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Comments: Ordered 2 of these for my son (I'm an LTA Coach) as it was impossible to find in grip size 3 in the UK. Ordered Wednesday afternoon from USA and it was delivered Friday morning in the UK! Absolutely outstanding! As for the racquets, my son loves them. So easy to coach and play with and so comfortable to use all day due to the low flex. Despite being easy to play with it is still in essence a player's racquet though due to the thin beam/weight so you need to hit full strokes to get the best out of them, but they do allow you to concentrate on your game as a forgiving and consistent racquet and it helps you keep more balls in play. Thank you TW!
From: Gary, 5/16

Comments: I got the Prince Tour 100 racquet after an injury to my elbow. I was using the Babalot Aero Pro Drive and I liked the power but after the injury I had to find something softer. I haven't had any problems over a year now. The Prince is strung with Lux Big Banger Original 16 54 lbs. Nice feel with good spin but you need to swing with some speed for good results. Good for perfecting your swing and follow through is very important.
From: David, 4/16

Comments: Wow! What a great racquet! Strung at 50 lbs with Solinco Outlast, this frame delivers comfort, spin, and plow. Serves are not as fast as let's say with an AeroPro Drive, but consistency and placement are there. You can whip it, go from defense to offense, and hit great running forehands -- all good stuff.
From: James, 11/15

Comments: I have been playing with the Tour for almost a year now, switching from the 6.1 95S. I play with it in stock form with an over grip and dampener strung with Gut mains and poly crosses, 50x55 lbs, playing at a 4.5 level. There is plenty of power and plow through but the best thing about this racquet compared to the 6.1 is its forgiveness. My returns and volleys have improved off both wings. Maybe it is just the extra 5 square inches in the head, i don't know, but I like the direction this racquet is taking me.
From: Blair, 10/15

Comments: I tried the new Textreme side by side, granted, they are not the same string pattern. I settled with the 16x18 Tour instead because of how easy it is to place the balls -- very smoothly and with accuracy. As an added bonus, I can string with anything due to to the super low stiffness rating. Spin is great, the feel is awesome. Strung with Babolat Addiction at 55 lbs.
From: Fernando, 9/15

Comments: Strung with Yonex Tour Pro 17g at 50 lbs, I find the racquet moves very fast through the air, with a good amount of spin and pace. I was also pleasantly surprised with the flat shots. I will try it with a multi to increase the plush feeling.
From: Rossi, 9/15

Comments: Last tournament, I broke strings in my current racquet (Blade 16x18) so borrowed a Prince Tour 16x18. I was expecting a mushy feel and poor serving, based on TW reviews. However, my groundstrokes became way more consistent, with more spin and it was more forgiving. It was quick to go from defense to offense, and serves were more accurate. Even better, that frame while strung with Lux Rough at 55 lbs did nor hurt my arm at all. So now I am not sure what's next for me -- keep the Blade or buy the Tour? I will play some more with both, but leaning towards Prince right now.
From: Roman, 9/15

Comments: The reviews are spot on -- nice flex with a high level of accuracy. Strung at low tension, it does produce more power of the stringbed. I was expecting it to be bad when serving based on the TW review, but quite the contrary -- my 1st serve percentage increased, albeit with more spin and less pace. I'm enjoying this stick.
From: Shiv, 9/15

Comments: I decided to pull the trigger, strung with Yonex Poly Tour Pro 17g at 50 lbs -- awesome feel! Added lead at 12 to increase the swing weight, which in turn provided more pace on serve. I'm never afraid of missing, but when i do it is my technique, not the racquet. Pace, spin and accuracy are always there. A great frame, I would recommend it for 4.0+ players.
From: Rob, 9/15

