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Comments: These are good shoes. The only problems I had were the inside fabric at the heel disintegrating early and one of the top eyelets cutting through after about 8 months.
From: Cody, USA, 12/11

Comments: I liked these shoes but they are like ovens. I wouldn't wear these unless it was winter time.
From: Edward, 11/11

Comments: I gave the T-10s a try and liked them a lot. I also had platar fascitis from the Adidias' I had and the Price T 10s helped me get over it.
From: Gary, Hermitage, TN, USA, 01/11

Comments: These are great shoes for the price. I personally thought they took some time to break in but once they get a little softer especially around the toes they are very comfortable. For me this took five to six hours of play. The traction is great and seems to get a little better once break the shoes in. I have a slightly wider foot with a regular arch and they fit me well. They feel very stable on the court and provide great support as with most prince shoes. As far as ventilation goes they are not the best but are decent. Durability-wise they lasted me almost four months playing about 15 hours/week.
From: Anon. 07/10

Comments: I had a hate / love / hate / like / hate experience with these shoes. I bought these when I sent my barricade v's in for warranty. They felt good around the house and I was impressed by the look and the appearance of the outsole. Then I played in them and they were very stiff and uncomfortable. Just because it feels comfortable walking around the house doesn't mean that it will feel good on the court. I had high hopes but I was disappointed the first time I played in these. It was so bad that I felt like I was constantly distracted. After about 2 hours things kind of loosened up and I started to feel like I was past the break in period and the shoes were comfortable. This was when it was still cool outside. Things were decent for a few days. Then the insoles started to shred because my socks weren't brand new. They never hurt my barricades (and I wore through 2 outsoles with these socks). So my insoles were shedding like I was scraping them with a cheese grater, to the point where the balled up material was causing discomfort while I was playing. I was also experiencing pain around the upper. I had a hard time lacing things up so that they were not too loose or too tight. I think this problem is caused by poor design. These issues were enough to make me forget about purchasing these shoes again. Some I was able to work around (wearing new socks, working at lacing things up just right with countless adjustments) but the deal breaker (as another reviewer mentioned) was that these shoes don't breathe at all. They are like ovens when its above 80. There were times where I felt dizzy as a result. I will probably donate these shoes as they have almost no wear because I just can't see myself ever wearing them again. They were so bad that I went out and paid full price for a new pair of barricades locally even though I was expecting another pair any day from adidas.
From: Anon. 06/10

Comments: These shoes are not as good as Nike or Adidas top line shoes. First of all it took me 10 hours to break in. I never had blisters on my feet before. Thanks to these shoes, I had blister on side of my both toes and right heel. There are some kind of stitch or plastic in inside wall that was brushing my feet and it was very annoying and painful as well. It had a good traction but not so great comfort when you make sudden changes in the direction. The cushioning wasn't great. It lasted me 2 months (around 130-160 hours of play). I have sent it back for the new pair. I am going to wear new pair more with casual clothing as I don't want to hurt my self again.
From: Jigar Patel, Reno, NV, USA. 06/10

Comments: I love this shoe! Very comfortable for aggressive play and still comfortable after three months of daily play. My only gripe is the silver reflector wore through the sole after three months and the shoe started slipping, since this plastic piece wore through towards the toe and on the outer edge of the sole. I am buying these again when my size is in stock.
From: Tim, Evergreen, CO, USA. 5/10

Comments: After some customizing. I am really impressed with these shoes! They are a little narrow in the toe at first but you can change that if you are crafty.. They get a little hot in hot weather, so it would be nice to get them at this price in white. I would be all over that. I have been playing every day in them for about 2-3 weeks and I am playing great. They have a nice weight you have to get used to at first. They grip the court perfectly, and they have such a snug fit, the front toe area feels and designed so good, they are trip proof. Buy them if you aren't in humid hot weather, and if you plan on playing every day!
From: Philip, Centra, CA. 5/10

