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Comments: These are by far the worst shoes ever. I was thinking they may be a little more comfortable than the T22s (which are incredible) and I liked the new look, but these are stiff, hot, virtually impossible to break in and destroyed my feet. I'm going back to the T22. The only other shoes I enjoyed (which apparently are not made anymore) are the Adidas Barricade 2.
From: Troy, 12/13

Comments: I received this shoe two days ago after carefully reviewing the comments posted by others who had purchased this shoe. Several comments blasted the shoe for being uncomfortable and too tight, snug, hefty and the like. They were "spot on." These shoes have a tremendous design flaws. Out-of-the-box, these shoes totally "destroyed" my feet. I laced them up and played for less than 5 minutes and found that I couldn't take the "pain" inflicted by the "unnatural design" of the shoe. It fits "horribly." However, my hitting partner was in love with them. Yet, I couldn't endure the pain for longer than 5 minutes before taking them off my feet. Adjustment: I barely tied them so I'd feel no pressure anywhere around my feet. It works and works well. Fortunately, these shoes are soo cushioned that they are form fitting without tightening them. I am a 5.5 player.
From: Anon, 7/13

Comments: I'm a long-time user of prince shoes (over 8 years) and after reading the reviews here I was worried but decided to take the plunge anyway with the deep discount. My favorite shoe is the T10. Anyway, I have no idea what everyone here is talking about, sure the shoes are stiffer but otherwise they were totally fine, I haven't experienced any discomfort at all, even after 3 hour playing sessions. I think the key might be to lace them up a little looser than you usually might, I normally lace up my T10s to be much more form-fitting but after reading the horror stories here I decided a looser fit would be a safer move. So far its been great.
From: Richard, 7/13

Comments: I am a Prince product fan. I have Prince shirts, Power Pro/Rebel racquets, 2 Tennis Tour Bags, XX Lightening string, dampeners and shoes. My T24 is the most ill fitting shoe I have ever purchased. I bought the T14 on the same order. Without reservation, I would buy the T14 at their current sale price. But, the T24 front support straps hurt my feet right out of the box. The pain is unbearable and I could not get out of the front door without feeling tourtured. The plastic around the toes does not bend well when I walk. A break in period should not involve injury. I cannot recommend these.
From: Bowsz, 7/13

Comments: I can barely walk after playing with these shoes. The forward strap on the outer part of the shoe is too tight and it hurts my feet to the point that I can't play more than 1 set without serious pain. I bought these shoes and so they sat in the box for 3 months until my Barricades were worn and now I'm really sorry I didn't try them on sooner. What a let down from Prince. The T24 are nothing like the T22's. Absolutely and without a doubt the worst shoe for tennis.
From: Steven, 5/13

Comments: These are stiff -- if you try to bend them, it is impossible; but, they are awesome on the court when you play in them. They seem more "true" to the game of tennis compared to some of the hybrid shoes commonly found today. Plus, they have a good warranty and appear rugged.
From: Austin, 5/13

Comments: I bought these shoes off the Tennis Warehouse return rack. These t24's are very comfortable on my feet, and they appear well made. Maybe whoever owned them before worked out the stiffness everyone else is talking about.
From: Robert, 4/13

Comments: Horrible shoes, usually Prince makes a good value shoe. I had no hesitation about buying the upgrade to the T22. Right out of the box, I had a problem one was white and the other had a noticeable gray tinge to the entire top of the show. Since I'm more into tennis than fashion I played with them. But after trying to break them in for two months, they're done. Too much pain due to the straps. Rather heavy and just not worth the money I paid for them.
From: Dave, 4/13

Comments: These shoes are too tight in the toe box and got very painful to wear after 15 minutes. I even got 1/2 size larger than I normally do. Badly constructed. And I would even say defective. I returned both pairs and will not try Prince shoes until they improve there quality.
From: Joe, 4/13

Comments: These shoes are horrible and stiff. The plastic lateral supports cut into my toes to the point where they are bleeding. They are also heavy and feel like I'm wearing combat boots.
From: Bob, 4/13

Comments: I've been playing with these shoes for about a week. I like them to a degree, they are starting to break in. I think once they break in they will play a lot better. The shoe is kind of heavy but there is a lot of support. These shoes are super comfy though, once they begin to stretch out. When I first slipped them on they crushed my toes vertically but they have loosened up since then. Overall, good shoes for the money, plus they have a guarantee on them.
From: Tom, /13

