Prince T22 Grey/Blue/Black Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: This pair is worse than the T14. The toe sides of both the left and right shoe has a hole or cut like damage after 5 months. The T14 wore out the same parts, but the whole palm is a piece, so the T14 wore out at the same time without cut or hole. Whereas, the T22 seems like there are two layers on the palm. The out lay wore out and leaves a cut or hole between the inner layer.
From: Anon, 9/14

Comments: I've been wearing Prince NFS shoes for 20 years, and was very disappointed when they ran out of the Vipers, which was an excellent shoe if you had a wide forefoot. I agree with some of the other reviewers -- the plastic support will cause a blister if you have a wide foot. This may be a good shoe for a narrow foot, but would not recommend it for a wide forefoot. Prince needs to bring back the Viper for all the loyal customers!
From: Lance, 7/14

Comments: These shoes felt great in the store but the plastic straps on the outside of the shoe are killing me (the outer bone on the side of the foot). I removed the laces from the shoe, then I took a very sharp exacto knife and cut the stitching on the outside of the plastic strap (the strap on the outside of the shoe and closest to the front of the shoe only! The other strap is not an issue) and carefully separated it from the mesh. When I got close to the sole, I placed a credit card between the mesh and the plastic strap, and cut away the strap about 1/16 of an inch above the sole. (The credit card prevents you from cutting into the mesh.) That solved the problem completely. This will not hurt the shoe or void the warranty either. Love these shoes!
From: Scott, 7/14

Comments: They are comfortable. However, I burnt a hole in the toe in just two weeks! Unacceptable. If you play on hard courts and move at all, these shoes are not for you
From: Bob, 7/14

Comments: The shoes are good for wide feet, but the latest production seems to be a bit loose in the heel. Also because the shoes are so wide, it's like running with elephant feet.
From: Clare, 5/14

Comments: I used these for a few years and did send them back at least once for a free replacement because they wore out before the 6 month guarantee time. I typically replacde them every 6 months or so, playing 2-3 times per week. They have very good grip and stability, but are a bit clunky. The plastic straps do dig in, so I typically laced them loose down low and tighter towards the top. This led to a bit of a loose fit though, and I found myself constantly re-tightening my shoes during matches. The toe box is plenty wide and there isn't much arch support, so I used my own orthotic inserts instead of the ones provided to help with this. I ended up switching to the Nike Vapor 9s for increased comfort. Overall, a solid, durable shoe.
From: Warren, 2/14

Comments: The T22 model is OK for wider feet like mine, and I think they are reasonably well padded compared to other brands on the market. They are a little 'soft' in construction, and don't support fast hard movement all that well -- but this is now a common problem in today's 'fashion' tennis shoes. I believe the plastic straps close to the toe box are poorly designed, since they have very sharp edges that you can feel through the surrounding mesh material. The two materials do not go well together when laced up tight, and feet are pushing sideways against them -- i.e. in typical tennis play. Did anyone in the design team actually try this properly? Thick socks help a bit, but really, thin sharp plastic and mesh! I am 185 lbs, 6'0" and still a fast- moving 52 year old, about 5.0, very experienced all-courter.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: The plastic strips on the sides will hurt your feet. I returned mine and until Prince decides to remove the plastic, I will buy other brands.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: $90 down the drain -- the plastic strips on the side of the shoes are killing my feet. These shoes look great and felt great in the store, but after playing in them for 2 weeks, I'm done. Going back to Nike.
From: Britt, 1/14

Comments: Leaves marks all over the court. I am a teaching professional and was embarrassed to wear these shoes on the court. Called to let Tennis Warehouse know and said I could try another shoe. I have worn through them in two months on the bottom. Very comfy, but wore through them way too fast, with marks all over the court.
From: Ryan, 12/13

Comments: I've been trying to find a comfortable wide-toe shoe to replace the Prince Viper series. Unfortunately, the T22 feels stiff with almost no cushion for my already fragile feet. If anyone has a suggestion on what model to try, I'm all ears. To the Prince reps, please bring the Viper wide toe series back and I'll buy a dozen at a time.
From: Doug, 12/13

Comments: I am on my 4th pair of T22s in the last 2.5years. I love these shoes as they are very spacious for semi- wide feet with low arch. Prior to trying these out, I tried adidas Barricades and had shinsplints like crazy within 15mins of playing. These shoes last for a while, 7-8 months playing doubles 3 times a week. They might last less if playing singles the same amount. The shoes are clunky and heavy as others have commented. A nice pair of the cheap New Balance are good (tried them also) but these shoes just move with the right amount of grip. The New Balance shoes were too grippy and I had minor knee problems from them. These T22s just offer the right amount of grip when turning on the ball of your foot while swinging. I may look at another brand just to see what's out there, but I always keep a pair of T22s as a trusty backup.
From: Russ, 12/13