Comments: I've put about two weeks of 2 hrs a day play into these shoes and I'm impressed so far. No noticeable break in period, and the 10.5 fit my flat, boat-like feel well, perhaps a little tight through the midfoot. Externally, the heel was much narrower than my last shoe, the Wilson Tour II so that took some getting used to but I've adapted now and I actually like the 'running shoe' shape to the outsole. Fit is supportive all around the foot and no blisters or aching arches as I've felt in the past. Durability will remain to be seen but so far I'm impressed. The outsole is sticky and I feel confident crashing the net and changing direction. My only complaint is the bizarre plastic accents and lace loops. Why bother? Otherwise, great shoe (especially on sale).
From: Ben (26 yrs old, high school tennis coach, very mobile, aggressive player, lots of topspin, one handed b-hand), Windsor, CT, USA. 4/10

Comments: I play high school tennis and play/practice around 12 hours/week. I bought these shoes two weeks ago because my other shoes weren't going to last the season. They felt very comfortable and supportive straight out of the box, with very little break in time. I have a wide (especially in the forefoot), medium arch foot and these shoes fit me very well. So far they've held up pretty well; they are VERY solid and supportive shoes with great cushioning as well. The only problem I could find is that they do feel fairly heavy on your feet the first few times you play in them, but after that you get used to it. Overall a great shoe, for a great price, and with the 6 month warranty I think its hard to find a deal that beats this one.
From: Alex, TN, USA. 4/10

Comments: These shoes are very comfortable, they only require a short break-in period (one practice/play session). The support you get is very good and so far they seem to hold up pretty well and stand the rigors of hard court play. I play 8-10 hours a week. Two negative things, though: they are on the heavy side. They feel heavy the first one or two times you wear them, but you get used to them, and that is why they are stable. Traction is not that good, even right out of the box. These are above average shoes, with great comfort and stability, but traction is below average.
From: Comps, Santo Domingo, D.R. 4/10

Comments: Very comfortable shoe, my only problem is that they don't breathe at all. In the cold weather these shoes are heaven, but in the summer they're hot and sweaty.
From: Michael, Denton, TX, USA 03/10

Comments: I've been wearing the t-10's for years. I used to wear new balance and Wilson. I ended up getting planter fasciitis, which is painful and hard to get rid of. The t-10's as a default because my size store was out in the others. My planters went away in two weeks. Simply amazing. Great shoes for med wider feet. Good support. The only problem is I do play a lot and rip through the soles in about 1-2 months.
From: Sequoia 4.5 player mill valley ca 01/10

Comments: These shoes are superb - stellar support and light enough to dart around the court - the most comfortable sport shoe I have ever worn. I don't know what all the feedback is about these not being good for wide feet - I have a wide DD to E width and these shoes are fantastic - I can not wear Nikes as they run way narrow, except for some newer wides now made. My wife is a shoe expert (Pedorthist) and will tell you most people buy their shoes too short and that is why they have problems - that was me too. Make sure you buy not just on the basis of a standard foot measurement (heel to toe length), but also take into consideration the proper break point length (ball of foot) of your particular foot - most people have different breakpoints. I wear 11.5 in dress shoes and normally try to wear 12's in tennis shoes to allow enough toe clearance, but after being properly fitted was told to go 13's. I was shocked at the thought at first but after wearing them a few minutes it was clear they were perfect. I have worn these shoes for 1.5 years and they are perfect - never any foot problems or pain. If you go to a store and the sales people don't know this ball of foot length, they don't know what they are doing.
From: Bob, Atlanta 01/10

Comments: This is my fourth pair of Prince shoes, and the third pair of T-10s. I'll keep buying them as long as they make them because I'm sold on Prince shoes. Have tried Reeboks, Nikes, Wilsons (also a very good shoe), but am happy with the Prince T-10s. I have an average width foot and I like the room in the toe box. Provides great lateral stability and no jamming of the toes in the shoe when a "hard stop" is required. No break-in period required. Take them out of the box and ready to play.
From: Tom, Atlanta, GA, USA 12/09

Comments: A very nice shoe. Feels good (after slight break-in). A narrow fit for my medium/wide feet, but feels real good after a few matches. Very durable and sturdy. Will buy this shoe again as long as Prince keeps making it.
From: Michael, Lewiston, Idaho 09/09

