go back to my old T22.
From: Alison, 9/12

Comments: I have been wearing the T22 for a long time and decided to try the T24 because of the cute color combination. I was tired of the color selection of the T22 (I wish they would do some black or other color combinations). The T24s were very stiff and I still haven't broken them in. Also, I have wide feet and they pinched my feet even with the shoestrings as loose as possible. I'll go back to the T22 and hope they change color selections very soon.
From: Kathy, 9/12

Comments: These shoes were okay at first but they have begun to cause problems on the outside of my foot at the base of the little toe. I played a tournament last weekend and ended up with a blister and inflammed tissue. Looks like after reading the other comments this is a common problem with this shoe.
From: Katheryne, 7/12

Comments: Wish I had read these reviews before purchasing. I am a B width an these shoes are so wide. Don't know how they come up with a width like this for a B. When you spend so much on a pair of shoes you think they would get it right.
From: Marie, 6/12

Comments: I have been wearing T22 for many years. When my size was not available I ordered T24. As soon as I put them on, I realized they were not as comfortable as the T22. They were definately narrower and did not conform as well to the shape of my foot. If they are pinching just standing, I can only imagine how they will feel after 2 hours of tennis. These shoes went right back.
From: Donna, 6/12

Comments: I have wide feet so Princes shoes usually fit me well. I like the T22 series and after a little bit of a break-in those shoes were perfect for me. When these shoes first came out, I was really excited because of the colors and decided to try them out. 5 months later (playing between 3-5 times per week), the area under my pinky toe still hurts in these shoes and is starting to callous (initially I thought they just needed to be broken in). My toes also start hurting if I play in these shoes for longer than 2 hours and I just got my 2nd set of blisters. My advice, stick with the T22 series and avoid these at all costs!
From: Tina ,6/12

Comments:I am a big fan of T22 so decided to try the T24 shoes. They are no where as comfortable as my T22 shoes. They pinch my right foot near the little toe as they appear too narrow. They cause a pain in the ball of my foor, between my toes. I have worn them several times and they simply will not break-in. Should have stayed with the T22's, no break-in required from them. If this model is an improvement, I fail to see it.
From: Ken, 6/12

Comments: I am 4.0 player, I run hard on the clay courts. CON:I need a wide toe box. Unfortunately these shoes cause blisters on the outside of both my little toes. I think due to the thick,stiff silver strap located right over the little toes. Shoe is hot, bottom of my feet feel like they are on fire. PRO: shoe is low to the ground. I will go back to Fila, K Swiss and New Balance.
From: Abelita, 5/12

Comments: I am a big fan of the Prince T22 shoes so I bought these shoes hoping for the same result. These shoes are more stylish than the T22 but are extremely stiff, especially in the toe area. I tried to break them in but gave up when I started feeling pain in my knees so I'm going to stick with the T22 which is a more flexible shoe. I am a 3- 3.5 league player.
From: Vivien, 4/12

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