Comments: Despite some of the feedback, I took a chance and bought the T22. It worked out for me as it's a great shoe. A little clunky and beefy on the tread, but my game is not built around exceptional speed. No issues with the plastic straps near the toebox. I used the fitting guide to help me. My foot size is 11 1/3," width is 4.1," I did not subtract by 1/5" and went with a size 12.
From: John, 10/13

Comments: These shoes are in the top 5 that I have ever worn. The only problem is that I kind of 'pronate out' on my heels a little and after a few months of wear, they begin to 'lean out' on my heels. I have 5 pairs sitting in the garage that are in almost perfect condition except the 'pronated out' heel sections of the shoes. They are not worn out, but just a little wear on the heels, just for some construction reason they kinda crush-out after a few minutes of play (my average weekly play = 12+ hrs). Meaning, I cannot wear them because they will cause other joint-foot-knee problems if worn to long in that state. But, if you do not have that pronating-out heel problem, I highly suggest these shoes! Also, I cannot wear Nike type shoes with pointed tips -- these T22s are squarish tips which are very comfortable to me.
From: Jon, 10/13

Comments: So far, these are the best shoes out there. Great for not causing knee or achilles problems. The side of the foot is a problem (but only a small problem), I only had a little discomfort on the side of my right foot after 2 hours of play (played 2 sets), however, I have to say the other benefits and comforts out weigh this minor issue. In my case, other shoes I had worn over the years caused knee pain, shin pain, achilles tendon pain, bottom of feet pain and roll overs, but these shoes are very stable and comfortable.
From: Mike, 9/13

Comments: Excellent shoe that really helped cure my achilles tendonitis and other feet ailments. Thank you Prince and Tennis Warehouse!
From: Bob, 7/13

Comments: Be very careful with this shoe. Having worn Prince for 20+ year, it seems as if their manufacturing has changed. Recently having owned about 7 pair of T9 Roadsters I tried these. These are far from the forefoot that one is used to with Prince. The plastic on the sides that is locked into the lacing system pinch you foot terribly if you are used to a wider than normal Toe Box from Prince. If anyone knows of a good T9 replacement please post.
From: Chris, 7/13

Comments: My first pair of these were the best tennis shoes I have ever worn! They were always extremely comfortable and roomy around the toes. I recently re-ordered the same shoe and size but this time the fit was tight and uncomfortable around the toes. I've been playing in them for 2 months now trying different socks to help in any way. The discomfort tends to disappear temporarily while playing. My feet start hurting again after I stop playing and I can't wait to take them off! Unfortunately, they still feel terrible every time I put them on! What happened to the fit of this great shoe?
From: Phil, 7/13

Comments: Great shoe! It took about 2 weeks to break in and now they are cushiony and comfortable.
From: Bob, 6/13

Comments: Not comfortable for me with the worst part being the side plastic part of the shoe that pinches my foot.
From: Damian, 5/13

Comments: This is a terrific shoe! I have tried the Scream 3, T14, and T22 Mid; the Scream's lacing pattern did not have enough lace holes to feel secure on my feet, the T14 just didn't fit at all, and the T22 Mid hurt my feet. The T22 was my last try, and it worked! Extremely comfortable, great support, and a great look! Recommended.
From: John, 3/13

Comments: It is rather confounding that so many consider the T22 to be a cushioning shoes. Granted the uppers are super comfy with a roomy toebox and superb ventilation, but the cushioning is sorely lacking.
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: This is a great shoe. I got my second pair recently. They changed the fit slightly. They're a little closer fitting at the ball of the foot. They're very well ventilated and have good traction and durability. And they are well built up lateraly so I can really load up on my forehand. My favorite feature is the heel cup. The shoe really wraps well around my narrow heel. I've had a bad fit in the heel with 2 pairs of Asics that I had. The T22 is a very well built shoe.
From: Kevin, 12/12

Comments: I found these shoes very comfortable. I've had mine for almost 2 years. I play sporadically, but when I play, I'm usually playing 6-7 hours over 2 days, so they show pretty good wear. The shoes have a good shelf life, and are very durable. I have flatter feet so I think these shoes are better for people with wider and flatter feet than those with narrower feet with high arches.
From: Gene, 12/12

Comments: My coach bought these for my team last season and I did not like them at all. They seemed to not have enough cushioning and they felt really clunky while moving around on the court.
From: Tristan, 11/12

Comments: I bought a pair of these in Navy Blue in the middle of September because I won a major discount coupon from a local reseller at a tennis workshop. This is a very comfortable pair of shoes. Good cushioning and good ankle support. However, it does not last very long. Mine is about 3 months from having a hole on the bottom of each shoe. Good thing it comes with a 6 month warranty program. I totally recommend this.
From: Brian, 11/12

Comments: Danger, danger Will Robinson! Do not buy this shoe! I loved the T22 Mid. But as usual, when Prince has a good thing they get rid of it. No wonder they are in bankruptcy. The T22 has no stability. I sprained my ankle three times in two days. Plus, the shoe laces come untied every two games. I threw them in trash. I'm a 4.5 competitive player and coach college tennis.
From: John, 9/12