Comments: For quite some time I've been following this Prince Tour 100 (16x18) and collecting feedback from users in my quest for a racquet to replace my current Wilson Six.One that I can't handle anymore, although I love it. I'm a solid 4.0 (perhaps a little more not sure) and am used to heavy racquets. I decided to have a go with this one strung with Luxilon 4G (to grant more control) at 40 lbs (since it was a highly flexible stick and had the O-ports that take some power away). Bullseye! I think I got a very nice combination for this stick. I do have control, plenty of power, loads of spin and comfort in a same package. I'm glad I took a chance with this's a very forgiving frame and yes, although it's way different from my Six.One, it has lots of feel. Maybe I can enhance it with a leather grip but I'm afraid to ruin the racquets balance which I'm enjoying but is something to consider as soon as I buy two more of them. I'm back to Prince again since my early tennis days and after playing with Wilson for a long time and I am surprised how good these Prince racquets still are, considering everyone seems to enjoy and praise the hollow Heads and Babolats these days and rarely mention Prince raqcuets. I tell you one thing: as long as I am able to swing and handle this racquet it won't never leave my bag and if I get slower I'll switch to another great Prince racquet that is the warrior 107 (not the time for that yet). Congrats Prince and thank you!
From: Bernardo, 8/15

Comments: I still can't believe how soft that racquet is! The funny thing is, Talk Tennis talks a lot about what the pro players use. But, a lot of them play with frames form the early 90s, the frames I grew up with (just sold those) and these were in the 58-62 stiffness range. So instead of hunting down such frames, why not just buy a soft racquet like this Prince Tour or Volkl (sure, it is not Murray's Prestige), but it is very much in line with similar frames. Serves, topspin, volleys, aggressive defensive shots: all checked. Strung with RPM Blast at 48 lbs.
From: Bernard, 8/15

Comments: $129.00 is an excellent price for an excellent racquet. As a 4.0 player, I used to play with the Rebel 98 and recently the Tour Pro ESP. I prefer the Tour 16x18 with O-ports, as I really like the plush feeling. I strung it at 52 lbs with Alu Power Rough and it is very good. I'm not afraid of hitting out, but when you press harder the ball has amazing speed and impact. You can really hit deep or short.
From: Vivek, 8/15

Comments: Given the sale price, I decided to buy based on the specs and the TW review. I did try the previous model though, in the past. I strung it with Yonex Poly Pro at 54 lbs. Other than a loss of pace on serve (my other racquet is Blade 16x19), this frame is a gem -- groundstrokes and volleys are amazingly smooth. I played 3 single matches (4.5 rating) and two double matches. The sweet spot is very forgiving, and you can go from defense to offense in a flash due to the fast feeling beam. I will be ordering two more fearing the Extreme version will do away with the ports (yes, a big fan of those).
From: Alex, 8/15

Comments: Everything comes together with this frame: soft feel, stability, plow, spin, and speed. Strung with Volkl Cyclone 16g at 52 lbs, this racquet is awesome! Great for counter punchers and precision hitting. I am a 4.5 player and play against heavy hitters -- I need a stable racquet. I am not afraid of hitting with this racquet due to its connection to the ball and controlled power. I tried the Pro version (no ports) and it felt flimsy and unstable with same string and against same players. All in all, a serious frame for avid tennis players who demand a high level of precision from their frame. It might take time for folks used to stiffer frames to adapt, but after an hour you will be dialed in.
From: Mark, 8/15

Comments: Love the flex. I have it currently strung with Tour Bite Soft 17g at 50 lbs. Smooth stroke hitting, great feel for groundies and at the net. Serves have good pace and kick. Slices require very good technique to remain low. I hope the replacement still has the ports because that provides a super fast feeling racquet, with ample comfort.
From: Jon, 8/15

Comments: Super nice frame -- I have two now. Love the flex and plush feeling, not to mention how speedy the frame is at reacting to shots. I also serve more consistency than my Pure Drive Tour. Volleys and slices are good too, with the latter not as low as I would like but polishing my technique here. All in all, it is a really fun stick to use, I could rally all day with full confidence; I am now selling my Babolat racquet.
From: Stefan, 8/15

Comments: Spin monster. No problems accessing flat balls. Very reliable. Stable around the net as well as on defensive shots. Medium level power. Very easy to get accustomed to the feel of the prince ports. I find the touch of this racquets mediocre; this is the only downside for me. Played with this for 4 months now. 5.0 all-court game, 32 year old, male.
From: Adrian, 6/15