Comments: Look at everyone complaining on stiffness and comfort, most are basing their opinions on the shoe after 3 or 4 times of wearing it. Most shoes take time to break in and then after the break in period (which is no longer than a month of playing time) these shoes do the job with solid durability and a sleek look.
From: Andrew, 3/13

Comments: I discovered the T22 two years ago and it was a lifesaver. It resolved chronic problems with my sore feet. I "upgraded" to the T24 when it came on the market and it was a terrible decision, the new model has caused me significant problems. I thought I just a had a "lemon" pair until I read these comments and found many others have experienced the same problems. Prince needs to scrap the T24. I am a 4.0 player who spends 10+ hours per week on the court. Do not buy this shoe.
From: Jerry, 3/13

Comments: This shoe requires a long break-in time. I experienced pain in the two straps on each side. But, the other parts of the shoe are comfortable. I have always worn adidas and decided to give Prince a try. It was a big letdown after being so excited. Parts of the shoe weren't as durable as I thought. I will probably go for the Rebel 2 after this.
From: Aaron, 2/13

Comments: It took a full summer with expanded shoe trees to strech them to the point where I could wear them. They are clearly no match for the T22 shoe. I have worn Prince shoes for many years. The T24 shoes should be discontinue from the Prince line, these shoes are at best unacceptable. Will go back to the T22 shoes once these are worn.
From: Ken, 2/13

Comments: These shoes are so stiff. It's a lot stiffer thant T22 and T10. I play 9 hours per week and it's hurting my upper part of my right foot. I've had these shoes almost 3 months. I would highly recommend to stay away from it.
From: Fong, 2/13

Comments: These shoes were definitely stiffer than the T22's. The durability was on par with T22 and many other lines of shoes, as I got roughly 4 months out of them hitting 4-5 times per week on hard courts. Near the end of their life span, I rolled my ankle. These are the only shoes I have ever rolled an ankle in.
From: Matt, 1/13

Comments: I teach and play at about a 4.0-4.5 level. I agree with everybody saying that the shoes are stiff. There is no flexibility at the ball of the foot, so if you start running suddenly you will automatically pull an Achilles heel. The T22 curved up like a runner's shoe. There is not much heel support to begin with, so it's almost like wearing a sandal. A really stiff, heavy one. This issue is basically for someone who runs on their heels and has a thin foot with really wide heels.
From: Yusef, 1/13

Comments: I am a teaching professional endorsed by Prince. I have been loyal to the T22 since its inception. I was excited about the supposed upgrade to the new model. This is without question the worst shoe I have ever worn on court. After a day of teaching (not playing, basically just wearing), both of my feet were sore on the sides due to the stiff, narrow death-grip provided by those ridiculous strap-like pieces. I thought maybe they just needed a break-in period. Nope! It only got worse. Towing the company line, I gave them nearly two weeks before the pain was just too bothersome. Near the end of these two weeks, I peeled back the straps from their glued base as far as they would go. This helped minimally, but the damage had been done to my feet. I am currently in foot rehab with my first pair of Nikes since my old Oscillates (memories!). I am in violation of contract, and couldn't be happier. The T24 is not going to help Prince out of the mess it's in. Do not waste your time on this shoe.
From: Anon, 11/12

Comments: These are painful to wear. I compared them to my T22 which I love and found the soles to be obviously more narrow. This shoe actually hurts to wear.
From: George, 11/12

Comments: These are cut too narrow in the box. They felt ok when I first put them on, but a sore spot develops on top of the toes one in from the small toe. Two consecutive days it left a blister. The only solution is a bandaid on my toes for padding, and thin socks. These will wind up being expensive shoes for riding on the lawn mower for the next ten years.
From: Robert, 11/12

Comments: It's a shame for Prince to produce these shoes after the famous T22 models. They don't feel as good as the old ones.
From: Leo, 11/12

Comments: I've always worn the Prince T22, but recently decided to try the T24. For me, there is no comparison. The T24 was stiff, it did not breath and my feet and knees were sore after playing each time. I'm definitely going back to the T22.
From: Brian, 10/12