Comments: These are pretty decent shoes. The sole lasts for a long time. I have had mine for a year and am just starting to have the tread on the bottom come off and I play 5 days a week for 2.5 hours. Only problem is that they dont have very good traction. They also hurt my feet!
From: Ben, 7/12

Comments: These T-22's were a big disappointment for me. I've worn Prince shoes for my last 5+ pairs of shoes and they've all been great for their longevity and for they way they fit my wide feet. I'm used to Scream 3's which are heavier and I was looking forward to the lighter weight of the T-22. The T-22 is the first Prince shoe I've worn that pinch my foot at the width and refuses to break in even after 6 months. Also the toe has worn through and I've discovered this 10 days after the six month outsole warranty has expired. Hopefully Prince will still honor the warranty & give me a new pair & hopefully a new pair will fit better. But this the first Prince shoe that I've been disappointed with.
From: Tom, 7/12

Comments: The problem with the T22 versus the T9 and T10 is the mesh used in the forefoot toe area that is too stretchy on the T22, causing it to feel very unstable. The T9 and T10 used more vinyl in the forefoot keeping the foot more stable.
From: Squirrel, 6/12

Comments: These are the worst shoes - ever. I have worn Prince shoes for many years and made the mistake of buying two pairs of the T22. I have a wide forefoot and the shoes pinched the front of my foot badly. I tried to re-lace them and bypass the plastic straps but that didn't help either. After a couple of hours on the court I hurt all over. I finally gave them away.
From: Mike, 5/12

Comments: Shoe feels comfortable, a good fit for my wide feet with little to no arch. Shoe feels good playing, although on a few extreme situations, I did not feel comfortable with the stability of the shoe - your heel sits a little higher than usual, and during major momentum shifts where other shoes slide for me. I almost felt like these were buckling on me. Scary feeling, and this was during one of my first few sessions with them.
From: Anon, 4/12

Comments: I have very flat feet due to extreme over pronation so I expected to have a difficult time finding tennis shoes that didn't cause me discomfort. I tried the Nike Lunar Vapor 8 and the Adidas Barricade first. Both were so horribly painful I couldn't even keep them on my feet for five minutes. I called Tennis Warehouse on the phone and explained my problem to them. They were extremely helpful and directed me toward a couple of options. For some reason, despite the fact that I think they are super ugly, I decided to try the Prince T22s. I am SOOOO glad that I did. Foot pain gone instantly. The comfort level was not quite 100% perfect but very close (say 90% perfect). And honestly, with feet as flat as mine 90% perfect comfort is about as good as I ever hope to experience. After wearing them a couple of times, I decided to try an aftermarket insert (SofSole Air), and that made them an absolute dream to play in. I'm now on my second pair and I can't imagine ever trying another shoe. They do feel a bit heavy on the feet at first, but the upside of that is that they are incredibly stable. I also thought the sole was amazingly durable. I am a recreational player and play three to four times a week on hard courts, averaging one to four hours each session. After six months, there were almost no signs of wear on the outsoles of my first pair. I got a new pair mainly due to the inside being worn to the point that I started to think, "Yeah, I should probably replace these." But if I was thrifty or on a restrictive budget, I believe I could have gotten another three or four months worth of wear out of them.
From: Dan, 4/12

Comments: A good shoes but it needs just a little more cushioning. That would make it a great shoes.
From: K, 3/12

Comments: I am a 6'2" 250 Lb. bodybuilder, who happens to play 2-3 x's per week, 2 hrs + per session. I am quick for my size, and move around the court well. I am a size 11 D, but I wear a size 12 in these shoes, maybe because I like wearing two pairs of heavy socks for extra padding. I like these shoes because I have wide toes( not foot). My toes don't pinch in these shoes. I've tried a few other brands and they all pinch my toes. I don't have foot or ankle problems,and I don't have flat feet. I can afford any shoes I want. Price is not a factor. I found these shoes work well for me, so I'm sticking with them. I don't see the point in spending more money on shoes - just to keep trying different brands.
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: My son plays Champ level USTA level tennis about 20-25 hours a week. I have just ordered his 7th pair of these shoes. We have tried a number of different shoes, New Balance and Adidas Barricade come to mind, but we always come back to the Prince T22. He has a rather wide, flat foot (not a lot of arch going on) and these have a roomier toebox than some. We have tried switching a few times, but I always hear complaining, so I've stopped. We keep two pair on hand, and rotate them, and he always wears these out late in month 4 or early in month 5 and Prince always honors the 6th month outsole warranty and provides us with a free pair. I don't look at the wear-through as a negative, I look at it as a positive: every other pair is free. For as much as he plays, I would not really expect the shoe to last longer, and I am pleased that they stand by their shoe and provide this guarantee. I see they have come out with T24's. I hope they don't discontinue the T22's. They are a great shoe.
From: Texas Tennis Mom, 1/12