Comments: I had been playing with a stiffer racquet with stiffer strings for the last couple years. The one saving grace is that I had leaded it up to 12.3 ounces, which helped to absorb some of the shock. But still have been suffering from tennis elbow. Decided to demo some racquets, including the Prince Tour 16x18. Wow, talk about being an arm saver, as well as a solid, stable well-performing racquet! I have added weight to also be in that 12.3-12.5 ounce range, but balanced it so it still has similar head light balance to stock form. Being that it's such a flexible racquet and relatively low-powered, it favors those who like to generate their own power and swing out, while still offering great control. In other words, it rewards proper technique from all areas of the court. It's a great racquet from the baseline on either side, great at producing topspin or slices. Perhaps it's not an ESP, but nevertheless a spin monster in its own right! Very effective at the net, though I've probably lost a little of the maneuverability on touch shots due to the extra weight added. It seems as though the flexibility reduces some velocity in the serve department, but I was able to get that back with the extra weight. And again, proper serve technique will be rewarded. Great choice for a racquet, give it a demo!
From: Anon, 4/15

Comments: I switched my Prince Tour 95 for this Prince Tour 100 16x18. I needed more spin and forgiveness, especially if I must play faster in some tough matches. This racquet has probably a little less control (but still a lot) and it is not as stable as the Prince Tour 95. Also serves don't have such good pin-point precision. But other features are certainly better then in the Tour 95. The Tour 100 16x18 is surely a baseliner's dream. It is difficult to miss groundstrokes because of the low level of power, big sweet spot and good control. The consistency of playing is very solid. This racquet also has some of the best spin potential that I have ever experienced. The frame is not very light (310 g) but the head speed is great so it's very maneuverable at the net. Serving with the Tour 16x18 is very easy. It has great access to spin so oppenents have a lot of trouble hitting a clean return. I've put Signum Pro at 23.5/22.5 kgs (52/50 lbs) and it works pretty well. Three weeks ago I also tested the 18x20 version but for me it doesn't have the same playability or spin. Best suited for 4.0+ players who like soft-feeling racquets.
From: Przemyslaw, 2/15

Comments: The combination of the thin beam, low stiffness and large head makes this racquet truly a one of a kind. This uniqueness is also reflected in its performance. The thin beam and EXO3 ports allow for unbelievably high racquet head speeds; a factor that responds better the more you exploit it. There is ample power, remarkable control and amazing feel. This allows for ridiculous topspin groundstrokes that hit the mark better the harder you pummel them and deep, penetrating truly nasty slice that stay low and slide off greatly. On serve, slice serves seem to take a life of their own and escape out to the sides of the court, flat serves bomb down wherever you wish and kick serves pounce up and out of your opponents reach. Volleys are so easy to punch, cradle, cut and drop. Once you get used to the feel and high racquet head speed and learn to really put your weight behind the ball, there really aren't any other sticks out there to match the ridiculously high amount of control as well as the forgiveness of the Tour 100. There is such a remarkably uniform response throughout the stringed and it seems almost impossible to hit outside the sweetspot. I was a user of the previous EXO3 Tour 100 that switched due to some instability high in the racquet head, however this update fixes everything that was wrong and made everything that was right even more captivating. Everything one could ask for in a racquet.
From: Anon, 1/15

Comments: Compared to the Exo3 Tour 100 this racquet is slightly top heavier and slightly stiffer. This results in a bit more power and a bit more stability that the Exo3 Tour 100 was missing. Great improvement. Great stick!
From: Jack, 12/14