Comments: These shoes broke down in about six months (playing doubles about twice each week). The sole tread wore off first, and then a hole developed in the toe area. This is a fairly snug, rigid shoe. I would not recommend these based on price/performance.
From: Chris, 10/12

Comments: If you want a shoe with higher arch support, good heel-to-toe cushioning and durability--this fit's the bill. I recently tried several KSwiss, Asics and New Balance shoes and none of them offered this level of comfort/support.
From: Jim, 6/12

Comments: Wow, these things kill your feet, and although these shoes are very durable (its got a six month guarantee), I found myself unable to move after only an hour of playing all because of foot pains. Also these things are heavy, I keep thinking of these things like boots, because that's what they feel like on the court.
From: Jack, 6/12

Comments: I made the mistake of choosing this over the T14 and ended up with pain on both sides of my feet. The straps on the side were so stiff that I couldn't run in it. In the end, I had to cut off the first strap on both sides in order to have a small measure of comfort. Nothing like the T22, which has to be the best shoe Prince has come up with.
From: Collin, 5/12

Comments: I am disappointed. I've been wearing the T22 for years now, and decided to try the T24s. These are very stiff, even after 10 matches. These seem to have less room in the toe than the T22s, judging by the pain on the outside of my feet, which are narrow. They also have an odd, wet-leather smell to them. This was the case before I started wearing them and when they're dry. After a match they're unbearable, I need to place them in my car trunk to survive the drive home.
From: Mike, 5/12

Comments: I've had similar experiences as Brian and Rich in going from the T22 to the T24 and now deciding to go back to the T22. The T22's feel great right out of the box but the T24's felt tight and hurt during play for about 2 weeks. After 6 weeks I can feel the early warnings signs of plantar fasciitis. This weekend I wore an old pair of T22's and my feet felt much better than they have in a while. I'm switching back.
From: Brad, 5/12

Comments: I switched from T22 to this T24. The shoe felt more stiff than the T22. Also, for some reason, I experienced foot cramps wearing this shoe. I was able to continue to play, but the issue occurred only when wearing these shoes -- I do not know why. Also, went through the sole in 10 weeks -- very quick. Generally, takes 4 - 5 months. I play 4 - 5 times per week, so very active. However, even at this level of play, my last T22 and a pair of ASICS Gel Resolution took 5 months to go through the sole. Thank goodness for the 6 month replacement!I am going back to the T22.
From: Rich, 4/12

Comments: I bought these shoes because they are reported to be well cushioned. With tennis causing some lower back pain, I need a well cushioned shoes. These shoes did not disappoint. Excellent cushioning, no pain in my lower back like before. The support you get in moving any direction is excellent. The shoe wraps around your foot rather than you fitting into the shoe. Not a great street shoe, but made for the court for sure. If they last well, I will definitely buy them for next pair. They are heavier than most, but you don't really notice that. Because the support and cushioning is so good, I feel like I can go all out in chasing balls without causing next day problems with m lower back. What a relief!
From: Steve, 4/12

Comments: I appreciate this shoe being a little stiffer than the T22's, but it makes the balls of my feet ache after a match. I never felt that with the T22's. This shoe definitely requires break-in time and after 4 or 5 matches now, I'm headed back to the T22's.
From: Brian, 4/12

Comments: Great shoe. I have tried many brands and the prince seem to be the best fit. Nice support, comfortable.
From: David, 3/12

Comments: Jury is still out. Definitely not in the "no break-in required" class. Or maybe it's just much stiffer than past Prince shoes. After a disastrous switch to the NB 1187s (originally advertised with a 12mo warranty, sole wore through in less than 2 months) from T22s, I thought I'd give the latest T24s a try. Wear seems to be comparable to the T22s (which I normally get 6.01 months of service playing 3-4x/week on hard courts). Very stable (see stiffness). It seems like there is a little less room in the toe box than the T22s, just about perfect for my almost-wide feet. Support is pretty good - haven't yet contemplated slipping in an aftermarket sole insert. Slightly disappointed that it hasn't improved my backhand, but right now I'm thinking these are my shoes for the near future.
From: Greg, 2/12

Comments: Great shoe. I am very picky when it comes to tenns sneaker, this is my second pair of prince sneakers, previously had the t22s for about 10 months. Excellent on the clay . Just got the t24s, love them.
From: Willie, 2/12

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