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Comments: I tried this string because the feedback of players are interesting. I agree to all of those comments they gave. The string is very durable, it adds more power to your shots, the strings don't move that much and has a cheap price considering how good the string is. The only thing that I quite don't like is that it gave me minor pain in my arm. After weeks of playing, my arm started hurting quite a bit, but it actually doesn't affect the way I play. All in all, very good string, this is gonna be my main string for now.
From: Cresanne. 5/11

Comments: I have used this string for about 2 years and it is perfect. Plays exactly like the Big Banger that everyone is in love with. It can take a toll on your arm, so I use this string with Prince Lighting 17 in my crosses. This string is one of the most durable strings out there. My crosses break before these strings do in my mains. Great string with amazing feel, great control, top-of-the-line durability, and even some power that comes with the great feel.
From: Scott, NC, USA 01/10

Comments: This is a pretty good hybrid. I came from using gamma zo power. This string definitely has more power but I seemed to keep hitting the ball long. I might just need to get use to the string. But nice string anyways. Also the crosses seem to move a lot which kinda makes me mad.
From: Chris, WI, USA, 08/09

Comments: My favorite string. I string this on my 03 Hybrid Hornet mp at 60 pounds and I won't change to anything else. The durability is awesome and so is the playability with great control and massive spin potential. Also, at the price it's an awesome value.
From: jimmy, new jersey, US. 2/09

Comments: These strings last forever, but tension loss is minimal with excellent playability. At this price I will continue to buy these strings for a long time. The durability, feel, and control are unmatched by any string at this price. Awesome buy, a must try for anyone looking to improve all aspects of their game. I was a 4.0 but now I have been moved to a 5.0 in one summer!
From: Harrison, Texas. 9/08

Comments: I really like this string.. I use it on the mains with Gamma TNT2 in the crosses on my KBlade 98. This is a great combo.. Great spin and power with excellent control. I previously used the Tecnifibre Pro Red Code crossed with TNT2 but because I was getting a KBlade I tried to get something similar but with a more neutral color and I am glad I tried these out way more spin and some more power than the Red Code. These are great stings and are very cheap for how good they are.
From: robert. 8/08

Comments: This is one of my favorite strings, and the price is unbelievable for the quality of the product. I love the feel of the string and the activeness of the ball as it leaves the string bed. If Prince made it in a rough version, I'd be in paradise. The only downfall I could find is that because it's so durable, the tension will drop if you leave them on your racquet for too long, but that's true with just about all strings.
From: Danny, Riverbank, CA, USA. 11/07

Comments: This string is fantastic. The spin potential is endless. Feel is great. Plenty of power. Control is well above average. I'm not exactly a "string-breaker", but I usually break regular synthetic strings in less than 8 hours. I do not foresee these strings breaking anytime soon. They don't move. I have them strung in a racquet with a flexible frame. I think that combination is perfect. Give these strings a try.
From: Todd, Port St. Lucie, FL, USA, 11/07

Comments: The one thing that stands out about this string is that the strings do not move even when playing with a lot of topspin. Because of this fact, they are very durable since the number one reason why strings break is due to movement of strings across each other causing a sawing motion, which eventually cuts through the strings. I found they are very playable both in the baseline and at the net. I've tried many strings and they all move after a few sets. Not these strings!
From: Victor, Payson, AZ, USA, 06/07

Comments: Pretty good string. Gives you a lot of spin, power and surprisingly a lot of control. Only drawback I found is that the sweetspot seems to be smaller (it feels like it is) than with synthetic gut string. I'd say players 4.0 and up should be fine.
From: Martin, Myrtle Beach, SC, USA 08/06

Comments: Great String, durable, added pop on serve and groundstrokes, can tell the difference in these and regular nylon, Strings do the work, tension used in between 60-62, will use these strings for now on.
From: David, Texas, USA, 07/06

Comments: These string have really good feel and lots of power in them, but they're also ridiculously durable. These babies last a lot longer than synthetic gut, but with just as much power and feel in them. I'm not a professional player or anything, so my opinions probably aren't as reliable as others who have used it.
From: Anon, San Diego, CA, United States 07/06

Comments: I thought it was very good string it is a lot better than what I thought it would be so if you can I would advise you to try it. It has very good control and like it said it does make your shot a little bit more powerful. Try it out there is no doubt that you will not like it.
From: Jonathon, Marion, IN, United States 05/06

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