Comments: This will be the last pair of Prince shoes I purchase. The toe box is too narrow, which causes my little toe to compress into my foot - and my feet are average width. Other than that, the comfort was OK until I played a tournament weekend. Since this tournament, the shoes became hard and stiff, and uncomfortable even for walking! Furthermore, the weight seems extremely heavy, and durability was below average. I only owned these for 4 weeks before they became unwearable. I am 0 for 2 with Prince shoes, as my OC-1 had severe durability issues. Actually I also had the Roadsters, and these were comfortable although a bit too roomy in the toe box (nothing some Thorlo socks did not cure, however).
From: Steve, Lincoln, NE. 8/09

Comments: I just got a pair of t-10s and I have a very wide foot. The shoe is not wide enough for me and I am getting blisters on the side of my foot, but besides the wideness the shoe is very durable and comfortable.
From: Alex, Lake Odessa, Michigan, USA. 08/09

Comments: Great shoe! I have had two pairs of this shoe. They provide ample arch support, and are very well made. The only problem is the soles wear-down quickly, but it is replaced free within 6 months of purchasing.
From: James, Holliston, MA, USA. 05/09

Comments: I have to agree that the T10s forefoot is a little too wide for narrow feet. Thus, my feet can slide forward and ouch, toe jam. Also, the length feels just a tad short, which makes it slightly easier to get toe jam. When I tie the shoes really tight to prevent my toes from jamming, the shoe rubs off my skin in four places. The cushion and comfort, however, are outstanding, the best I have ever experienced in any shoe. This shoe is not for people with narrow forefoot.
From: Anon, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 4/09

Comments: A note about fit: I've tried out the T20 and T10, both in size 11. The T-10 by far had the wider forefoot area. In fact, I found the T-10 to be a little too wide. Conversely, with the T-20, my toes were being pinched.
From: JB, K-zoo, MI, USA. 3/09

Comments: Great durability on outsoles and the overall shoe, and I play 3x/week. I DO NOT recommend this shoe for wider feet. I have wide feet and high arches, not the best fit for this type of foot. Perhaps due to my foot shape, lacing near the top of the tongue messed with the top of my foot on the bone.
From: Anon. 2/09

Comments: The T10 shoes have good support for heel and I feel pretty stable while playing on the court. I have tried several shoes before but finally decided to stick to these because of good heel support and durability.
From: Jags, Colorado Springs, CO, USA. 1/09

Comments:I am on my 4th pair of T10's. I have narrow feet with little to no arch. I wore New Balance for years because they were the only shoe that fit my feet. Especially in the heel. The New Balance seemed to wear out too quickly so when the T10 was introduced and claimed to be intended for those with a more narrow foot, I bought a pair. They fit my feet perfectly and have great support and comfort. I tried the T20 when they were released and immediately went back to the T10. I will wear these as long as they are still making them.
From: Chip, Euless, TX USA. 12/08

Comments: I don't like these shoes. I have wide feet and when I wear these, the sides scratch up the skin off my feet/toes. There is not enough cushion in the inside, it feels like you're rubbing against a hard piece of plastic.
From: Anon. 9/08

Comments: I tried out a number of shoes (Fila Alfas, Barricades, MC Series Princes, and Adidas Feathers) and these felt the best. The Fila Alfas were more comfortable out of the box, but the T10s seemed to offer the best support. Like other reviewers, I've had achilles problems and these shoes rectified them. Only had these T10s for a month but so far they've worked well on both hard court and clay--excellent mobility, light enough for agile footwork, and no soreness after play.
From: Jon, Auburn, AL. 8/08

Comments: I don't know why, but these shoes fit my feet perfectly and cure foot pain. I was suffering achilles heel tendonitis with Nike and K Swiss. I switched to these, and the pain went away in one day. Weird thing, my wife started having achilles tendonitis this year wearing Wilson shoes. I said to try the T10, it worked for me. Her tendinitis went away in two days.
From: Marc, Leesburg, VA, USA. 7/08

Comments: I have wide feet and these fit well right out of the box. They are very stable, have great cushioning, and are very durable. I've gone through two pair of these, and each pair lasts over a year. Plus they look great.
From: Son, GA, USA. 6/08