Comments: After a 18 year hiatus, I restarted playing tennis 1.5 years ago. I restarted with the Wilson nTour2 95 and that gave me terrible tendinitis. So I switched to the C10 pro from Volkl, great racquet, helped me with my TE but felt a little sore after playing. With the Wilson, pain was pretty much unbearable. Demoed this racquet and bought two. After 2 months, TE elbow has completely healed, no issues whatsoever. Spin production is amazing, my opponents have complemented my new found heavy ball and also they seem to need to play further back because of the high kick. Slice is wicked as well. I use 49 lbs mains, Tourna Big Hitter Blue 17g and 51 lbs crosses Gamma Challenger (soft multi). My NTRP rating is 5.5. Must demo if you have arm issues.
From: Anon, 12/14

Comments: I would recommend this racquet to someone that wants control and comfort. As lots of people have said, this racquet is very low powered but is very spin friendly. I've tried many racquets and this one makes everything much easier. I liked this racquet so much that I bought 6 of them -- this gives you a clue of how many racquets I tried and string combinations also, that when I came up with this one I fell in love. My combo is this racquet with full Yonex Poly Tour Spin 60 lbs. This combo makes my balls heavy as a rock for my opponents.
From: Sergio, 11/14

Comments: This is probably the most unique feeling racquet I've tried and I've demoed at least 20 different frames. It's really hard to compare it to anything else due to the flex and feel. It took me a couple times out to get used to it but after I did it's in my top 3 racquets ever although it plays very differently than the others. The sweetspot is huge, good plow through (more than specs indicate), loads of spin yet I could flatten out shots when necessary and easy on the arm. I did notice outside the sweetspot the stringbed is dead though and it does seem to be somewhat string sensitive. Balls can fly and directional control can get shaky with power strings or lower tensions.
From: Chris, 10/14

Comments: After developing arm issues with Babolat frames, I switched to this racquet and couldn't be happier. I have a full bed of Volkl Cyclone (a poly) strung at 45 lbs and not only have my arm issues gone away, but my game has risen. I get spin and depth. My serve has more power and more kick. If you have had any type of arm issues you have to try this stick!
From: David, 10/14

Comments: Amazing. This is a potencial gem. Ultra comfortable because of its flex, balance and O-ports. It is also pretty stable for a sub 11 ounce racquet. I almost forgot the great spin. After some more weight and strung with NXT string it plays like a monster. 4.5 NTRP.
From: Anon, 10/14

Comments: Agree on the fact that this racquet is for anyone with elbow issues. Set it up with a thin multi like NXT, it plays like a dream, with enough pop and never lack of spin. Have not tried hybrid combo. I suspect it will play well. But I have tried full poly at 50 lbs and I could feel some tingling sensation in my arms. There is actually no advantage switching to poly with this racquet except that it is more durable. Nothing like a good old graphite with lots of modern crisp feel.
From: Anon, 9/14

Comments: The Prince Tour 100 is nothing short of spectacular. I'm a 4.5 player, and I've played with several racquets over the past 20 years, usually "players racquets" (like the Wilson 6.1, Dunlop 300g, etc.). My two most recent racquets were the Babolat Storm and Wilson PS (the one with spin technology). The Prince Tour 100, in my opinion, surpasses all of these racquets in pretty much every category. It's a little more powerful that most other players racquets, much more comfortable, and just as stable. Where it really shines, however, is in its generous sweetspot. Maybe it's my age, but I feel like I hit more ball just outside of the sweetspot than I used to, and the Tour 100 is much more forgiving than any other racquet I've used. Very highly recommended
From: David, 8/14

Comments: I have now had a chance to thoroughly test the new Prince Tour 100 16x18. As I said earlier, the feel is very similar to the EXO model. This new model is slightly stiffer, giving it slightly better directional control. Switching from the EXO to the Tour requires no effort what so ever. Some players have commented that the Tour is not very powerful on the serve. I rely on good technique in order to get power. Just look at the top players technique. I am a previous top 10 sectional player and coach both international and nationally ranked players and they serve very hard due to the frequency of their practice and their technique. Stiffer racquets will help you on the power side, but good technique is really the key to a good and effective serve. The Tour is really nice when it comes to spin and control. I also love volleying with this stick, there is just so much feel. Sometimes I make a lot of drop shots just because making them with the Tour just feels so good. For me this is the perfect all-court stick. Smashes snd slices are also good with this stick, you just need the right strings to get the most out of it. I have been testing it with the Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex 16 guage, which is not my regular string. This is my stick of choice now. When playing on slow European clay this stick is just so comfortable and easy to hold long rallies with. When attacking you can really swing through your shots with confidence. I normally use a multi in this racquet and will soon be replacing the present string with some Technifibre threads (XR-1). This stick works great with a poly or a hybrid, just a great stick. This frame is designed for the player who uses the entire court. This is also the best stick for players with arm issues. If the feel seems a little too mute then just give it a couple of weeks and I think you will be pleasantly surprised how sweet this piece of art will perform.
From: Hayward, 8/14

