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Comments: After using this string for several months and switching from Yonex RDS001 MP to a Fischer Magnetic Tour I found this string did not play as well on the 100 frame. I had to up the tension and had gone full set. Plays ok the first week but goes dead pretty quickly. Once the string goes dead you might as well cut it out. Power, feel and control go out the window. I would say it's a decent poly for low powered racquets at lower tension or to use maybe as a cross in hybrid set as the durability and comfort are good. I never had any arm trouble from this string and always cut it out before it broke. I'm currently using Prince Syn Gut Orig. 16 in main at 58 lbs and Luxilon Orig 1.30 in cross at 53lbs. Great combination of power, feel, spin, and control, but after a couple of days of consecutive play I've had a little pain in my arm. The search for the holy grail of string continues....
From: Lance, New York, NY, USA, 08/09

Comments: Excellent string, good value. This string has a great blend of control, power and feel! I strung it at 49lbs in main with Zyex 17 in crosses and it plays like a dream on my Yonex RDS001 MP. There's some tension loss in the first hour, but after that the feel is even better! The strings do move around a bit, but not too bad.
From: Lance, New York, NY, USA. 05/09

Comments: I love this string! I can string it through my entire racquet, and I have never gotten any shoulder or elbow pain. It is a soft poly that has exceptional feel considering it is a poly. I can hit with power without sacrificing my arm/shoulder. Excellent string!
From: Tyler, Chicago, IL, US. 2/08

Comments: I'm a teaching pro using Prince Tour 17 at 60lbs in the mains of my O3 Speedport Tour, crossed with Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament at 62lbs. I've been playtesting a number of poly-based strings and would put this on par with Head UltraTour 17. It feels softer than Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 17, but spin doesn't come as easily. I've only been playing with it for a little over a week, so I can't comment on how well it holds tension. And as I don't typical break poly stings, I can't comment on its durability. I would definitely recommend this string to players looking for a softer poly at a reasonable price.
From: Mitch, CT, USA. 12/07

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