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Comments: Bought these because of the price, I previously was wearing T-22s. These are not a bad shoe. Only problem is you will have to get longer laces.
From: Bob, 9/13

Comments: I bought this since it looks similar to T22 and thinking that it is no difference. I have been wearing it on and off for 2 months now. My conclusion is that this is good for standing and feeding balls to friends, but I cannot play in this. It is narrower than the T22 and stiffer.
From: Brian, 9/13

Comments: Decent sale price and my toes liked the wide toe box and overall foot fit. Traction on starts and stops was very good. T14 heel shock eracer aided comfort. The rubber heel structure connecting the heel to the rear sole offers a sporty very firm ride. The lack of plush insole and mid sole contributed to unusually tired legs compared to sneakers with softer rides i.e. Wilson Ikon. I rotate wearing T14 with Prince's T24 or Renegade. After 8 to 9 weeks of hard court play several days a week, the outsole rubber under the T14 wishbone structure became thin and peeled away from the sole. Although I am disappointed in expected comfort and durability, I recommend the shoe for the sale price. And, I will seriously consider the T14 when I search the TW site for sneakers this week. Thanks to TW for getting my multi item order correct and prompt shipping of my replacement sneakers.
From: Jim, 8/13

Comments: Good show for the price. Nice support and very comfortable. Hopefully the durability is above average. For the price, you can't get better compared to other shoes in the same price range.
From: Anon, 8/13

Comments: Just tried the T14 -- great price, quick delivery, but after 1.5 hours on clay, my left foot hurt. Very disappointed in the inner sole support despite what they say about "injected wyshbone touch shank" providing mid foot support. Now I am looking for replacement inner soles
From: Ron, 6/13

Comments: I also took a shot at getting 2 pairs. Used one pair today and I'm glad I bought 2. Great fit for my 8.5 size. I am also impressed with Tennis Warehouse, easy to deal with and great service.
From: Tom, 6/13

Comments: Bought two pairs to get the sale price. Great looking shoe! Honestly, for the price you can't do better. A little wide for my feet, but comfortable and solidly built.
From: Doug, 6/13

Comments: They are comfy, good cushioning, soft upper and good for wide feet. Not sure about the other reviews, but I like this shoe. They are pretty close in comfort & cushioning to the high end Nike Courtballistics or 2k series.
From: Kevin, 5/13

Comments: I like these shoes, they feel good on court and they look good as well. They are very solid - I do not understand why anyone would complain about the quality here. The only drawback for me is that these shoes are on the heavier side. That does not seem to interfere with my game, but I am pretty athletic and could see for smaller framed, or people preferring lighter shoes, this might not be for them. I've had these for couple of months now, I play about 3-4 hours a week, and the shoes show no wear. I wish they would come with some more color options.
From: Henry, 5/13

Comments: I like them. They are not the most stable shoes I have worn, but they are adequate. They have a lot of cushioning for those of us who are prone to get PF. I like the look a lot. I am thinking about buying a couple more pairs and stashing them away at this price.
From: Steve, 4/13

Comments: Good shoes, nice color, great price!
From: Martin, 4/13

Comments: I found these shoes to be worth their price - not comfy for me at all and they fell apart.
From: Frank, 4/13

Comments: Good cushion, good fit, good shoes, great value!
From: Jack, 4/13

Comments: Great shoes, on my second pair!
From: Scott, 3/13

Comments: Previously had a pair of T9's and liked them ok, so thought the T14 would be a little better. Wrong! After wearing them twice, I experienced leg muscle fatigue like I had been wearing bricks. I went back to my Asics Gel 8, and now I've ordered Asics Resolution.
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: These feel very similar to the T22s. A little lighter, and less stiff in the toe box, which my wide toes liked.
From: Keith, 8/12

Comments: I wasn't sure how good these shoes would be when I saw the price tag but they ended up not being very good shoes. I am a player that plays at least 5 days a week and the soles wore out very quickly and my feet hurt after every match/practice. I was disappointed.
From: Kyle, 5/12

Comments: I was anxious to see how these compared to the T22 and T22 mids I have worn for the past few pairs, as the price drew me in..and I tend to go through shoes at an alarming pace. I find that they have pretty much the same fit as the 22's, very comfortable. My initial impression is that they seem pretty comparable, a good court feel through the shoe. Stability seems good, maybe even a little better than the 22's as they have a little heavier bracing across the forefoot. Not as breathable as the 22's, but still good. The sole is the same as the 22's in material and pattern, and knowing those well, it will hold up to some pretty serious grinding and hard court slides before it gives up. They are well constructed in the areas I tend to grind through the fastest. They are good looking shoes. It will be great to get them in all the colors the 22's are offered in. I don't really have any complaints. A great deal, everything I hoped they would be for less dough than the 22's. I am sure I will get a few more pair of them.
From: Mike, 5/12

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