Comments: So I was wearing through my Nike Court Ballistec 2.3's and I needed a new shoe. I have a very flat arch and it's usually hard to find a shoe that fits right. I'm a pretty big Nike fan, so I've been wearing the last few Cage and Court Ballistec series shoes as these tend to have a relatively flat arch. However, a few players I know recommended the Prince T22. I was a bit hesitant at first, but then I tried them on. Been playing in these for the last few weeks and I have to say I've been impressed. Very cushy and comfortable, I'm getting better support out of these than the 2.3's (for my foot type), and they seem to provide a bit more support and are very stable. Sure, they aren't as flashy or good looking as the Nike shoe (I love the look of the Court Ballistec 3.3's), but the great fit is what sold me on them.So if you have a wide-flat foot, need some cushion and support, I'd recommend giving these shoes a shot. I've been very impressed.
From: James, 11/11

Comments: I absolutely love this shoe! I switched from the Babolat Propulse 3's to these, and they were great. I got these shoes before my sectional match and they didn't take long to break-in. The shoe itself felt really well on my feet. There wasn't much of a difference on the weight side but I loved the durability. I recommend this shoe to any player.
From: Nathan, 10/11

Comments: I have always loved the fit of Prince NFS shoes on my feet and have had several pairs of the old Aerotype 1.2's and about 6 or 7 pairs of Vipers. I am pretty particular about what fits my foot, so I was a little apprehensive about switching away from what has worked. I grind on shoes really hard on the court. I do lots of sliding on hard courts and foot drag on the back foot often enough to tear through the tops on almost every shoe I have ever had. From the moment I first put on the T22's I liked them. The grip is excellent, I almost prefer less as sliding on a hard court in these shoes is a lot harder than it is wearing Vipers. However, they have great flexibility and have been pretty darn tough on top where I have obviously tried my best to wear through them with foot drag. They seem to be holding up quite well with support and cushion and they breath really well. These shoes get a big thumbs up from me. The step up from the Viper to these is worth it and I am certain I will buy several more pairs now that I know my feet love the shape of the shoe. I have notice a lot less wear and tear on my calf muscles and feet. I totally love them.
From: Mike, 9/11

Comments: These shoes are fantastic. I switched over from the Barricade II's because it seemed to me that the quality had started to drop off on the last couple of pairs I owned. I tried on about a dozen different shoes before deciding on these. I had to get them 1/2 size larger than most shoes. I didn't need any break in time, they seemed to play well from the moment I stepped on the court. The sole seems a bit wider than the Barricade II's, but I don't notice a difference in my movement. I play about 4 to 6 hours a week at a 3.5 level and the wear seems very reasonable.
From: Jason, 9/11

Comments: This is a great shoe. This is the first shoe that I have been able to wear all 8 months. Most of the competitor's shoes wore out at 3 months.
From: John, 8/11

Comments:I tried on lots of tennis shoes and these were by far the most comfortable ones. I found most adidas shoes to be too narrow for my feet, and many other brands to be too rigid. The T22's are very bouncy, and have a nice wide feel around the ball of the foot. Good support all the way around, I'm very happy with them.
From: Devin, 8/11

Comments: This is a really awesome shoe. After a long 4 years, I switched from Adidas Prevails to these and boy did they feel great. They're a little bit on the heavier side, but I think it works better for me. Good lateral movement support, good arch support and the toe box is a great fit for a size 10 guy.
From: MkR. 07/11

Comments: Like all other shoes, this T22 isn't for everyone. If you have a wide and flat foot like me, you have to try it. For me, it felt like it was designed for my foot as it fits right in and feels comfortable. No blisters, no tight spots. I have to say the look is a bit goofy as it's not my style but I go to the courts to enjoy my time and play well not to look great.
From: J. 6/11

Comments: Phenomenal shoe. Great comfort out of the box. Reasonable durability. Lasted me about 5 months but I play a lot. Very stable.
From: Dean, Portland, Oregon. 5/11

Comments: As a high school student I have a lot of energy to move around the court. My team got these shoes as team shoes last year. I already went through a pair in 5 months and 6 month warranty I got another. With the second pair I used them over the summer in half the time. This shoe is not worth buying. If you like to hit running forehands and move around the court a lot, this shoe is not recommended for you.
From: Bob, 03/11

Comments: This shoe is amazing. I play 6 times a week and I need a shoe that is comfortable, yet durable and this is the best shoe I have ever had. I am on my 2nd pair now and the first pair lasted about 7-8 months. They are super comfortable. I love these shoes!
From: Mike, IN, USA, 03/11

Comments: Great shoes!! I have worn just about every brand out there and I keep coming back to Prince T series. Very comfortable durable and STABLE. I am 6'3" 235 and really can pound a shoe. I highly recommend them!
From: Dan, Roswell, GA, USA, 02/11
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: These shoes are just awful. They offer no support, grip, comfort, and look extremely goofy. I am never picky about how a shoe feels but I HATE this shoe. To all those who like it, try another shoe. After I got the Nike 2.3 ballistec and I threw this pair in my fireplace. I never thought I could get so angry at a shoe.
From: Jacob, FL, USA, 02/11

