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Comments: Got one of these after getting the Textreme 100T, which I also love but missed the added the benefit of ports when not totally in the zone! I started with the original 03 Red but outgrew it, so moved to the EX03 Warrior, more control as required but a bit too heavy for me. The EX03 100T really fits in nicely between the both, all the benefits of the ports and control but without feeling heavy or bulky. I love the ports on these racquets as they give you that little bit of help that is needed sometimes. I always lead my racquets up to make them a bit more headlight/stable and that is my only gripe on this racquet really, that the butt cap is not meant to be removed to add weighting. You can do it but it is glued in as opposed to just popping in and out so it can deform a bit when it is removed and may need gluing back in which can make things a little untidy. Once tweaked how you want, it justs feels so natural to play with. As these racquets do swing very easily you may find it swinging to quickly -- so experimenting with lead tape and tungsten putty to get things how you like them is very worthwhile.
From: Gary, 6/16

Comments: Had this racquet for a couple of weeks after demoing it for a week. Good racquet. My serve and forehand have definitely improved. It also gives me great variety in my shots that I did not have before as the racquet is light and comfortable enough for me to throw in some drop shots and heavy topspin shots. The only problem, I have is my two-handed backhand has lost a lot of power with this racquet. I will need to work on that. It just doesn't have great feel when I make contact with the ball on my backhand. I may need to add some weight to it, which is an easy fix.
From: Alan, 7/15

Comments: Best all-around racquet for me, and I've tried too many of them. What I particularly like, other than it being arm-friendly, fast-feeling and a spin machine, is the fact that I can hit my rather flat eastern forehand with extreme precision with this racquet. Not sure how Prince did it, but this open, 16x18 pattern, still allows you to hit laser beams 2 inches from the line. So it is a nice versatile racquet, that can please either the Nadal wanna-be or the old school flat hitters out there. I've never been as consistent as I am right now playing with the Tour 100T. I've got two of them and am thinking about buying a third used one just in case they become hard to find. I'm a 4.5 player.
From: Don, 5/15

Comments: Outstanding racquet. Rob (11/14) says everything that I can say about the racquet. As he says, it has that great "Prince Feel". On groundstrokes, this racquet hits identically to the Hybrid Hornet that I played previously (and was thrilled with), but is much much easier on the arm. Volleys and midcourt/approach shots are better, with great feel and touch. It's a joy to play with.
From: Rod, 5/15

Comments: Slightly thicker beam, slightly stiffer feel, way lighter and cheaper than the regular Tour 100 16x18. This stick is pretty fun as it is, and also leaves plenty of room for customization. If you're reluctant to modify, please reconsider, as you don't need to be an expert to get good results. For instance try 3 grams at 12 o'clock and 4-6 grams on the buttcap, or 1.5 grams each at 3 and 6 o'clock and 4-6 grams above the handle. In stock form, it's easy to return heavy incoming balls with pace, but requires some technique to generate penetrating pace by your own. Soft and surprisingly stable. Great spin and control. I like it a lot! I'm a former Pure Drive player.
From: Mika, 2/15

Comments: I returned to Prince! Believe me, I have tried many racquets. But nothing like the feel, comfort, and big sweet spot of that of a Prince EXO3. This is a great stick! Much more than what the specs states. It is a flexible and soft racquet; it has an ample sweet spot, great plow through, excellent at spin and acceleration. There is also ample room for customization and you will get more plow through and power. I don't understand the so-so review. Don't be misled by the specs and weight of the "10.7 ounces strung" -- when you add the over grip and damper, you will have an 11 ounce stick which is a decent weight for and intermediate and advanced player.
From: Jose, 1/15

Comments: In response to Rob -- I couldn't agree more. I think the reason for the lack of reviews is people were still trying to gobble up the previous version at the closeout price before it was gone. This is essentially the same racket as the EXO3 version, just with a new paint job. And thats not a bad thing at all. Its an amazing stick on many levels. Spin is out of this world good, maybe even too good as shots dont quite have the penetrating, through the court feel. But the whole face is a sweetspot, comfort is top notch, and power isnt bad. I did add lead, as I do to 90% of the racquets I get and this takes the power and stability to an even higher level. This is not the most precise frame nor the most powerful. But man is it sweet on everything else. TW please start carrying the 0 grip size for us smaller guys.
From: Matt, 11/14

Comments: Truly don't understand either the so-so TW review or the lack of feedback on this racquet. I've purchased 3 of them so far. It is a great example of the 'Prince Feel' in a very maneuverable weight. I find it has reasonable power, good stability, and works well for me either from the baseline or volleys at the net. It is very arm friendly, but still consistently helps deliver touch drop shots. Give it a try.
From: Rob, 11/14

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