Comments: Great racquet. I just started testing it but after having previously played with the EXO3 100, I feel that the feel is very similar. This model is slightly stiffer than the EXO model but stll very flexible and comfortable. I will do a full update on the results of my test later.
From: Hayward, 7/14

Comments: Absolutely love this racquet -- it's great from the baseline and so comfortable. I would recommend this if you supply your own power. It has really helped my game, now I just need another one for backup.
From: JC, 5/14

Comments: Having come from long time success with both the Wilson Blade 98 and AeroPro Drive racquets I started to unfortunately develop some shoulder tendinitis either from the stiff frames and polys or the combination that I'm approaching my mid-30s. If I wanted to keep playing with the frequency and level I play I had to makes some changes. After some research and recommendations from my coach who plays the 18x20 version the Tour line from Prince came on to my radar. I decided to try the 16x18 for the additional spin and power which suits my style of play. I took the plunge and ordered a pair and after a small adjustment period I'm so glad I made the switch -- never have I found a racquet to be this flexi and comfortable with still the perfect amount of controlled power, spin and with a thin beam classic feel designed for modern strokes. With gut mains and Lux 4G crosses I'm happy to report I can play for hours, multiple days in a row and not have a single shoulder pain or dead arm feel afterwards like I would with the previous racquets. My level of play also increased not just because of the racquet but for the fact I can swing out without fear of the pain later and the consistency of having a fresh arm each time out. Thank you Prince for this amazing frame -- the matching pair I ordered from TW was perfectly matched to the gram and I plan on stocking up! If you struggle with any pain at all or just looking for the antidote to the stiff racquets that are so popular these days do yourself a favor and order one with gut mains and poly cross and spend some time with it -- you won't look back!
From: Alex, 5/14

Comments: I just purchased the Prince Tour 100 16x18 and played with the frame for a few hitting sessions. The racquet is very low powered and the balls near the top of the frame feel dead and boardy. The ball feel is horrible and it's very hard to gauge your shots. I strung the racquet with a multi at 57 lbs and the sweetspot felt small and unpredictable. You have to swing very hard to generate any depth on your shots. I am a 4.5 baseline that has tried many player's frames such as the Prestige, Pro Staff, Prof Staff Classic, Volkl C10 Pro and the Head Classic. The Prince Tour is not in the classic frame category. I will stay with the Boris Becker Delta Core London whicht is much more user friendly. Overall, I am quite disappointed with this frame.
From: Ken, 5/14

Comments: This racquet is quite an improvement over the original EXO3 16x18. The original was so flexy that the upper hoop was completely dead and the head had a bad fluttering effect when hitting slightly off center. These problems are gone and what remains is pure ball striking perfection. Still very soft and low-powered, but now the lead tape fixes are no longer required. To Robert who commented first, you should lose the poly string with your shoulder issues. Try a multi or natural gut in the mid 50s.
From: Jeff, 3/14

Comments: Coming off a rotator cuff injury (no surgery) -- all I have been doing is hitting grounders with a friend for the past few months once a week. No serving at all until another friend told me about this one with its flex rating. The flex is awesome the weight is perfect but the all poly strings even though it's recommended I may try a different setup. Still a little tightness in the shoulder but I have been using it now for a month and I can serve again. Not back at 100% but this one will get me back. This racquet does it all extremely well and will improves your game as well it is deadly accurate.
From: Robert, 2/14

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