Comments: Since taking up tennis 2 years ago I've had to road-test, tennis specific, tennis shoes. After trying out many different brands, many of which hurt my feet I choose the Prince t-22, because it ended up being the best tennis shoe for me. I am a 3.5 rated player that plays about 10 to 12 hours a week, mainly doubles but some singles. These shoes to my experience wear very well in all areas, I would highly recommend them to all, especially to players that require a wider toe box.
From: Jim, Surprise, AZ, USA, 02/11

Comments: Overall a fantastic shoe, top-notch durability is a definite bonus. Shoe may weigh more compared to other shoes, but when worn it feels light due to compact design. Lateral shuffles are decent. The only downside would be the high break-in time. I play 8 hours a week mixing matches with drills and it took about 2 weeks to break these shoes in. Like previous comments I would recommend a 1/2 size up.
From: Roger, MD, USA, 02/11
NTRP: 4.5-5.0

Comments: Shoes seem fairly heavy. Sole is wearing through after about 15 - 20 hours (I weigh 170 #) Recommend sizing up 1/2 size. I normally wear size 11, but the shoes are too short. Width is good.
From: D.O., TX, USA, 02/11

Comments: Love these shoes. When I first started using them over a year ago I saw a noticeable improvement in my game. I have lower arches so these were perfect. Stability is very good. Durability is extremely good, better than any shoe I've ever worn. Overall a great choice for me.
From: Jeff, USA, 02/11

Comments: These shoes are form fitting, very solid, a little chunky, quite firm - not cushy but not uncomfortable. Think heavy duty. At first I wondered if they would be too 'hard' but they fit perfectly (medium to wide foot, medium to high arch) with good arch support so I gave them a try. At first I loved them, they felt snug, very supportive, durable and pretty quick for how chunky they are. After about 2 months however, I developed a bruise on the side of my foot where the hard plastic lateral support straps are, which hasn't gone away a month or so later. So, maybe they were too hard for me after all, it's too bad because I loved them for 2 months and they still have a lot of life left in the soles but now I have a foot problem that won't seem to go away.
From: Bernard, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 11/10

Comments: This is a very good tennis shoe. I have tried adidas and Nike in several models. Bottom line, these are much better. They are soft enough to be kind to my ankle and knees, but hard enough to last quite a while with 6 hours of singles per week. They fit very comfortable, good traction, excellent breathability, good space for fingers and they wrap around the feet very well. So far, the best tennis shoes I have tried! Period! Now I have several models, my wife loves them and my kids prefer them to other brands
From: Adrian, Queretaro, Mexico, 10/10

Comments: I used to wear the Nike Breathe Free shoes - of course, were discontinued like many good products. I tried the Nike Court Ballistic 2.3 - felt clunky and heavy. They led to blisters on my big toes. Tried the Nike 2K10 - a little lighter than the Court Ballistics, but had similar blister issues. The soles of the latter shoe began to wear pretty quick. I tried the prince T22 based on TW reviews. They feel great. The shoe inserts are much thicker and more padded than the Nikes. Shoes were comfortable with 1st outing. Soles have not worn with about 6-8 hours of singles play. I have bought a second pair and am quite happy.
From: Ken, Coeur D Alene, ID, USA, 10/10

Comments: Excellent shoe. Barricades made my feet cramp and became too narrow for my feet. Asics Gel Resolutions were very good too; only downsides were slight slippage in the heel and the non-durable sole. The Prince T22s have been the best shoe I've bought for tennis, ever. I just stocked up on them.
From: CAM, Bethesda, MD, USA, 09/10

Comments: Prince T22 is a really nice tennis shoe. They are well made, great looking, and comfortable. I like that the outsole of the shoe has a rounded aspect to the forefoot area and a substantial toe-drag bumper. As everyone's feet and tastes are different, I am not going to say that this is the best tennis shoe ever. But, I did try just about every brand out there for fit, stability, comfort, and quality of manufacture. I have used New Balance, Adidas Barricade, and Fila tennis shoes in the past. I will say that after trying many shoes this time around, the Prince T22 rose to the top. They are the best shoe for me right now, and I have purchased another pair. When I find a tennis shoe that works for me, I stick with it and stockpile several pairs. I will take advantage of the 6-month outsole warranty as well. I use custom orthotics with the Prince T22 and that works well. The orthotics are easy to get in and out of the shoe. The shoe has really good stability and the tongue is well padded. There is nothing cheap, plastic or flimsy about this tennis shoe. Feels lighter than the specs would indicate. I highly recommend the Prince T22. Give it a try and compare to the other top tennis shoes. You may reach the same conclusion I have.
From: Anon, 09/10

Comments: This is a wonderful shoe. I previously wore the Adidas Barricade 2. The reason I switched to the T22 is that the toe box of the Barricade 2 wound up being too narrow for my feet. The right shoe rubbed and caused pain to the joint at the base of my right big toe. In looking for a shoe with a wider toe box, I tried on the T22 and New Balance CT 1004 and went with the T22. I'm glad I did. The T22 is incredible right out of the box, and it works great with my custom orthotics. In short, this is the best tennis shoe I've ever owned. I highly recommend the T22.
From: JRo, KC, MO. 8/10