Comments: It's as if these shoes were custom made for my feet. They hold up really well too. They offer great support, you can start, stop, and turn on a dime. Even the squeakiness of the shoe is perfect. I just bought two more pairs.
From: Ben, San Leandro, CA, USA. 6/08

Comments: I'm about to buy my second pair of these shoes. I had blisters initially on the top of my toes because I was using Prince socks, which are thin on the top toe area. After switching to thicker socks, my feet just fit perfectly and no more blisters. I move better with these shoes than with the Barricade. I guess it depends on the shape of your feet. You have to find the right fit just like blue jeans.
From: Bert, Corpus Christi, TX. 6/08

Comments: I am a teaching pro and wear out these shoes about every 3-4 weeks. The outer sole is fine - it hardly shows wear but I wear a hole on the inside of the shoe above the heels and I get blisters. It is very frustrating.
From: Abby, Cedar Rapids, IA, USA, 12/07

Comments: I use this shoe strictly for racquetball, and they are comfortable right out of the box. A little on the heavy side for me, but I like the shoes anyway.
From: Scott, Atlanta, Ga. 12/07

Comments: Very good comfortable shoe. Does seem to wear a little more on those hot long days on court. Very comfortable right away, but problems with wear on the inside of the shoe. Outsole will last you a good 6 months lasted me this long as I play 2 hours a day (at least)
From: Adam, Cheyenne, WY, USA, 07/07

Comments: I've worn these for around 6 months and have found them to be very comfortable right out of the box. I play 2-3 times per week and would agree that they have excellent traction and their durability is comparable to the Barricades. They are a little heavier than I prefer so I use them for doubles mostly. My only complaint is they get quite warm especially on hot days. This is a great indoor winter shoe.
From: Chris, St. Charles, IL, USA. 2/07

Comments: I previously owned Adidas Barricade II and thought I would try the Prince shoe out because of all the positive things I had read and heard about them. These shoes did offer more cushioning than the barricade but did not fit my foot nearly as well. I've owned these shoes for 3 months now and still get blisters when wearing them for more than 2 hours. They offer little or no padding for the toes and forefoot, which causes rubbing against the upper and outsole. Durability of the shoe is good and very comparable to the barricade. Personally I would not buy these again and will probably stick with Adidas shoes from now on.
From: Chris, Fort Worth, TX, USA. 2/07

Comments: Just got these shoes & played in them yesterday for the first time. They felt great right out of the box. Really good support & cushioning. Nice traction. Just hope the durability is good. If so, this shoe will be my favorite for quite a while.
From: Dave, Baltimore, MD, USA. 12/06

Comments: These shoes are great! I used to play in old school Adidas shoes, but had durability problems. During tennis season at my high school, I play for 3+ hrs a day, and destroy shoes. These are very durable, have good traction, and fit nicely. They also don't break the bank like other tennis-specific shoes on the market, and are a good value.
From: Ian, Ft. Collins, CO, USA 07/06

Comments: These are the best tennis shoes I have ever worn. The Adidas are very narrow and the Nike's have no support. I got Achilles tendinitis with those. Within one day of wearing the T10s, my severe Achilles pain was gone. I am 50 yrs old and play 3 times a week. I have a normal foot and weight about 165. If your foot fits them, these are awesome shoes.
From: Marc, Virginia, USA 07/06

Comments: I got this shoe 5 months ago. I find this shoe to stick on the court when I go after short balls. I also find it a heavy shoe. This shoe has a high heal which bothers me.
From: Wesley B, Ashville, North Carolina, USA 06/06

Comments: It's a very good shoe, gives you a good start for short balls and really helps with footwork. If you get annoyed easily though don't get them cause they squeak a lot and that bothers me during my match. I still think Barricades are more comfortable and stable though.
From: Anon 05/06

Comments: I've been wearing these shoes in various colors since they came on the market. By far the best shoe I have ever worn. I play 6 or 7 days a week and alternate shoes every other day. They have the best heel support I have ever had.
From: Ted 04/06

Comments: These shoes have the same excellent traction as the Barricades. Great fit right out of the box. Very, very durable and comfortable.
From: Alex, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 04/06

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