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Comments: Fantastic racquet! I usually play with the old Wilson PS90 and Head Prestige MP. I was given 5 of these as a gift by a aspiring professional tennis player who had quit the sport for personal reasons unfortunately. This is a very good racquet. I put some weight at the 2,4, 8, and 10 position with impressive results. Very forgiving and great sweet spot. I don't usually play with racquets with such a large head but these are making me rethink the entire thought. I may end up buying a few of these! Overall, great racquet! I am a 5.0 player.
From: Fernando, 8/16

Comments: I demo regularly and find Prince racquets to inspire the most confidence now that I only play once or twice a week. I took the latest batch of demo racquets from TW out to hit with my 20 year old daughter who was a very good high school player and hits the ball harder than ever. She grabbed the Prince Tour 100 (18x20) first. After about an hour, I had gone through the other three racquets and asked why she was still hitting with the same one. She said, "I love this racquet!" I thought she was joking at first, because she has never liked anything but her Head Youtek Prestige. She said, "this is the most fun I have had playing tennis in a long time!" As soon as I took a few groundstrokes, I was in love myself. I agree with most of the comments below. For me, bottom line is the racquet gives instant confidence to hit almost any shot. The one exception I found is I caught the ball toward the end of the racquet a couple of times on heavy cross court one-handed topspin backhands and I could feel a pronounced flex in the racquet and it would flip the ball wide. But the sweetspot is so big, the feel so plush, and the plow-through makes it feel like I can just rip balls from the baseline all day. So I bought three!
From: Craig, 6/16

Comments: I feel this racquet doesn't get enough positive reviews as it deserves. Prince, in general, has, in my opinion, been the leader in feel for the past few years. All Tour sticks, including the new Textremes feel awesome. As a former old school Head Radical user, I feel the tour 18x20 is close as you can come in great feel. Yes, the ports take some getting used to; stringing it a little tighter can help with that transition in feel. You still get great pop. The dwell time from the old school flex feels wonderful. And even with a tight tension, the sweet spot is great. The precision of the dense pattern really is pin point. Although they say this is a baseliner's racquet, the net skills are wonderful as well due to the string patterns. I'd also say that it seems to have a little more power than what people say. It's not huge free power, but it's great controllable power for full swings.
From: Blake, 11/15

Comments: I've been playing with this racquet for about a month and am very happy with it. I have been struggling with arm issues (not tennis elbow) for over a year and was looking for a racquet that would not cause further harm. This is it. I'm able to play for two hours a day several times a week with no discomfort. Great at the baseline, very maneuverable at the net, and I can get great racquet head speed. It took a while to get used to the plush feel, and the racquet doesn't give much free power, but when I focus, playing with this racquet is very rewarding. For years I've been a Volkl devotee, and I must admit that Prince was not a brand I would have ever considered before. I'm really glad I gave this racquet a demo and made the switch. Thank you Tennis Warehouse!
From: LP, 7/15

Comments: I spent nearly two years playing with the previous iteration of the Prince EXO3 Tour100 (18x20). I modified mine with a leather grip and some lead tape on the hoop, which stiffened up the response and offered more power, yet still offered a comfortable ride; this newest version is no different. I will mention that this frame might not overwhelm you with power or spin when hitting around or practicing but when the 'green light' goes on for a match, you will be hard pressed to find another frame as consistent that allows the player to swing out on every ball, on every shot. Great for all levels in my opinion, and when modded up, terrific for 4.0s and up.
From: Klem, 3/15

Comments: I'm surprised that there is not much comments about this great racquet. It is very easy to use. Good plow through, great control , good spin, slice stays low and super comfortable. This is a low powered stick, so pace is dictated by your swinging through. The EXO ports are really increasing the sweet spot and dwell time. I feel so confident going for my shot with this racquet. The first time I used it I won very easily with a partner that gives my trouble usually. My consistency was way better than with my others racquets (APD, Radical Pro, Speed Pro). Thumbs up Prince! You got a happy client here.
From: Jerry, 9/14

Comments: Coming from the Graphene Speed Pro and APD, I can say this racquet is so comfortable. Lately playing with these racquets start to make my elbow and shoulder sored. I tried many strings and tensions but still no success to rid of the pain. So I gave this racquet a try and there is no looking back! TW Tester Troy was right when comparing it as a softer version of the Graphene Speed Pro. I totally agree with the evaluation he made of this racquet. This stick just asks for ripping the ball all day long! Great control and spin, lovely touch! Strung with IsoSpeed Pyramid 16 at 50 lbs. Thanks Prince for this revelation!
From: Jay, 9/14

Comments: I subscribe to everything mentioned in the description. Bought it purely based on specs and have been playing it now for more than 6 weeks. Lovely touch, very good response and directional control. If you have a decent swing it provides tons of power. You can feel the flex but it doesn't compromise the power. Great for rallying from the baseline. It gives you so much confidence and you try shots you normally wouldn't hit. I think the EXO3 ports definitely increase the sweetspot and soften impact on my elbow and shoulder. I was playing with a Wilson Pro Staff and Head Prestige before and developed serious tennis elbow and shoulder problems after some time. With this one I can play for hours on consecutive days without problems. Serves are good however it feels a bit weak if you hit outside the sweet spot. Great stick! Strung with Kirschbaum Pro Line II at 55 lbs.
From: Alex, 7/14

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