Comments:I also was a Barricade user. No question the t22s are more comfortable and durable. Save some money and buy em. I bought 2 pairs.. black and white/black/scarlet
From: J, OR, USA, 08/10

Comments: Excellent shoe. Used Barricades before but this feels better. Cushioning, stability, and wear are excellent. Best tennis shoes that I have ever bought.
From: David, Bethesda, MD, USA, 08/10

Comments: Echoing Dan's comments, the T22 is the best shoe I've ever played in. I've had numerous foot problems throughout the years, and usually had very sore and blistered feet after playing long matches. These shoes minimize the damage more than any other shoe I've worn, which motivates me to practice more and play longer. The slightly wider-than-average sole provides excellent stability, including lateral support--much better than Nike, for example--but not too much restriction (which I find New Balance and Adidas brands suffer from). So if you want a shoe in between Nike and Adidas in terms of stability, support, and comfort, this is the one.
From: Ted, San Diego, CA. 6/10

Comments: This is by far the best tennis shoe I have ever played in. It is extremely comfortable. The shoe lasted about 2 months, which is very good for me. The adidas barricade lasts about a month and a half, most Nike shoes about 3 weeks. I strongly recommend this shoe to anybody who needs durability.
From: Dan, SC. 6/10

Comments: I bought these shoes based on the reviews I read at this site. I have to disagree with those that say these will fit those with wide feet. I have wide feet, but not so wide that they fit into double EE's (New Balance), which seem to be the only thing made for wide feet. I did order some "custom" made shoes (barricades) from which fit pretty well. However, I don't like the boat like feeling of barricades. Anyway, these Prince T22s do not fit wide feet and pinch considerably in the toe box. If you truly have wide feet you need to look elsewhere. I am still looking.
From: Rory, Richmond, VA, USA. 5/10

Comments: Great shoes that are very comfortable, provide decent arch support, and can be worn right out of the box. The only problem with them is I was able to put a hole in the bottom of the left shoe, due to a bad toe drag on my forehand, within 5 weeks.
From: chris, brookfield, ct, USA. 4/10

Comments: I have always been a big fan of Prince tennis shoes. I had a pair of OV-1s about a year and a half ago, but they were very narrow for my wide feet. After wearing them for about 6 months, I bought a pair of Nike Shox (not tennis shoes, obviously) for everyday wear. The Shox were very comfortable and I could wear them for most of the day without sore feet, which I could not say about the OV-1s. I recently ordered a pair of the T22s, which looked a bit wider than the OV-1's. I took them out of the box, put them on and WOW! This is by far the most comfortable shoe I have ever put on my foot. They are wide enough for my very wide feet and have lots of cushion right out of the box! Very impressed with this shoe!!
From: Jeff, Fort St. John, BC, Canada. 4/10

Comments: Since I had foot surgery 6 months ago I can no longer wear Nike shoes. A tennis pro suggested I try the prince T22. They are amazingly comfortable and can be worn right out of the box. If I had to continue wearing Nikes, I would sadly have to give up the game. I am baffled how so many pros wear Nike. Once you have a serious foot problem you then learn how important a quality, comfortable and supportive shoe is for your feet..
From: Tim, CA, USA. 4/10

Comments: I just picked up a pair of these after a long struggle with shoes. I played with Oscillates for ever and a day. When those went away I bounced around to all kinds of shoes. I tried various Nikes, New Balance, etc. I have always been a Nike guy, but my last pair of Vapors ripped my feat apart. I had to make a change. I got a very strong recommendation to try these and wow...I really would have never considered a pair of Prince shoes unless something like this happened. I have to be I was blown away the moment they went on my feet. They are more comfy than the New Balance 1004 (and that is a great shoe!) and fit snug like the Oscillates. They are amazing feeling. Don't think twice...get 'em.
From: Jeff, Cary, NC, USA. 03/10

Comments: I have used this shoe for about two months. I think I could have gone smaller by a half/size, they seemed a touch wider then I am use to, nothing to stop the show mind you, I just don't wear my thinner socks. No break in for these shoes at all, pillow feeling. I am having an issue with the sole on the heel of one shoe, as it looks to be ripping off the shoe. Not too concerned with this as it seems to have held up fine for a couple weeks like this without any more tearing. Overall a good shoe, fairly light, comfortable and breathable. Might not have the support some are looking for. I paid $69, I consider that a good deal for this shoe with the 6 month sole warranty, and would not hesitate to buy it again. I am a pretty aggressive running, athletic player 3.5-4 range.
From: Sean, FLA 12/09

Comments: Very comfortable and easy to break in. But I wore through these in about 2 months.
From: Zack, WA 11/09

Comments: I bought these shoes as I've always worn K-Swiss shoes, but wanted a black pair of shoes. I play a few times each week. These shoes are good for my wide feet. They are comfortable right out of the box and feel true to size as do the K-Swiss. They are lightweight and provide decent lateral support and traction. However, the sides and sole of these shoes are much more flexible in contrast to the K-Swiss Stabilors. While it not an issue for me, the bend point in the soles is more forward and seems to keep the bend so the toe area of the shoe appears to be curled up.
From: Mike, Phila, PA 10/09

Comments: What a fit! I have a medium-wide foot with a low arch and these shoes secure you nicely without being tight. I have worn Wilson exclusively for a decade or more but there is now very little selection of wide models in the Canadian market. There is also a bit of rocker in the the sole so this helps keep you on your toes. The only negative aspect is the outsole is quite firm/hard so there is a cushioning sacrifice.
From: Craig, Mississauga, ON, Canada 10/09

Comments: These are the very best tennis shoes I've ever owned. They fit perfectly the minute I tried them on. I have a medium wide foot with low arch. They feel great on the court with good traction without being too heavy. They also have great ventilation and give me plenty of support. I can play 3 hours in these with no pain in feet and they also have enough cushion for hard courts. This is a high performance shoe at a very reasonable price. I had gone from Barricades which were heavy and not very comfortable, the wear on them was ok but they slowed me down especially on clay. The plastic "claws" on the sides would dig into my feet and caused pain. I had a cheap pair of Wilson shoes after that but those were just crap, fell apart fast and caused all kinds of pain even though the soul was very soft. I'm happy to say I've found the best tennis shoe ever with the Prince T-22!!!
From: Lance, New York, NY, USA 09/09

Comments: I had worn Wilson for years and had not really thought of Prince prior. I have a wide foot and low arch and these are the best tennis shoes that I have ever worn and offer the best support, in terms of wide platform to avoid ankle roll, that I have ever felt.
From: Jamey, Pelham, NY, USA. 08/09

Comments: These shoes are the best tennis shoes I have ever worn. Since I have wide feet with high arches they are great, roomy and breath and I use my own arch supports and they fit comfortably! I really trust these shoes and have had nothing but a positive experience.
From: Tokie, Palm Springs, CA 08/09

Comments: Have played in the T22's for about 6 months and I am pretty impressed. Switched from Prince MV-4's because this shoe offered more cushioning for hard court play. The difference in cushioning is tremendous. Forefoot stability is really good and breatheability is nice. The shoes are pretty heavy but the trade off is a super durable sole and improved stability with the plastic inserts. I have mid-to-narrow feet and these shoes fit pretty snug...I guess they would fit most any foot type. Great for hard court baseliners who shred soles quickly, but might try something lighter for serve & volleying and playing on other surfaces.
From: Andrew, Knoxville, TN, USA 08/09

Comments: Thought I would leave a quick opinion on these shoes. Played about 12 sets and find these to be ultra comfortable. Great ventilation with no break in needed. The only down side is they don't have great stability. Takes a little bit of time to adapt and "trust" the shoe. Past shoes include Barricades, KSwiss Ultrascendor, New Balance 8 and CT series and a few others and these fit my slightly wide feet perfectly. Leave my feet feeling better after hitting or matches then any shoe to date. Hope this review helps.
From: Dana, MA, USA. 7/09

Comments: These were fantastic then they stretched, if you have narrower foot width not a good choice. However were very comfortable for the first 4 weeks. I may have worn them just a little too long. They really only last a couple of months at three days a week. I began slipping with the tread wear.
From: Andrew, MO, USA, 07/09

Comments: I felt a little pressure on my little toes first couple of times during use. Mainly while sliding on the clay, but other than that I love them. I even have a narrow foot but shoes fit well.
From: sam, brandon, fl, usa. 6/09

Comments: I normally love Prince shoes and have had many pairs, but these do not have the cushioning for someone with knees like mine. I have had knee pain every single time I wore these shoes, even with inserts. The old Prince Roadsters had much better cushioning.
From: John, Atlanta, GA, USA. 05/09

Comments: Amazing, I normally wear barricade 5s, but decided to buy these for an upcoming tournament after wearing out the barricades in 2 months. These are more comfortable and durable then barricades.
From: Bob, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. 04/09

Comments: I have a wide foot, and over the past 3 years have used Barricade II's and IV's, New Balance EE's, ASICs, Yonex, and KSwiss. These T22's are by far the best combination of fit, durability, and support for me, with the KSwiss in second. Now I know why there is such a cult following for Prince shoes, particularly those with wide feet. It's rare to find a shoe that is both comfortable enough for everyday wear and provides the support needed for intense competition. I wanted to like the Resolution 2's, but they were too narrow. The Yonex SHT-306's were nice, but I had to go 1/2 size larger and the arch support was too low (which I remedied with insoles). I'm going to give one last try to Adidas since I ordered Barricade V's in Wide from, but if those don't work out it's good to know I've found my foundation shoe brand in Prince. As a note, the Prince MC's fit narrower than the T22's.
From: Herschel, Sacramento, CA, USA. 04/09

Comments: These shoes are incredibly comfortable, durable, and breathe well. I play in Miami where it gets hot and humid, and I really like the way these breathe. They require zero break-in and are ready to go out of the box. I have wider feet and these shoes are very comfortable. Zero hesitation to recommend them to anyone! A great shoe!
From: Anon. Miami, FL. USA. 04/09

Comments: I wear a lace-up brace on left ankle so shoe comfort is a big deal and lateral stability is a must. I've been wearing Prince Quicktrac's the last few years. However, I wanted something for clay with max ventilation and stability. First try was latest Adidas Feather series that was comfortable with good ventilation but low profile at ankle nixed shoe. I tried the Prince T22 and it is everything I was looking for in a shoe. Now I have to stay after the maintenance crew to get the nets up on the clay.
From: Lucian, Knoxville, Tennessee. USA. 3/09

Comments: The T-22 is an AWESOME shoe, I put it on right out of the box and played for an hour and a half. I've just ordered another pair in the other color, don't want to be without this shoe. I wore the Babolat Roddick shoe prior to this one and it's nowhere near as comfortable.
From: Bob, Jupiter, FL. 2/09

Comments: This is a great shoe, but not as comfortable as the T-10. They lightened them up with hopes of better ventilation and in doing so took protection away from the heel and the extra cushion that made the T10 the best shoe in tennis. A note to Prince...can you perfect perfection? The T10 is the shoe especially for older players who need protection from pavement. The T-22 with minimal cushion broke down in just 8 weeks. To save my achillies I'm going back to the amazing T10..BTW I miss the gray model in red and green...they rocked! Also, Ive been playing for 30 years, used every shoe out there, Prince has them all beat in comfort, durability, and style...keep it up!
From: Jake, Boise, Idaho. 2/09

Comments: Great shoes! I like that they are flat on the ground because with some shoes, especially Adidas Barricades, it feels like there is a large one or two inch heel on the back, and it makes the shoes feel rather clunky and awkward. No such problems with these, though. They can be pulled very tight because the eyelets are far apart, so they feel snug and wrap around my feet very well. They are broad in the front, which makes for a very stable, solid ride. Kudos to Prince, five stars for the T22.
From: Gary, CA, USA. 12/08

Comments: Fits my D/E width foot with a pretty high arch perfectly unlike Nike Breathe Cages/Free's, which I have worn last 2 years. Mesh upper breaths great. A very comfortable shoe right out of the box.
From: Gerry, Bradenton, FL, USA, 12/08

Comments: Great shoe, very good traction. I got a pair a half size too small on purpose so they wouldn't move, and they feel like they are part of my feet. I forget I'm wearing shoes. They are the tiniest bit higher off the ground than I would like but the cushioning is more than a fair trade. The one problem, and I've had this with previous Prince shoes, is the straps on the forefoot dig into my feet on occasion and become very uncomfortable. Very good shoes. Stylin' too ;)
From: James, Norwalk, IA, USA. 11/08

Comments: Awesome shoes, I am a big fan of Prince tennis shoes as my feet are sensitive and need comfort and support. I tend to get a bruise on the ball of my foot and then I am out of commission for tennis play. I need a good solid comfortable shoe and this T-22 is good for me and knew it the second I put it on, I need the confidence of a great show when I play and the little extra money is worth it all.
From: Michael, Cornelius, North Carolina, United States. 9/08

Comments: I agree with the comment above. They are phenomenal. They don't need to be broken in. It's as if I had them for ever. I have always been a big fan of Nike and Wilson but I have been disappointed lately. This shoe is the answer. Let me put it this way, when I went playing wearing them for the first time, not once I stopped to think about my shoes. I forgot I was wearing them for the first time. I forgot I was wearing them, period. It's that good a fit. I hope this helps. Ps: They are not that expensive either.
From: Mauricio, Little Rock, Arkansas, United States. 9/08

Comments: These shoes had great cushioning, but the strap in the forefoot dug into my foot and caused me great pain! A shame really for an otherwise great shoe.
From: Daniel, California, USA. 9/08

Comments: I've worn the Nike Breath Free 2 for two years. It's a great lightweight shoe, the only downside is when involved in a long tough match I could feel my feet and legs start to ache. You notice the lack of cushion and comfort especially when playing singles. I decided to try the Prince T22 because I remembered the great comfortable feel of the Prince T10's. I could immediately notice the improved comfort and support the T22 had over the Breath Free 2. I've played 2 long singles matches already and I'm very impressed with the stability and comfort. The real good news is they do not feel any heavier then the Breath Free 2, which was a bonus for me.
From: Joe, FL, USA, 09/08

Comments: They are awesome. I love them! Perfect colors and very comfortable. They do not even need to be broken in and they breathe very well. Best pair of tennis shoes I have had. I have played in Barricades and also Diadoras neither of which can compare to these shoes. I love them!!!
From: Chase, Berne, IN, United States. 9/08

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